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Clean Streets Campaign

bristol-clean-streets-finalThe Bristol Clean Streets campaign was launched on Monday.

Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, is asking individuals, community groups, schools and businesses to take collective responsibility for keeping the streets clean and tidy, and encouraging everyone to reuse, repair and recycle more. The aim is to make Bristol measurably cleaner by 2020.

St George in Bloom were represented at the launch and will be helping to promote and take this initiative forward in our area. You can see their facebook post about the launch here.

residential_street-jpg__1140x0_q85_crop-scale_subsampling-2_upscaleThere were 3,700 metric tonnes of litter removed from the streets of Bristol last year – the image shows what that looks like in one pile.

The campaign will include some flagship projects such as Graffiti removal in St Pauls, Stokes Croft and the Bearpit. But they also promise operations in hotspot areas geographically spread around the city. It will run enforcement campaigns including dog fouling, fly tipping and fly posting operations. There are also plans to improve the cleansing service delivered by the Bristol Waste Companyto deliver a responsive waste and cleansing service across all public land.

Everyone in St George can do their bit by reporting fly-tipping via the Council’s website, once reported Bristol Waste usually clear it very quickly, use the link below:

Report fly-tipping on the Council’s website >>

You can also join the many residents who already do their bit by picking up litter in their local area – just picking up one piece of rubbish a day will make a difference if everybody did it. There is an article on the Bristol Waste website about Bristol’s Captain Tidy who leads the Street Scene group in the Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership.

If there is an area that you know of in St George where there is a persistant problem; a hotspot that is in need of a particular clean up or if you would like to organise a community clean-up event, then please contact us to let us know.


Waste and Recycling collections

Recycling and waste collections in Bristol are now undertaken by Bristol Waste Company Limited (a company owned by Bristol City Council).

Collection dates are unaffected (check your collection date here).

– You can report missed collections here.
– You can request a copy of your collection calendar here.
– Not sure what goes in which bin? Check here.
– Arrange pick up large / bulky items here.
– General information on bins & recycling here.

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Give Your Street a Voice

As part of a scheme being rolled out across the City, St George Neighbourhood Partnership are now looking for volunteers to act as ‘Street Reps’ for their local area.

A well cared for and looked after street or area is less likely to experience crime or disorder. Littering and graffiti will also become noticeably reduced.

A Street Rep is someone who keeps an eye out in their local area reporting waste, highways, environmental and other community safety issues to get them dealt with quickly.

Street Reps ‘represent’ their actual street (rather than the people that live in the street). It does not involve attending meetings and it is not intended to be a public role. It is intended that they report issues that they see, not that they act as a contact point for other people to report problems.

The scheme is designed to complement Neighbourhood Watch schemes and work with them, not as an alternative. In St George there would also be an opportunity to be part of next year’s plans for St George in Bloom.

More information about the role is available on the following link:



If you are interested in becoming a Street Rep then please email the following details to our Community Safety Officer, Georgie Bryant Georgie.Bryant@bristol.gov.uk

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Postal address
  • Contact number
  • Street you wish to adopt (and any secondary streets)

Georgie will then send you more information including a ‘Reps Guide’.


No to dog fouling

Engagement and Enforcement Day
Thursday 4 April

Dog fouling has been consistently identified by residents of St George as a major issue. The Council’s Neighbourhood Working Team with colleagues from the police and animal welfare agencies will be targeting St George on Thursday 4 April.

Further information here [.pdf].

Garden Waste Sacks available at Libraries

Here is a news release from May Gurney.

Litter Campaign on Church Rd – Tuesday 13 November, 12pm to 2pm

In response to residents’ concerns about litter. Bristol City Council, May Gurney and Resource Futures will be running an education campaign on Church Rd on Tuesday 13th November.

Council officers will be patrolling Church Rd handing out educational material, ie stubbis (portable ash trays) and wrap-its (chewing gum disposal) – they will also be asking local traders to display anti litter posters.  If officers witness anyone dropping litter, they will be issuing Fixed Penalty Notices.

There is a fun side to the campaign, and some officers will be dressed in appropriate litter costumes, handing out the education materials.

St George Neighbourhood Waste Plan

The main item on the agenda for the next Environment sub-group meeting on Thur 18th October will be the new Neighbourhood Waste Plan.

As part of the new Waste Contract, each Neighbourhood Partnership has the opportunity of developing their own Neighbourhood Waste Plan, which will be delivered at a local level.  The plan will set out how May Gurney will work with the NP  Committee, local residents, community based organisations and Council officers, in ensuring that the service delivery is aligned within the constraints of the Contract, to local issues and priorities.

At next week’s meeting we will look at identifying up to three specific priorities, which will be monitored and ongoing updates will be provided at the NP meetings.  These priorities can be identified through complaints received through our Customer Service Centre and priorities raised at the meeting.

As an example, some of the key priorities identified by other NP’s are as follows:-

Drug & Sex Litter – Identify and map out hot spot areas, monitor calls against response times.  All response times to be measured against contract requirements.

Fly – Tipping – Identify and map out hot spot areas, reduce incidents of fly-tipping, monitor and report on actions taken.  Will also include fly-tipping around communal bins.

Litter – With main focus on overflowing litter bins.  Identify and map out hot spot areas, reduce overflowing bins by considering bin provision and emptying regimes.

Street Sweeping – Improve street sweeping of roads with high concentrations of parked cars in a specific area.

Reduce the number o bins left on the streets in a specific area.

Identify hot spots for graffiti, bins on streets, dog fouling, fly-tipping, weeds, street cleansing issues and overflowing bins in specific areas.

We can also direct Waste Doctors to tackle low recycling areas and fly tipping hotpots.  As well as promotion of the Bulky Waste collections highlighting that residents on Job Seekers Allowance are entitled to two free collections per year.

The NP can also choose to run an agreed environmental communications campaign, such as ‘Managing Waste & Recycling More Effectively’ across the NP area.  This could be targeted at reducing street littering and fly-tipping and improving recycling rates.  This should in turn achieve a reduction in complaints received through the Customer Service Centre.

The agenda for the meeting is here.