Walking for Health in St George

Walking is a great way to improve both physical and mental health. Did you know that St George can now offer you 3 levels of Walking for Health?

LinkAge provides guided, weekly 30 minute walks starting from the Beehive Centre. next to St Ambrose Church in Stretford Rd and visiting St George Park.  The walks start at 10.30am on Tuesdays and are classed as  “Level 1″ walks suitable for those recovering from illness or injury and anyone who wishes to improve their fitness.

Crofts Ends Community Walking for Health Group meet every Thursday at 5.15pm at Crofts End church on Crofts End Rd for a 1 hour, “Level 2″ walk.

Stepping Out - Crofts End

The St George Strollers meet twice a month, on varying days of the week to walk up to 3 miles  in 90 minutes to 2 hours.  These are “Level 3″ walks and will start either in St George or involve a short bus or train journey.  This group celebrated their 100th walk in July 2015.

You can find out more about the Strollers, download their current leaflet of walks and see photos of past walks at www.troopers-hill.org.uk/strollers.

All the groups are  friendly and welcoming.

The Strollers and Crofts End groups are supported by Walk for Health Bristol.  All the groups are part of the national Walking for Health scheme.


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