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What a team!

The Church Rd Town Team has been working hard at the big billposter site near 301-307 Church Rd close to St George Community Centre and the Sikh Gurdwara.

town team The story so far:

  • Gaive Golding, leading this project for the Church Rd Town Team (CRTT), Fin McNab (from Sustrans) and some others broke up all of the tarmac on the site.
  • CRTT, aided by Fin and a group of people from Good Gym Bristol, cleared the site.  CRTT provided a skip to cart the tarmac etc away.
  • Fin obtained and sowed a mix of wildflower seeds.
  • Time passed…. the seeds didn’t take….
  • CRTT members cleared the weeds again…
  • On Sunday 6th March, 2016, CRTT laid the membrane purchased using Green Capital money from Bristol City Council as pictured above.  From right to left are Maxine and Nigel Williams, Gaive Golding, June Barclay,  Ian Townsend and Simon Webb.

Next steps:

  • Plant the area and lay bark chipping between the plants.
  • CRTT are working with St George in Bloom to do the planting:
    • CRTT have allocated a little under £500 from the remaining CRTT funds for planting.
    • Grenville Johnson, Chair of St George in Bloom, has submitted an application for funding from RHS.  Grenville also hopes to be able to obtain the plants at trade prices using his RHS contacts.
    • St George in Bloom, CRTT and any willing volunteers who can be recruited, will do the planting, to save labour costs.  Gaive, who used to be a landscape gardener, will be a source of expert guidance.
    • The plan is use aromatic herbs, such as Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender, that will require little watering and will be able to cope with the poor soil quality on the site.  Depending on funding and their ability to obtain the plants, the team hope to get the planting done in the next couple of months.
    • Gaive has found a source of bark chippings which will be laid as soon as it can be delivered.

Aspirations – maybe, one day… some flagstones/a short path and a bench…

If you would like to keep up to date with the Church Rd Town Team’s activities sign up to their mailing list.

Discover East Bristol

DEBThroughout 2015 members of the Partnership have been working with a team of artists to create a map showing the green spaces in St George (& Greater Fishponds) and some of the quiet links between them.

The project in funded by the Bristol 2015 Nighbourhood Arts Project with additional money coming from the Partnership’s own pot of money allocated from Bristol 2015. Greater Fishponds NP have also contributed so that the map can extend into their area.

The official launch of the map is Tuesday 8th December and copies of the map that you can pick up will soon start to appear in various places around St George.

You can see the online version of the map, which has lots of information and activity sheets to download on the new Discover East Bristol website.


Find out more about the project and theteam of artists who created the map on the Bristol 2015 website:

See a video about the production of the map on Youtube

We are also producing display copies to put up in key locations around the area.

To help promote the new map, and also the NP, Rob Acton-Campbell (NP Chair) was on the ‘One Love Breakfast’ show on 2nd December, broadcast on BCfm, Ujima Radio and Pirate Nation.

You can listen to the recording of the programme via: www.bcfmradio.com/olb – click on the 07:00 show for 02/12/2015, go direct to the interview by dragging the blue bar to 38:00 minutes in to the show.

The map was also featured in a double page spread in the Bristol Post on 3rd December along with a report about the project.


Discover East Bristol

DiscoverEastBristolOur Green Spaces Mapping project reached an important milestone today (19th August) with the launch of its own website at:


Once the project is complete this will take you to a fully interactive version of the map, but for now it has a wonderful taster illustration and a link to the green spaces survey, which is open until the end of August.

One of the artists involved, Dave Bain, and Chair of the Neighbourhood Partnership, Rob Acton-Campbell, talked about the project on the Shepherds Way show on BCFM this evening, you can hear the show via their website at bcfmradio.com/shepherdsway starting 21 minutes into the programme.

The Neighbourhood Partnership has also used some of its Green Capital funds to run a series of walks in St George Green Spaces through the year. Still to come are bat walks in Dundridge Park (Thur 10th Sept) and St George Park (Sat 12th Sept) there is also a walk exploring some of St George’s lesser known green spaces on Sunday 6th September with wildlife expert Rupert Higgins. More details here:

Explore St George’s Green Spaces

logo-bristol2015-2row-@2xThe mapping project for St George is funded by Bristol Green Capital Neighbourhood Arts Project. Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership have then added further Green Capital funding to extend the coverage to their area and St George NP will also be funding some physical works to improve access to green spaces in St George.


See our earlier posting about the project.

A green map for East Bristol

logo-bristol2015-2row-@2xThe Bristol Green Capital Neighbourhood Arts Project has funded a small team, to create a physical and online map of the green space in East Bristol, covering the St George and Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership areas.

This is part of a larger Neighbourhood Partnership project to improve access to green space. As well as the spaces themselves the map will feature of-road walking and cycling routes between them. You can read more about the project here:

Read more about the Green Map Project and the team creating it.

As a first stage the team are gathering information about our green spaces and would also like to get residents and visitors views so they can create a map reflecting the special things you associate with green spaces in this area.
Click here to let them have your thoughts about green spaces via a short survey


There will also be a chance to talk to the team at Redfest in St George Park on Saturday 1st August.

Free training for community events

Do you organise an outdoor event in your community or would you like to?

