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Improving Parks & Play Areas

This year has seen a huge amount of work done to improve parks & green spaces in St George.

celebrate37This has been achieved by St George Neighbourhood Partnership, Bristol Parks and park groups working together to raise funding to address priorities set in the St George Neighbourhood Plan.

The highlight has been work to create three new play areas, but there has also been work to improve paths and entrances. More work is planned this winter to repair the walls to St George Park Lake.

St George Neighbourhood Partnership contributed £10,000 from its budget to pay for a fundraiser to help raise money for Dundridge and Meadow Vale Parks and through the Neighbourhood Committee has allocated over £90,000 of Section 106 money for work in parks that has been spent this year.

Grants raised with the help of our fundraiser amount to over £175,000 and Friends of Troopers Hill raised another £70,000 – together with Bristol Parks contribution through their Parks Access and Play Funds this means well over £400,000 has been invested in St George’s parks in the last 12 months.

Here is an update on progress since we last reported on this in July.

Meadow Vale Park

14595695_1199574136803616_8190594127993366833_nPath – First the entrance at Speedwell Road was improved and then the narrow and cracked path was widened and resurfaced (you can now walk three abreast). This was funded from Bristol Parks Access Fund.

Play Area – Working with our fundraiser and using some of the Section 106 money as match funding; Meadow Vale Community Association raised funding for a new play area from Cory Environmental Trust and the John James Bristol Foundation. The play area has now been completed and the official opening will be held next month.

14937451_1205871546173875_1133658307099231329_nNear the play area there is also the Meadow Vale spider that was built with the help of local young people and funded by Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust.

Meadow Vale Community Association are now working towards their next major project, which is to significantly extend the Community Centre. They also intend to install floodlighting to the ‘MUGA’ (surfaced basketball court) in the park.

Dundridge Park

14963145_1785186721748928_2504114571845984178_nThree projects supported by St George NP through the help of our fundraiser and match funding are now almost complete at Dundridge.

First a new path was constructed to the existing play area (with funding from Tesco Bags of Help). Next was the ‘Path to Nature’ to link the pavilion area to the woodland path to Conham, this was funded by Cory Environmental Trust.

Finally Friends of Dundridge Park worked with the fundraiser to apply to Suez Communities Trust for funds to extend the play area and this work is now nearly complete.

A fourth project for a pond and maintenance to the deer path in Conham Woodland at the edge of Dundridge Park has also now received funding from Ibstock Cory Environmental Trust, this work will be carried out next year.

For the latest news from Dundridge Park see their facebook group.

Troopers Hill Field

celebrate50The completion of the new play area for Troopers Hill Field was marked in style last month with a procession from the chimney led by bagpipes and drums.

Funding for the play area was raised by Friends of Troopers Hill from Suez Communities Trust and Veolia Environmental Trust with match funding from Section 106. The NP also funded the celebration event through the wellbeing fund.

Details of the project including photographs and videos from the opening ceremony can be seen at www.troopers-hill.org.uk/play

Plummers Hill

Following the tree planting, new entrance and new bench that were installed in the spring, further works have ben carried out this month to complete the entrance and the path through the site will be resurfaced soon. This is all being funded from the Bristol Parks Access Fund.

Gladstone Street Park

St George NP allocated Section 106 money to remove the redundant safety surfacing in this space (from an old play area) and this has now been done along with work funded by the Bristol Parks Access Fund to improve the paths across the space.

Friends of Gladstone Street Park are planning events and more improvements for the future.

St George Park

Play Area – Work was carried out in the summer to replace the safety surfacing and rebuild part of the Dragon head. The work took longer than initially hoped but has now all been completed. This work was funded by Bristol Parks Play fund and is part of a programme of work to address issues at play areas throughout Bristol.

20160209_124724St George Park Lake – Part of the path around the lake was closed earlier this year because of a structural failure of the lake walls.

As we reported at the time repairs to the walls will need to the lake to be drained again and so could not be carried out during the summer. Bristol Parks are now planning to carry out the works this winter, more details will be posted on this website once the details and timing have been finalised.

new bpf logo with text 2A full list of investment projects in parks across Bristol can be downloaded from the Bristol Parks Forum website.

