Road Humps & Parking Restrictions – Troopers Hill Road Area

roadhumpsIn October 2015, Bristol City Council consulted on a scheme to introduce speed reducing measures and pedestrian improvements on Troopers Hill Road. After consideration of the responses, this has now moved on to a formal consultation on the introduction of the necessary ‘Traffic Regulation Orders’ (TRO).

You can see the updated plans and details of how to respond to the consultation that runs from Thursday 27 October 2016 to Friday 18 November 2016 on the Council’s website via the link below:

Note – there are three separate sections to the TRO – parts A, B & C.

For Troopers Hill Road part A is for parking restrictions and part C is for speed humps etc, you need to look at both to get the full picture.

Part B is for other parking restrictions on roads around the Kingsway.

Safety of pedestrians using the entrances to the Hill from Troopers Hill Road has been a concern of local residents for many years, particularly due to poor visibility for those leaving the site.

The Council has accepted that pedestrian links to and from the Hill are poor and as part of the proposed scheme they are suggesting the introduction of short lengths of footway on the Hill side of the road at these locations. The proposals also include various speed reducing measures in the form of road humps and making the road narrower at certain key points.

Funding for this scheme is from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and was awarded in September 2012 following an application by members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Traffic & Transport sub-group in July 2012.

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