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Mayor’s Visit to St George

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George Ferguson CBE, Mayor of Bristol, visited various places within St George on Friday 30 October at the invitation of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

His visit to St George NP area started at the junction of Lyppiatt Road and Church Road, where he discussed with local residents the concerns they have about heavy goods vehicles using Lyppiatt Road, inconsiderate parking and speeding cars.


His next stop was in Gladstone Street where he learnt of plans to improve this small park area.


From there he moved on to Meadow Vale Community Centre in Speedwell where he learnt of plans for a new community building for the area.


He also saw a mural painted by young people the day before on a concrete wall at the edge of the adjacent park. The painting project was organised by Young Bristol using Green Capital 2015 funding to brighten up the park.

At Dundridge Park the Mayor saw at first hand the deteriorating condition of ‘The Pavilion’ which is used as changing facilities for football matches.


A representative of a local Community Speed Watch scheme met the Mayor on Crews Hole Road where traffic speed and volume was discussed.  The Mayor was also shown the plans that have been produced to improve cycling provision and road safety on this route.


The centre piece for the St George area is a large Victorian park; St George Park.  Here the Mayor met with members of the Friends of St George Park, where they discussed the ongoing issues being caused by fishing in the park and the impact this was having on birds using the park lake.


The final stop on the Mayor’s tour of St George was to the library in St George Park where the Mayor discussed the services provided at the library and the potential to make the library more of a community hub.  At the library, there was also the opportunity to meet with members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership where a variety of issues affecting the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area was discussed.


Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, commented “It was useful to be able to show George some of the issues of concern to residents in the St George NP area.  Many of these issues have been ongoing for some time, and we hope that by the Mayor seeing the issues himself it will help to bring them to a resolution.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, explained: “It is always useful to me to be able witness on the ground some of the local concerns and aspirations. Members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership and others were able to voice their concerns about an extensive range of issues in the St George area, including transport, parks, playgrounds and libraries. I have taken full note and shall do all I can to enable the Council to address the issues where practically possible in stringent times.”

Following the vist, Mayor George Fergusson sent a letter of thanks to the Neighbourhood Partnership Chair which was read out at the NP meeting on 16th December.
Letter from Mayor George Fergusson
Schedule of action points

The Mayor’s visit to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area was part of a series of visits to each of the 14 Neighbourhood Partnership areas in the city.


View Photo Gallery – Photos by Frances Gard



Mayor’s Question Time – 25 March

qtime-250314-fbThe next Mayor’s Question Time will be held on Tuesday 25 March at City Hall, College Green
7.30pm – 8.30pm (Doors 7pm)

A chance for residents to ask questions of Bristol’s elected mayor George Ferguson.

Free event, but booking is required.

Further information, and tickets available via the Council’s website at:

Download poster (image as below)


The full election results are available on the Bristol City Council website.

The turnout for the two St George Wards for the Mayoral vote was:
St George East              14.45%

St George West             18.44%

The Ward with the highest turnout was Henleaze (42.64%), and Hartcliffe Ward had the lowest turnout in the city (11.21%).  The city wide turnout was 22.93%.  All the preceedings stats exclude postal votes.  For those issued with postal votes, 57.84% return the ballot forms.  The total turnout for Bristol (at polling stations and by post) was 90,273 votes cast by an electorate of 323,310 (27.92%).  The ward by ward turnout information is available here.

The turnout for the election of the Police and Crime Commissioner is not available ward-by-ward.  It is interesting to note, however, that of those across Bristol that visited their Polling Station to cast their votes in person, 1,420 more people submitted a Mayoral ballot paper than submitted their PCC ballot paper.





Don’t forget to vote!

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Mayor of Bristol

The Mayor will replace the current Council Leader to lead the city council and its full range of services, and represent the interests of Bristol citizens.


Police and Crime Commisioner for Avon and Somerset

Candidate information:

  • Info from Choose my PCC
  • Info from Bristol City Council
  • Info from BBC

    Polling Stations

    Information on Polling Stations is available here

    Polling Stations are open on Thursday 15 November 2012 from  7.00am to 10.00pm


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