Parking at Summerhill Schools


Problems caused by inconsiderate parking near schools was discussed at recent Neighbourhood Fora.  The meeting asked our local Police Beat Team to treat this as one of their priorities.

Towards the end of the last school year over 40 vehicles were identified over a 2-3 week period contravening the school zigzags outside Summerhill Primary Academy.  A letter has recently been sent by the police to the registered keepers of the vehicles:

This letter is being sent to you in relation to parking complaints we have received at Summerhill Academy, Plummers Hill, Bristol.

Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984), it is an offence to stop, wait or pick up passengers on school entrance markings (the zig zag markings). This will result in being issued with a fixed penalty notice and receiving a £50 fine.

Vehicle checks have been done and your address has come back as the registered keeper to vehicle [registration number].  This vehicle was seen parked/stopped on the zig zag lines outside of Summerhill Academy during drop off/pick up times.

Regular school patrols and ticket enforcements will be carried out from the start of the new school year therefore please consider this letter as a warning.

The road markings are placed here for a reason and parking illegally puts other drivers, parents and children’s safety at risk. By parking or stopping in this position you are causing an obstruction to the visibility of other road users and endangering the safety of your child and every child who is trying to cross the road.

With the new school term now begun, enforcement will increase around the Summerhill schools.

Highway improvements are also being carried out in Plummers Hill to improve pedestrian safety in the area.



Traffic calming Plummers Hill

plummers-hillThe Council has started a formal consultation regarding speed reduction measures planned for Plummers Hill.  Reducing traffic speed in this area is a priority of St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

The Council proposes to introduce a scheme of road humps, including speed cushions and a junction speed table, at Plummers Hill. The road humps would encourage motorists to moderate their speed and would reduce the risk of accidents.

Further information on the proposals are available at www.bristol.gov.uk/trafficorders   The public consultation closes 3rd June 2016.



Improving Green Spaces in St George

There has been a lot happening in St George’s green spaces over the past couple of months:

Successful Grant Applications

Initial1Last month, Troopers Hill Field and Dundridge Park both received grant awards for improved play areas from SITA Trust.

This month there is more good news from Dundridge Park with grants from Cory Environmental Trust and the Tesco Bags of Help scheme.

There is also good news for Meadow Vale, which has also received a grant from Cory Environmental Trust for new play facilities. This is an award of nearly £50,000 for installing a Natural Play Area adjacent to the neighbouring Children’s Centre. This is planned to include log and net jungle climbing facilities; a play mound with wide slide; stepping logs and boulders.

The grants for Meadow Vale & Dundridge were secured through Friends of Dundridge Park and Meadow Vale Community Association working with a fundraiser paid for by St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

One Tree per ChildTree Planting

Trough One Tree per Child Bristol new trees have been planted this winter in St George Park, Dundridge Park, Troopers Hill Field and Plummers Hill.

2016_0219_134037At Plummers Hill a new carved bench was also installed in memory of Becky Watts, the Neighbourhood Partnership part funded this by donating funds that could otherwise have paid for a standard park bench.

Improved Entrances

Rodney RoadWork has also been going on at Meadow Vale, Plummers Hill and Rodney Road to install new entrances. The work at Plummers Hill and Meadow Vale was funded by Bristol Parks, while that at Rodney Road is being paid for by ‘Section 106′ money allocated by the Partnership.

More Improvements?

All these improvements relate to priorities in the St George Neighbourhood Plan. At the Environment sub-group meeting on Thursday 3rd March we will be discussing updates to the Environment section of the plan, if there are improvements you would like to see to your local space then please come along.

Details of all St George Neighbourhood Partnership meetings can be seen at www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/meetings

You can find the locations for all the green spaces in St George on the Discover East Bristol Map

You Said – We Did – February 2016

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  An action tracker is kept of the issues raised at the each meeting and a record kept of what has been done about them.

For this meeting on Tuesday 9th February, 2016, chaired by Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, the meeting started with a tribute to Councillor Ron Stone, who died just before Christmas, from Grenville Johnson.  Grenville also asked for ideas to be shared about a permanent memorial for Ron and volunteers to help the task group collating those ideas.

