Traffic Schemes Update October 2014

Here are the latest updates from Bristol City Council on the various traffic schemes planned for St George.

Update 27th November:
We understand that the work to the speed tables on Crews Hole Road is now not likely to take place until Spring 2015.

Crews Hole Road Speed Tables 
When reported previously the work to install speed tables (wide speed humps) was due to be completed by the end of the summer.  

CH TROplanOur latest information is that a work invitation has been sent to the most competitive contractor, ETM.   Members of Bristol City Council’s Highways team will be visiting the site with the construction manager of ETM within the next two weeks to discuss construction methods and other matters.  Subject to the acceptance of the work invitation, it is hoped that the works will commence towards the end of November 2014 but this will be subject to their available resources.

The last update said Crews Hole Road will need to be closed for three or four days while the humps are constructed, we (the web team) will post an update when more information is available.

Drawing showing current proposals

Beaufort Road Experimental One-Way Scheme
This is now planned to be implemented in Spring 2015 after the completion of the speed tables in Crews Hole Rd. There is insufficient “before traffic data” available so Highways are arranging for the installation of radars at various locations in the area hopefully before the end of 2014.  This is to ensure that there are adequate records of traffic flows before the scheme is implemented so that the impacts of the scheme can be properly measured.

Notices about the scheme will be put in place four weeks before work starts.

Drawing showing the current proposals

Troopers Hill Road Traffic Calming
This scheme is being funded by a grant form the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. As for Beaufort Rd traffic data has to be collected before progress can be made.

20mph Zone
The formal consultation for St George continues until Friday 24th October.  More information on

Plummers Hill Traffic Calming
Money was allocated to this scheme at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting in March. Speed checks and traffic counts will now be carried out and accident data reviewed prior to design work.


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