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Improving Parks & Play Areas

This year has seen a huge amount of work done to improve parks & green spaces in St George.

celebrate37This has been achieved by St George Neighbourhood Partnership, Bristol Parks and park groups working together to raise funding to address priorities set in the St George Neighbourhood Plan.

The highlight has been work to create three new play areas, but there has also been work to improve paths and entrances. More work is planned this winter to repair the walls to St George Park Lake.

St George Neighbourhood Partnership contributed £10,000 from its budget to pay for a fundraiser to help raise money for Dundridge and Meadow Vale Parks and through the Neighbourhood Committee has allocated over £90,000 of Section 106 money for work in parks that has been spent this year.

Grants raised with the help of our fundraiser amount to over £175,000 and Friends of Troopers Hill raised another £70,000 – together with Bristol Parks contribution through their Parks Access and Play Funds this means well over £400,000 has been invested in St George’s parks in the last 12 months.

Here is an update on progress since we last reported on this in July.

Meadow Vale Park

14595695_1199574136803616_8190594127993366833_nPath – First the entrance at Speedwell Road was improved and then the narrow and cracked path was widened and resurfaced (you can now walk three abreast). This was funded from Bristol Parks Access Fund.

Play Area – Working with our fundraiser and using some of the Section 106 money as match funding; Meadow Vale Community Association raised funding for a new play area from Cory Environmental Trust and the John James Bristol Foundation. The play area has now been completed and the official opening will be held next month.

14937451_1205871546173875_1133658307099231329_nNear the play area there is also the Meadow Vale spider that was built with the help of local young people and funded by Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust.

Meadow Vale Community Association are now working towards their next major project, which is to significantly extend the Community Centre. They also intend to install floodlighting to the ‘MUGA’ (surfaced basketball court) in the park.

Dundridge Park

14963145_1785186721748928_2504114571845984178_nThree projects supported by St George NP through the help of our fundraiser and match funding are now almost complete at Dundridge.

First a new path was constructed to the existing play area (with funding from Tesco Bags of Help). Next was the ‘Path to Nature’ to link the pavilion area to the woodland path to Conham, this was funded by Cory Environmental Trust.

Finally Friends of Dundridge Park worked with the fundraiser to apply to Suez Communities Trust for funds to extend the play area and this work is now nearly complete.

A fourth project for a pond and maintenance to the deer path in Conham Woodland at the edge of Dundridge Park has also now received funding from Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust, this work will be carried out next year.

For the latest news from Dundridge Park see their facebook group.

Troopers Hill Field

celebrate50The completion of the new play area for Troopers Hill Field was marked in style last month with a procession from the chimney led by bagpipes and drums.

Funding for the play area was raised by Friends of Troopers Hill from Suez Communities Trust and Veolia Environmental Trust with match funding from Section 106. The NP also funded the celebration event through the wellbeing fund.

Details of the project including photographs and videos from the opening ceremony can be seen at www.troopers-hill.org.uk/play

Plummers Hill

Following the tree planting, new entrance and new bench that were installed in the spring, further works have ben carried out this month to complete the entrance and the path through the site will be resurfaced soon. This is all being funded from the Bristol Parks Access Fund.

Gladstone Street Park

St George NP allocated Section 106 money to remove the redundant safety surfacing in this space (from an old play area) and this has now been done along with work funded by the Bristol Parks Access Fund to improve the paths across the space.

Friends of Gladstone Street Park are planning events and more improvements for the future.

St George Park

Play Area – Work was carried out in the summer to replace the safety surfacing and rebuild part of the Dragon head. The work took longer than initially hoped but has now all been completed. This work was funded by Bristol Parks Play fund and is part of a programme of work to address issues at play areas throughout Bristol.

20160209_124724St George Park Lake – Part of the path around the lake was closed earlier this year because of a structural failure of the lake walls.

As we reported at the time repairs to the walls will need to the lake to be drained again and so could not be carried out during the summer. Bristol Parks are now planning to carry out the works this winter, more details will be posted on this website once the details and timing have been finalised.

new bpf logo with text 2A full list of investment projects in parks across Bristol can be downloaded from the Bristol Parks Forum website.

Environment Sub-Group Meeting


The next Environment Sub-Group meeting is on Thursday (6th June).

The agenda for the meeting can be seen here.

The meeting is open to anyone in St George and we would particularly welcome anyone with ideas for improving their local green space.

One of the most important roles of the sub-group is to make recommendations to the Partnership meetings for the spending of ‘Section 106′ money for parks & green spaces. This is money paid to the Council by developers to be used to off-set the impact of the development on local facilities. Recommendations for the allocation of money are based on the St George Green Space Investment Plan.