After a round of applause the meeting continued with different speakers invited to the meeting to talk about issues that are of interest to the neighbourhood.  These were:

i) Community Access Support Services – Anna Balcerek

The Community Access Support Service is a new 5 year project based at the Wellspring Healthy Living Centre in Barton Hill.  If the project is successful it will roll out across the country.

The project is very much about initiating conversations about mental health and working with community groups to provide what they need to address mental health issues. This could include signposting to services, collating feedback on the service provided to those in the community with mental health issues so those services can be improved or explaining what mental health services are available.

Community Access Support Services would like to talk to all community groups but have a particular interest in establishing links with faith leaders.

Time To Talk Day was on 4th February and encouraged conversations about mental health.  There are still a number of Time to Talk events in Bristol planned on the same theme.

ii) Update on Parks and Green Spaces – Richard Fletcher

Richard is Bristol City Council’s Area Manager, Parks and Caretaking, Central and East, covering an area from Clifton to Fishponds and St George.

He shared news of

– play area improvements in St George Park
– work to stop cyclists riding over the bandstand in St George Park
– improving the entrance to Plummers Hill from Naseby Walk
– improving entrances to Meadow Vale Park

There has been a particular concentration on entrances to parks because unwelcoming entrances mean people do not use parks and gain all the benefits they provide.

Richard also gave a brief summary of the 24 byelaws that are proposed and recommended that people respond to the consultation.  The byelaws  would cover just over 200 of the more than 400 green spaces managed by Bristol Parks.  The consultation,the list of green spaces affected and the full wording of the byelaws can be found on www.bristol.gov.uk/parkbyelaws

The wording of the byelaws is defined by government.  The byelaws are already in use in many councils.  The spaces to apply these byelaws have been chosen because of reports recorded by police and Bristol City Council and problems affecting those sites that could be addressed by byelaws.

In answer to a question Richard confirmed that the proposed byelaws would not prevent blackberrying, contrary to media reports.

A representative of Friends of Troopers Hill encouraged support of the byelaws to protect Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve from fire and  irresponsible foraging, both of which impact wildlife sources of food and habitat.

A question was raised about whether the work done on creating an excellent archway entrance to Canford Park could be replicated in St George.  Richard explained that the funding for this came from a pot of money made available some years ago where councillors made suggestions for its use in parks.  Canford Park entrance was one of the approved schemes as was the multi-use games area in St George Park.

An update was asked about the lake in St George Park.  The fish have been removed and the walls of the lake have been inspected.   A further inspection by a civil engineer is required.  In the meantime some sections of path are protected from use because of concerns about their stability.

Rob Acton-Campbell added the news that Friends of Dundridge Park, Meadow Vale and Friends of Troopers Hill have all recently been awarded nationally funded grants for play area.  More news will be published on this website soon.  Here is the earlier news about the first grants awarded.

iii) Crime and Local Policing Update – PC Matt Clements

A new sergeant has been appointed, Sgt Hillier.  Matt’s perception of anti-social behaviour in the last 3 months is that it has reduced but there was an expected spike at Hallowe’en.

A particular target for thieves recently has been car keys, often left hung up just inside the front door of people’s homes.  When burglaries occur the thieves will just take the keys and leave with the stolen goods in the household’s car.

Problems with mopeds have reduced.  A new chicane, installed by Bristol City Council on Crown Hill has been very helpful.

The front office at Fishponds police station is still open, manned by clerical staff.

iv) Wellbeing Grants

Representatives of 3 groups who had received different levels of Wellbeing funding from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership recounted their experience of applying for Wellbeing funding and encouraged others to apply.  They were on hand during the break for further help and advice together with Susan Acton-Campbell, the Wellbeing Champion.

a) Redfest – Dominik Ljubic

Redfest provides an annual music and arts festival in St George Park. The event started with music in pubs, film shows and other small scale activities.  Redfest’s first Wellbeing grant was £240 in 2011 for a very small stage.  The event has grown and so has the size of the stage, which the Wellbeing grant has continued to support.  The Wellbeing grant is only one of many sources of money funding this free event that is much enjoyed by local people.

b) St Aidan’s Church – Jim Donaldson

St Aidan’s Church has applied for a number of small grants since 2010.  Jim told of the heavy, awkward trestle tables the church used to have to use for community events.  Thanks to funding lightweight but sturdy folding tables have been bought in two rounds of funding.  Jim emphasised the easy of making the application and the importance of returning the monitoring form at the end of the project.

