The WI in St George

In this year of the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Institute we are lucky enough to have two WI groups in St George and two more not far away in Hanham and Kingsway.  By clicking on the map you will be able to find the meeting times and locations of all four groups.

The St George WI who meet in Summerhill Methodist Church have invested in a large, effective banner to advertise their presence.

wi st george

WI Red (Women’s Institute Redfield)  have an active presence on Facebook and say:

“WI.RED brings together a large group of local women who like to craft, chat and have fun learning and discussing new things.

Held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the St George Community Centre. Doors open at 7.45pm (for mingling) with the official start of the meeting at 8.15pm.

A 12 month programme of events has been drawn up, and each month information will be posted on this group page, and on our website for all members to see.

A yearly membership fee of £34.70 will be required for joining WI.RED, with the option of ‘Guest’ attendances at £3.50 available, for you to see if the group is for you. :))

Open to women of all ages, everyone is welcome!! “We are WI.RED Women!”

All WI groups are being celebrated in St George by this colourful planting in St George Park to celebrate their 100th birthday.

wi 100

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