Another item on the agenda this time is a proposal to run a ‘St George in Bloom’ competition next year with a view to St George entering Britain in Bloom. We will also be hearing about the Council’s ‘Streetgames Initiative’.

The meeting is 7pm at Summerhill Methodist Church.

If you are unable to attend the meeting, but have ideas to improve your local green space then please email me at rob@troopers-hill.org.uk and I will make sure they are considered.

St George Park MUGA

photo of MUGA
The new Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) in St George Park is now open.

The condition of the basketball court adjacent to the skateboard area in St Georges Park has been an issue that residents have raised consistently with the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

Now, thanks to a £60,000 investment the much requested upgrade has been put in place. With £30,000 from Capital Stimulus fund and £30,000 from the Neighbourhood Partnership section 106 contribution, the site has been completely revamped and is only awaiting the final addition of lighting to be completed. This should be within the near future.

before… photo of basketball court

photo of MUGA

St George Park MUGA

MUGA photo
We are pleased to be able to report that the new St George Park ‘MUGA’ (Multi Use Games Area) will be officially opened on Friday (3rd May). Lighting will be added at a later date.

This was partly funded by Section 106 money allocated by the St George Neighbourhood Committee and partly by the Council’s capital stimulus fund.

It is one of several improvements in the park over the last few months, including replacing part of the fence around the play area while at the same time enlarging the area. A full report on these improvements and on plans and ideas for the park were given in the Chair’s report to the Friends of St George Park AGM on Monday. A copy of the report can be seen on their facebook page here.

While most of the work in the park has been funded through S106 money it would not have happened had it not been for the Friends Group putting forward the ideas at the Environment Sub-Group meetings.

It was clear from Monday’s meeting that although Sally is stepping down and handing over the reins as chair over the next few months, there is a very enthusiastic committee who are determined to see the group succeed and to further enhance the park for the benefit of all St George residents.

If you would like to join Friends of St George Park then look out for notices about their meetings in the park, contact them through facebook or sign up to their mailing list.

Friends of St George Park

St George is blessed with some wonderful green spaces and of course the most popular (certainly the most used) is St George Park itself.

Walking in St George Park The park was established by St George Urban District Council in 1894 on what had been Fire Engine Farm. According David Lambert in the wonderful little book ‘Historic Public Parks – Bristol’ (published by the Avon Gardens Trust in 2000) its 38 acres cost £12,000. The Wain Brook flowed across the fields that were to become the park and this was used to form the lake.

You may have noticed over the past few months that there have been a series of small improvements in the park including a new notice board; new fencing which has also slightly extended the play area; community planting beds; lots of new spring bulbs and work to the basketball area to create a ‘MUGA’ or ‘Multi Use Games Area’.

Much of this has come about through the allocation of Section 106 money by the Neighbourhood Committee following discussions at the St George Environment Sub-Group. Over £50,000 has been allocated in the last 12 months. The ideas for this work have come from the Friends of St George Park who were re-launched in April last year.

The group is also working with the Council on a tree planting plan for St George Park which will see more trees planted next winter and has ideas to further improve the lake for wildlife.

If you would like to find out more about Friends of St George Park, or even better get involved and help bring further improvements, then there is a great opportunity later this month, details below.


Friends of St George Park AGM

FOSGPMonday 29th April at 7pm till 9pm
The Beehive Centre, Stretford Rd.

Refreshments available from 6.30pm

  • Election of new committee members
  • Round up of achievements in 2012
  • Update on the Environmental Project to regenerate the lake surrounding area
  • Looking for new volunteers for a wide range of exciting roles

You can also visit the group’s facebook page at:

Come and join the FOSGP and help to support your local park!


Environment Sub-Group Wed 27 Feb

The next meeting of the St George Environment Sub-Group is on Wed 27th February, 7pm at Summerhill Methodist Church.

The agenda for the meeting can be seen here: StGEnvAgenda270213

The sub-group discusses issues relating to all aspects of the environment in St George including green spaces, street cleaning and recycling. The meeting is open to all residents of St George with an interest in improving their environment.

We make recomendaTroopers Hill Field Pathtions on the spending of two pots of money  – the first is ‘Section 106′ – this is money paid by developers building in St George and designated for spending on parks and green spaces. Over the past 18 months over £90,000 has been allocated to projects in St George by the local Councillors following recomendations by the sub-group. Projects include bins and benches in Rodney Road playing field; a new path in Troopers Hill Field (see photo) and several separate projects in St George Park, including the ‘MUGA’ described in a separate posting. If you have ideas for projects in your local green space please come and join us.