He also took the opportunity to promote the St George Community Fair, showcasing many local community and volunteer groups.  The printing of publicity flyers and posters for this event has also been funded by a Wellbeing grant.  Jim proudly displayed a flyer pointing out the acknowledgement of the funding coming from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.  The St George Neighbourhood Partnership will be represented at the St George Community Fair which will take place in St Aidan’s Church and church hall on Saturday 12th March, from 11am-2pm.

c) Playing Out – Jacks Jarrett

Jacks described the important of the grant Playing Out received from the Wellbeing fund to train local people as “activators” helping people to find out what Playing Out involved, advising about street closures, activities and much more.  She described the benefits of Playing Out in her own street where not only do children have the opportunity to play in the street but residents have a chance to get to know each other, so that, when Jacks’ oven broke down partway through cooking a meal she had no qualms in asking a neighbour if she could use their oven.

v) St George in Bloom – Grenville Johnson

Grenville Johnson shared the story of the founding of the St George in Bloom group and the success the group has achieved, supported by other community groups, with awards from South West in Bloom and their entry at a national level in Britain in Bloom

He described the planned judging route and appealed for volunteers to help the committee.    St George in Bloom can be contacted using this email address:info@stgeorgeinbloom.org.uk or telephoning 01179496788

The St George in Bloom website provides news updates  www.stgeorgeinbloom.org.uk
as does Facebook:- www.facebook.com/stgeorgeinbloom

vi) Spring Bling – Gill Calloway

Gill, Neighbourhood Officer for St George, announced a Spring Bling initiative.  This is aimed at making our streets and green spaces look better.  Gill has created newsletters giving advice on where to get help to address issues ranging from bulky waste and elderly people with overgrown gardens to graffiti.

She encouraged making use of Keep Britain Tidy’s initiative of “Clean for the Queen” which links to the Queen’s birthday in March.

Spring Bling is working in partnership with St George in Bloom.  All are encouraged to enter one of the St George in Bloom categories which range from the best house frontage to best children’s display.  If you know someone with a lovely garden, balcony display or other special growing area, encourage them to enter.

There will also be a “Walk to School Tidy Up”.

Issues raised at the “Marketpace”

The marketplace is the break that takes places after the speakers’ session.  There are tables to visit to raise environment and traffic, to talk to the police, find out about grants and talk to the organisations represented by that night’s speakers.

Issues included:

– a cracked footpath in the park area at Meg Thatchers
– dog mess and litter on the lane from Tesco to Air Balloon Hill Primary School
– drug dealing
– the dropped kerb on Dundridge Lane that has not be completed
– the builders’ storage area that has been left in the green space at Terrell Gardens
– the unwelcoming entrance from Cecil Ave to Plummers Hill Open Space


Please do not wait for a forum to report simple issues that can be reported online or by phone.  Please do make use of “Report It!”, the tab at the top right of this page.  The best way we can use Neighbourhood Forum time is raising more difficult issues.

3 grants were awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting.   The next closing date to apply for a Wellbeing grant can be  seen is Monday 25th AprilFebruary 2016.

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 10th May, 2016 at Summerhill Methodist Church.

If you have an idea for a subject to be spoken about that is of local interest contact our Neighbourhood Partnership Co-ordinator, 
Abdulrazak Dahir, coordinator@stgeorgenp.org.uk, telephone 0117 903 6409.



Plummers Hill – Road Safety Measures

PlummersHillBristol City Council are consulting on a scheme to to provide improved pedestrian facilities and reduced vehicle speeds on Plummers Hill.

The proposals include speed reducing measures at regular intervals along the length of the road in the form of road humps, speed tables and also making the road narrower at certain key points.

Improvements are proposed at the pedestrian crossing points on all junctions and in the vicinity of well-used pedestrian routes, including the two locations near the school where the School Crossing Patrol Officers operate.

Comment on the proposals via ‘Ask Bristol’ >>

Download a copy of the consultation leaflet.

Consultation closed 1st November 2015.

Following this first consultation there will be a review (& revision if necessary) of the scheme and then a further formal consultation prior to the introduction of the necessary ‘Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)’.

