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Parking at Summerhill Schools


Problems caused by inconsiderate parking near schools was discussed at recent Neighbourhood Fora.  The meeting asked our local Police Beat Team to treat this as one of their priorities.

Towards the end of the last school year over 40 vehicles were identified over a 2-3 week period contravening the school zigzags outside Summerhill Primary Academy.  A letter has recently been sent by the police to the registered keepers of the vehicles:

This letter is being sent to you in relation to parking complaints we have received at Summerhill Academy, Plummers Hill, Bristol.

Under the Road Traffic Regulation Act (1984), it is an offence to stop, wait or pick up passengers on school entrance markings (the zig zag markings). This will result in being issued with a fixed penalty notice and receiving a £50 fine.

Vehicle checks have been done and your address has come back as the registered keeper to vehicle [registration number].  This vehicle was seen parked/stopped on the zig zag lines outside of Summerhill Academy during drop off/pick up times.

Regular school patrols and ticket enforcements will be carried out from the start of the new school year therefore please consider this letter as a warning.

The road markings are placed here for a reason and parking illegally puts other drivers, parents and children’s safety at risk. By parking or stopping in this position you are causing an obstruction to the visibility of other road users and endangering the safety of your child and every child who is trying to cross the road.

With the new school term now begun, enforcement will increase around the Summerhill schools.

Highway improvements are also being carried out in Plummers Hill to improve pedestrian safety in the area.



Parking Restrictions Roseberry Park area

Bristol City Council is consulting on a series of changes to parking restrictions in an area between Whitehall Road and Church Road and Chalks Road and Herber Street.  For the St George NP area the proposals affect Chalks Road, Whitehall Road, Roseberry Park, Tintern Avenue, Trelawney Avenue and Lyppiatt Road.

Further information at www.bristol.gov.uk/trafficorders

Consultation closes Friday 19 February.


Pavement Parking

Parking on Pavements has been identified as a Neighbourhood Working Priority by the Neighbourhood Partnership. On 6th December 2013, Neighbourhood Working Officers conducted an audit of the problem across the two wards of St George East and St George West with the following headline findings:
– In St George East: 281 cars were parked on pavements, 30 of these obstructively (leaving less than 1.3m)
– In St George West: 410 cars were parked on pavements, 68 of these obstructively
– The worst problems was observed around the ‘cross-streets’ between Church Road and Beaufort Road.
– The two most problematic streets within this hotspot were: 1. Northcote Road (22 on pavements, 11 obstructive) 2. Salisbury Road (23 on pavements, 6 obstructive)

Over the week commencing 20 January 2014 Neighbourhood Working staff handed out advisory leaflets to around 110 properties in this area and warned residents of impending enforcement action.

The enforcement operation took place on the evening of 22 January 2014 where the streets were patrolled by Police and Parking Services from 17:00 to 18:30 with the following outcomes:
– Parking Services only needed to issue one Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to a car parked on lines on Sherbourne Street.
– Only 4 cars were found parked obstructively over the course of the operation compared with 28 during the audit in December. All owners have been contacted with warning letters stating they will receive Fixed Penalty Notices (FPN) on future obstructive parking.
– 144 cars were parked on pavements during the enforcement operation compared to 155 on the previous audit. This is not a significant drop but does show people are taking more care not to be obstructive.
– Bins left on streets exacerbate the problem so during the enforcement operation any left out were issued with warning stickers, reported to the Area Environment Officer who will send out enforcement letters. 8 bins warnings were issued: 3 on Sherbourne Street, 1 on Beaufort Road, 1 on Northcote Road, 1 on Ebeneezer Street, 1 on Salisbury Street and 1 on Richmond Road.

| Bristol City Council leaflet regarding parking on drop kerbs |
| Bristol City Council leaflet regarding double parking |
| Link to Parking information from Bristol City Council |

Parking offences – who is responsible for prosecutions when?

One of the things that is high on local residents’ agendas is parking offences, including people parking on pavements, in front of dropped kerbs, obstructing junctions and so on.  It is often very unclear whether it is the police or Council Civil Enforcement Officers who should be dealing with the matter.  This note, although it is 5 pages long, does make the matter much clearer.

Breakdown of what a CEO can do and when

To report a parking issue that a CEO can address, the Parking Services  Operations Room is telephone number  0117 9038070

The parking issues that the police deal with and when to use 999 are described here.  Where it is a matter for the police but less urgent, 101 is the number to use.