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Money granted to local projects – 25/3/2014

4 applications for funding were made and the following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions.

These are the projects and the amounts granted:

a) Church Rd Action Group – Church Rd Lamppost hanging baskets
£750 for two double basket hanging baskets and 1 single hanging baskets to be supplied, fitted and maintained.  The aim of the Church Rd Action Group is to improve the look and feel of the Church Rd area so people will enjoy shopping there.  Local businesses are participating in the project by funding their own hanging baskets.

b) St George in Bloom 2014 – Wildflower Meadow Enhancement Project
£1,430 for wildflower meadows on Plummers Hill Open Space (300sq metres), Furber Road Open Space (150 sq metres), Dundridge Playing Fields (150 sq metres) and Netham House (50 sq metres).  The aim is to improve the appearance of these areas and promote public involvement in the care of their neighbourhood and the St George in Bloom campaign.

c)  Bristol Playbus – Circus Workshops for 8-13 year olds
£1,200 for circus workshops at Hillfields Youth Centre or Kingswood Foundation.   A further identical amount is being sought from the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership.  This project is aimed at benefiting around 50 children with 8 two-hour sessions planned once a week from  4-6pm over 2 months.  Target benefits include improving children’s confidence, physical wellbeing and making new friends.

d) Gurdwara Nirman Sewak Jatha Heritage – Internal works to the Sikh Temple at 9-11 Summerhill Rd.
£1,000 towards internal work to the parts of the temple intended for community use.  Before current building work community groups were welcome to the building but the facilities were very limited.  Community facilities such as halls and meeting rooms are oversubscribed at peak times in St George.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/grants/

Money remaining from this year’s funding will be used to buy and install community noticeboards, locations to be decided.  For more information look at the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting notes.

The closing date for the next round of applications is:
**********Monday 28th April********