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Road Humps & Parking Restrictions – Troopers Hill Road Area

roadhumpsIn October 2015, Bristol City Council consulted on a scheme to introduce speed reducing measures and pedestrian improvements on Troopers Hill Road. After consideration of the responses, this has now moved on to a formal consultation on the introduction of the necessary ‘Traffic Regulation Orders’ (TRO).

You can see the updated plans and details of how to respond to the consultation that runs from Thursday 27 October 2016 to Friday 18 November 2016 on the Council’s website via the link below:


Note – there are three separate sections to the TRO – parts A, B & C.

For Troopers Hill Road part A is for parking restrictions and part C is for speed humps etc, you need to look at both to get the full picture.

Part B is for other parking restrictions on roads around the Kingsway.

Safety of pedestrians using the entrances to the Hill from Troopers Hill Road has been a concern of local residents for many years, particularly due to poor visibility for those leaving the site.

The Council has accepted that pedestrian links to and from the Hill are poor and as part of the proposed scheme they are suggesting the introduction of short lengths of footway on the Hill side of the road at these locations. The proposals also include various speed reducing measures in the form of road humps and making the road narrower at certain key points.

Funding for this scheme is from the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and was awarded in September 2012 following an application by members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Traffic & Transport sub-group in July 2012.

Youth Activities in St George and nearby

Here’s the programme of FREE youth sports in Hillfields and Speedwell from April to July.

Sports poster 2015

Where they are:

Hillfields Youth Hub :  Hillfields Youth Centre, Thickett Avenue, Bristol BS16 4EH.  More details of what’s on offer at the Hub.

Meadowvale Playing Fields: Behind Meadow Vale Community Centre, Meadow Vale, Speedwell, Bristol , BS5 7RF

Studio 5 – 20 Old School House, Britannia Rd, Bristol, BS15 8DB

Barts Rugby: Duncombe Lane, Speedwell, Avon, Bristol, BS15 1NS.

Other youth activities:

St George Table Tennis Club_flyer

Fancy a game of tennis?

St George Park Lakeview Tennis Club rents out courts at £5 an hour.  Just ring 07526 009211 before 3pm on a Friday to make your booking.  There is coaching every day from 2pm Monday-Friday and matches for the better players on Saturday and Sunday.  The club says “We are a friendly club and open to everyone.  We also have a small clubhouse if you would like a tea or coffee; we run everything ourselves.”   They have both adult and youth coaches.

Other things to do

A whole range of other activities for young people can be seen here.

Please let us know of any we’ve missed.

A third new Community noticeboard

Thanks to St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing funding the last of three planned, new, community noticeboards has now been installed on Two Mile Hill Rd, close to the shops on the corner of the Kingsway.

Two mile hill noticeboard

Our Neighbourhood Co-ordinator is talking with local shopkeepers to arrange points of contact for YOUR posters to be displayed.  Only notices for local community services and events will be displayed.

One of the reasons a community noticeboard is particularly needed here is very few local people realise they live in the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area and can access support to improve the neighbourhood via the Partnership.    This is the poster included in the first display to help publicise the support available.

There is also a poster summarising what happened at the last Forum meeting and a “Welcome to the new Two Mile Hill noticeboard” poster.  The other 3 posters all advertise current local community activities.

A full list of noticeboards in the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area, with contact details, can be seen here.

Kingsway Shopping Precinct Make Over


Members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, Environment Sub-Group have been championing a project which will enhance Kingsway Shopping Precinct.

imageaThe brief to Denise James, Neighbourhood Engagement Officer was that the area was in need of floral enhancements and some TLC. Unfortunately the hard land scape area did not lend itself to any traditional floral planting scheme.

After a number of discussions with the Environment Sub-Group, members started working on developing a suitable scheme for the area, which was co-ordinated by Denise James. The paved area has been pressure washed old style litter bins have been replaced with modern style bins. Work is also under way to re-furbish the seats. In the meantime Denise James will be talking to traders to look at more innovative ways of enhancing this space for the local community and taking back ideas to the Environmental Sub Group.

imagebThe plants were all grown at the Council’s Blaise Nursery and planted up by the Nursery team. The containers were delivered and unveiled at 7 am on Wednesday 19th June. Local traders and residents have already commented on how great they are and the difference they have made to the area.

The scheme has been funded through the St George Neighbourhood Partnership’s devolved Clean & Green fund. This is a brilliant example of how devolved budgets can really make an impact in your local area.

Grenville Johnson, Chair St George Neighbourhood Partnership, commented:

“It’s good to see the Kingsway shopping precinct now looking more visually attractive. I first raised concerns about the visual appearance of this area several years ago, and its gratifying to see that St George N.P has championed this enhancement project. It will raise the spirits of all who use the area.”

Meeting to discuss Kingsway Youth Centre and youth provision in St George

exterior of Kingsway Youth Centre - click for larger image

Thursday 30th May, 7.00pm, Summerhill Methodist Church

A meeting has been called by St George Neighbourhood Partnership to discuss the future of the Kingsway Youth Centre and to influence the delivery of the new Youth Links contract in the St George NP area.

Bristol City Council contracted out their youth services earlier this year.  The contract for the Bristol East Area was awarded to Creative Youth Network (previously known as Kingswood Foundation Ltd).  The Kingsway Youth Centre, formerly the only youth club operated by Bristol City Council in either the St George East or St George West wards, has subsequently closed.

The users of Kingsway Youth Centre, as well as members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, are disappointed that the decision has been taken to close the Kingsway Youth Centre and are hoping that this decision will be reconsidered.

A meeting is being held on Thursday 30 May at Summerhill Methodist Church, Summerhill Road, starting at 7.00pm to discuss this matter.  Senior representatives from Bristol City Council “Bristol Youth Links” and Creative Youth Network will be at the meeting.  Former users of Kingsway Youth Centre, and those with an interest in the provision of youth services in St George, are invited to attend.