St George Wildflower Meadows

In March 2014 St George in Bloom were awarded money from the Wellbeing Fund to establish four wildflower meadows in St George at Plummers Hill Open Space, Furber Road Open Space, Dundridge Playing Fields and Netham House (in front of St George Pre-school).

The aim is to improve the appearance of these areas and promote public involvement in the care of their neighbourhood and the St George in Bloom campaign.

The wildflowers were a bit later blooming than we hoped but they are all now looking wonderful.

There is also meadow area in St George Park funded by the St George Community First Fund following an application by Friends of St George Park.

There are some photos below (all taken 2nd August), but to really appreciate them you should go and see them yourself.

2014_0803_PlummersPlummers Hill

2014_0803_FurberFurber Road

2014_0803_DundridgeDundridge Park

2014_0803_Netham2Netham House

2014_0803_StGeorgePkSt George Park

Money granted to local projects – 25/3/2014

4 applications for funding were made and the following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions.

These are the projects and the amounts granted:

a) Church Rd Action Group – Church Rd Lamppost hanging baskets
£750 for two double basket hanging baskets and 1 single hanging baskets to be supplied, fitted and maintained.  The aim of the Church Rd Action Group is to improve the look and feel of the Church Rd area so people will enjoy shopping there.  Local businesses are participating in the project by funding their own hanging baskets.

b) St George in Bloom 2014 – Wildflower Meadow Enhancement Project
£1,430 for wildflower meadows on Plummers Hill Open Space (300sq metres), Furber Road Open Space (150 sq metres), Dundridge Playing Fields (150 sq metres) and Netham House (50 sq metres).  The aim is to improve the appearance of these areas and promote public involvement in the care of their neighbourhood and the St George in Bloom campaign.

c)  Bristol Playbus – Circus Workshops for 8-13 year olds
£1,200 for circus workshops at Hillfields Youth Centre or Kingswood Foundation.   A further identical amount is being sought from the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership.  This project is aimed at benefiting around 50 children with 8 two-hour sessions planned once a week from  4-6pm over 2 months.  Target benefits include improving children’s confidence, physical wellbeing and making new friends.

d) Gurdwara Nirman Sewak Jatha Heritage – Internal works to the Sikh Temple at 9-11 Summerhill Rd.
£1,000 towards internal work to the parts of the temple intended for community use.  Before current building work community groups were welcome to the building but the facilities were very limited.  Community facilities such as halls and meeting rooms are oversubscribed at peak times in St George.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/grants/

Money remaining from this year’s funding will be used to buy and install community noticeboards, locations to be decided.  For more information look at the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting notes.

The closing date for the next round of applications is:
**********Monday 28th April********


Great news for Plummers Hill Playing Fields and Troopers Hill Field

At the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting tonight Councillors approved the allocation of Section 106 funds to pay for  Plummers Hill Playing Fields to have:

  • 1 x set of mini goal posts
  • 3 x seats
  • 2 x dual use litters and dog wast bins
  • 1 x parks noticeboard

Location of Plummers Hill Playing Fields




Troopers Hill Field will have funding to build a tarmac path along the edge of Troopers Hill Field to link Malvern Rd to Summerhill Terrace.

It will run between the new cherry trees and the hedge. The path will be 1.5m wide with timber edges. There will also be a new bench part way along.

This route is extremely well used and becomes very muddy.  It becomes so muddy that it deters people from walking to the bus stops on Summerhill Rd and local schools.  In combination with the existing hard-surfaced track leading from the top of Troopers Hill along the side of Troopers Hill Field to Malvern Rd it opens up a lot more opportunities for pedestrians.

This map shows the Summerhill Terrace and Malvern Rd entrances and the curve of the hedge that the path will follow.





The start of the route of the path from Summerhill Terrace.









The new bench will be close to this old apple tree.  See how muddy the ground is along this well used route.




Looking toward the end of the path route towards the entrance from Malvern Rd.




Section 106 funding is the money paid by developers to the Council when large developments (over 10 dwelling or more than 1,000 squares metres) are built.  This money is to mitigate the impact of the large developments and some is allocated for children’s play, green spaces and a number of other categories