Free training is available as part of Bristol 2015 European Green Capital. The training helps Bristol residents put on well-run and sustainable events, and covers all aspects of planning an event.

More information at: www.bristol2015.co.uk/events/community-event-training


bristol 2015

Explore St George’s Green Spaces

A series of walks for 2015 in St George to highlight green spaces on your doorstep.

Supported by St George Neighbourhood Partnership Bristol Green Capital Fund

These walks aim to inspire and educate people about the green spaces in St George.

Leaflets with details will be available at the St George Community Fair on Saturday 7th March at St Aidan’s and at events and meetings in St George through the year. You can also download a copy here:

Explore St George’s Green Spaces – walk leaflet


The walks are being organised by Friends of Troopers Hill, Friends of St George Park and Friends of Dundridge Park.

Walk & Event listing:

Troopers Hill (4 walks):
Organised by Friends of Troopers Hill
Heathland Walk* – Thurdsday 16th July 7pm;
Bugs & Beasties Hunt – Saturday 8h August 4pm;
Fungi Foray* Sunday 1st November 10.30am;
Geology Walk* – Sunday 29th November 2pm;

North St George:
Organised by Friends of Troopers Hill
Walk to explore Plummers Hill, Meadow Vale, Rodney Rd, Primrose Lane & Colebrook Road and their wildlife*
Sunday 6th September 10.30am

Avon Valley:
Organised by Friends of Troopers Hill
Walk from looking at river wildlife, also visiting Dundridge & Troopers Hill*
Sunday 17th May 10.am

Dundridge Park (3 walks/events):
Organised by Friends of Dundridge Park
Dawn Chorus walk Saturday 18th April 5.30am;
Family Funday at Dundridge Park Saturday 11th July;
Bat Walk Thursday 10th September.

St George Park (4 walks)
Organised by Friends of St George Park
Dawn Chorus Walk Saturday 4th April 6.30am
History Walk with Barton Hill History Group 15th July 7.30pm
Wildlife area walk with Avon Wildlife Trust 8th August 11.00am
Bat walk Saturday 12th September 7.15pm

*These walks require prior booking, for more details see the Friends of Troopers Hill website.

Green Capital grants for St George

In 2014 £10,000 was allocated to the St George Neighbourhood to allocate to local projects.  This was advertised with the decisions being made at the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 17th December, 2014.

It had been agreed by the Neighbourhood Partnership at their September meeting that any unallocated Green Capital funding would be used for a Green Mapping project which would not only promote access to St George’s green spaces but also if, funding permitted, include improvements to their accessibility.

The applications were reviewed by the Wellbeing sub-group prior to the meeting and their recommendations included in the notes of the meeting.  The total of funding requested in applications came to more than double the amount available.

A further £10,000 was allocated to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership after the meeting of the Wellbeing sub-group but before the meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership.

The following grants were agreed by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership on 17th December, 2014:

a) £2,871 for Friends of St George Park to to commission a management plan (£1,746) to be written for St GeorgePark and funding for associated consultation and work to meet the recommendations of the management plan.

b) £2,023 to fund 13 walks across St George, some with specialist leaders and to fund a craft or similar family activity in Dundridge Park.  Friends of Troopers Hill, Friends of St George Park and Friends of Dundridge Park will be participating in providing the walks and sourcing experts where necessary.

c)  £2,100 for the Soil Association to pay for marquee hire (£1,200) and volunteer support and training as part of the Big Picnic aimed at involving Summerhill Infants, Summerhill Academy, Two Mile Hill Primary and Air Balloon Hill Primary schools in growing projects. There will be workshops and demonstration station to engage pupils in growing and cooking.

d) £900 for the Redfest orgaisation for solar power and production for a stage and tents at next year’s Redfest which will have a theme of “Redfest Goes Green” aimed at increasing knowledge of the environment, people’s impact on it and encouraging recycling

e) £1,535 to the Haven organisation pay for gardening and woodworking equipment, web space and an open day event. The Haven is a 1.3 acre site providing a communal garden and relaxation spaces open to adults with issues surrounding mental health and/or alcohol and substance misuse.

f) £500 for the architect’s fee to include a vertical garden in the design to convert an industrial building into community-owned, affordable housing in Battens Lane.

This left £838.50 to be spent on the Green Mapping project from the first £10,000 of Green Capital Funding.

Two applications were rejected but it was agreed that the applicants be invited to re-apply for the additional Green Capital funding by 12th January 2015 with the decision to be made at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting of 25th March 2015.

The two applications were from:

a) Summerhill Infants School for £5,000 to redesign the school’s allotment area (£4,500) which is currently contaminated with glass and to supply seeds, tools, etc.

b) Protect a Pup for £4,868,88 to provide low cost/free dog
neutering or spaying (£3,500) and set up information stalls and distribute leaflets and dog waste bags to encourage responsible dog ownership.

By 25th March, 2015, Summerhill Infants School made no reply to questions raised at and prior to  the December meeting so this application was not taken forward.

The  Protect a Pup application was discussed in some detail at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting of 25th March, 2015 and a majority vote of Neighbourhood Partnership members decided that a grant would not be made.

The Partnership agreed that the remaining funds, £10,838.50, would be allocated to the Bristol East Green Map project which aims to improve walking routes and access to green spaces.