The second pot of money is the ‘Clean & Green Fund’. This is a small fund allocated to the Neighbourship Partnership to improve the appearance of the area. One of the projects we have allocated this money to is the planting of street trees to replace tree stumps which have been left when trees have had to be felled in the past. TreeBristol pay half of the cost of each replacement tree that the Neighbourhood Partnership funds. So far 7 street trees have been planted in St George using Clean & Green money. If you have ideas for other uses for this fund please let us know or come to the meeting.

As you can see from the agenda other issues for discussion include rules for fishing at St George Park and tree planting plans for parks.

If you would like to know more about the sub-group or if you can’t make the meeting but would like your views on the issues to be discussed to be considered, please email the current Environment Sub-Group champion at rob@troopers-hill.org.uk

Great news for Plummers Hill Playing Fields and Troopers Hill Field

At the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting tonight Councillors approved the allocation of Section 106 funds to pay for  Plummers Hill Playing Fields to have:

  • 1 x set of mini goal posts
  • 3 x seats
  • 2 x dual use litters and dog wast bins
  • 1 x parks noticeboard

Location of Plummers Hill Playing Fields




Troopers Hill Field will have funding to build a tarmac path along the edge of Troopers Hill Field to link Malvern Rd to Summerhill Terrace.

It will run between the new cherry trees and the hedge. The path will be 1.5m wide with timber edges. There will also be a new bench part way along.

This route is extremely well used and becomes very muddy.  It becomes so muddy that it deters people from walking to the bus stops on Summerhill Rd and local schools.  In combination with the existing hard-surfaced track leading from the top of Troopers Hill along the side of Troopers Hill Field to Malvern Rd it opens up a lot more opportunities for pedestrians.

This map shows the Summerhill Terrace and Malvern Rd entrances and the curve of the hedge that the path will follow.





The start of the route of the path from Summerhill Terrace.









The new bench will be close to this old apple tree.  See how muddy the ground is along this well used route.




Looking toward the end of the path route towards the entrance from Malvern Rd.




Section 106 funding is the money paid by developers to the Council when large developments (over 10 dwelling or more than 1,000 squares metres) are built.  This money is to mitigate the impact of the large developments and some is allocated for children’s play, green spaces and a number of other categories









New improved look for Rodney Road Playing Fields

Local residents and members of The Kingsway Youth Centre eagerly planted out over a 1000 spring bulbs yesterday, to bring some spring colour to the once neglected playing fields.  The bulbs have been funded through the St George NP devolved Clean & Green budget.   Local residents have also been campaigning for some investment through the S106 funding to be spent in the playing fields.  So far three seats, a set of mini goal posts and litter bins have recently been installed.  The fields are mainly used by dog walkers, it is hoped that the recent investments will encourage more of the community to make use of these playing fields, as they are seen as a real community asset..

Local resident Rebecca Lisle-Taylor brought along her family, and were joined by John Hooper another local resident and members of the Kingsway Youth Centre.  Denise James, Area Environment Officer said, “It was great, everyone who came along really enjoyed planting out the bulbs, we are all looking forward to seeing them in the Spring, they will certainly brighten up the playing fields.  We are just waiting for the Notice Board to be installed and then we can start promoting the Friends of Group.  There are also plans to enhance the side entrance to the playing fields with a new gate and new notice board, it is hoped that these works will make the site more attractive to the local community. Well done and thanks to everyone who came along”.

A Friends of Rodney Road Playing Fields Facebook page has been set up on www.facebook.com/RodneyRdPlayingFieldBristol.


Investing in Green Spaces in St George

The Environment Sub-Group is making recommendations to the meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership next week for the allocation of Section 106 money to improve parks in St George. We are asking for money to be allocated to St George Park and the River Avon Trail. This follows requests to the last meeting for money for Rodney Road Playing Field and at Meg Thatchers which were approved.

You can see the proposals via the links below:
–   Report to 11th September 2012 meeting
–   Report to 26th June 2012 meeting

The allocation of money is based on the St George Green Space Investment Plan as adopted by the Partnership at its meeting on 6th December 2011.

More information on how the plan evolved can be seen here.

Section 106 is money that developers pay to off-set the impact of their development on local people. There is around £200,000 available to invest in St George.

It is important that decisions on investment are made by people who live near and use the green spaces in St George. If you would like to get involved and help decide how money should be invested in your green space please come to one of the sub-group meetings, the dates are listed at www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/meetings