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Conham Road – Cycle Route

Update 6th March 2017:

Philip Wright, Transport Programme Manager overseeing the proposed improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure being delivered through the Cycle Ambition Fund (CAF) grant from the Department for Transport has written:

“The proposed works at Conham Road are not part of the CAF programme, but were being considered to be delivered as part of the local match funding that had been agreed to support CAF in line with our bid to DfT.  These schemes needed to be delivered to meet the CAF timescales, with all works complete by March 2018.  The demands for this match funding are high and tight budgets had to be applied.  The draft budget given to the scheme at Conham Road was based on initial designs.  As more detailed designs developed it rapidly became clear that we would not be able to deliver this scheme within that budget.  The main reason given for the escalation of costs related to the additional requirements to build over the sewer pipe.

The River Avon Path remains a key strategic priority for both walking and cycling and we will continue to work on identifying funding to deliver this missing section of the route. ”

Philip offered Councillor Breckels, the local councillor for St George Troopers Hill,  the opportunity to meet the Bugbears project manager, Gari Garmston, to talk about whether there is a low cost interim option to improve the problems presented by the issues of the blind bend, with no footpath, on Conham Rd.  It may be possible to find money for a small amount of work from the funding pot called “Bugbears”.

An update will be posted after that meeting has taken place.

Update 2nd February 2016:

At the Place Scrutiny Commission meeting of 21st January, Ian Townsend submitted the question “What plans are there to fund the infrastructure required to close the ‘Conham Gap’ to complete a continuous cycle route along the River Avon, now that planning permission for the project has been granted?”

He has reported receiving the following written reply from Bristol City Council

“The funding is available (thanks to the postponed Camden Rd bridge project) and we are going to proceed with the scheme as soon as the land agreements are in place. There are verbal, in principle, agreements already.”

Bristol City Council’s Neighbourhood Officer for St George has confirmed negotiations on land agreements are ongoing.

Update 13th November 2015:

The planning application described below for a cycle route along the Avon Valley through Crews Hole at the ‘Conham Gap’ has now been granted planning permission. As yet there are no funds in place to complete the works but now that planning permission is in place it is hoped that the money can be found.

As part of the the conditions for planning to be granted money will be given for tree planting in the area to mitigate the effect of the tree felling that was necessary to clear the line of the proposed path.

Original post March 2015:

Planning application 15/00645/FB

Planning permission is being sought for a new solution to the ‘Conham Road Gap’ in the cycle route along the Avon Valley through Crews Hole that avoids the need to make any of the road one-way (as was proposed previously).

The new solution is to construct a new path running through the adjacent woods just to the north of Conham Road, more or less along the line of the vestigial works track servicing the Kingswood Sewer man holes.

It involves crossing the road at either end, something which will be effected by raised zebra crossings. These will also make crossing the road safer for pedestrians; the safety of the crossing at the north end has been of particular concern and has become known locally as ‘suicide corner’.

The two raised road crossings will be to the standard details adopted by Bristol City Council for priority crossings on popular walking and cycling routes. At these two locations vehicular traffic will give way to oncoming traffic in order to allow the road to be narrowed so as to secure safe sightlines for the public using the path.

According to the application:
“This route has been made possible by the support of the landowners of the woodland section, John Newlands McCreadie and Francesco Porcaro, and by Wessex Water whose adjacent main sewer has required their careful survey.”

Update – Tree Works

Some tree felling has been carried out in this area recently, we have received the following information from the Council’s planning officer:

“I can advise that they secured a license from the Forestry Commission to carry out the works and required no other planning/tree consents to do so. I have ensured that the further arboricultural information does include the trees removed however and these will be assessed within the application under any mitigation sought in accordance with the Bristol Tree Replacement Standard. As you have noted these are along the alignment of a sewer pipeline and were of limited value given the long-term retention due to future maintenance of this.”

The application has received support from the Bristol Cycling Campaign.

You can see full details and comment on the proposals (for or against) on the Council’s planning online website by looking at planning application 15/00645/FB.

A pdf document with details of the proposal can be seen here.

The images below show the proposed route and the proposed crossings at each end.





St Anne’s Footbridge – Extended Closure


St Anne’s Footbridge linking Crews Hole to the shopping area in St Anne’s has been closed since the beginning of June for major repairs.

When the old concrete bridge deck was removed it revealed significant corrosion to the bridge steelwork which required repair before it can be painted and the new deck installed (see photos below). This has led to the originally estimated period of 12 weeks for the work being extended.


Updated 4 January 2016

Work is continuing while the bridge is open.  Scaffolding will start to be removed on Monday 11th January.   The bridge will be kept open while the scaffolding is being removed but there will be a banksman at either end of the bridge to allow the scaffolders to work safely and guide members of the public across.


Updated 2 December 2015

The bridge should be open before Christmas provided there are sufficient breaks in the rain next week. Work will focus on the main bridge span painting, so that the scaffold can then be removed and the bridge re-opened as soon as possible. The painting of the steelwork on the ramps will be completed next year but this can be done while the bridge remains open.

The current programme is as follows, weather permitting:

Ongoing – 11th December – final fit of deck sections and painting of main span,
12th – 23rd December – removal of scaffolding,
14th – 18th December – preparation and painting of ramps, completion of painting of main span,
Before Christmas – bridge opens to public,
After Christmas – completion of painting of ramps, bridge remaining open.

Bristol City Council regret the current inconvenience to local residents.


Updated 7 November 2015

The Council now expect works to be complete and the bridge reopened by early – mid December.

The repairs and welds that had to be carried out before the deck could be re-laid are now finished and the majority of the deck replacement is now complete.

The next phase is due to commence on Monday, which will be undertaken by a separate contractor and will entail the preparation and repainting of the ramp on the St. Anne’s side and the upper parts of the main bridge structure. This has not corroded like the lower beams had and so will be a relatively quick job. Due to the likely variability of the weather at this time of year we cannot commit to a firm opening date.

Bristol City Council do apologise for the extension to the works.


Updated 8 October 2015

It is estimated that the refurbishment works on St. Anne’s footbridge will be complete by early November 2015.

Progress to date is as follows:
– The ramp on the Crew’s Hole Road end is repaired, new deck fitted and repainted except for the parapets and columns,
– The main refurbishment works across the main span are nearly complete. This includes steel preparation, removal of all corrosion, removal of redundant steel members, fitting and welding of supplementary strengthening steel members,
– The steelwork of the lower part of the main span is currently receiving its primer coat of paint,
– The new deck across the main span is currently being trial fitted prior to final painting of the lower steelwork.

The work which is yet to be undertaken includes:
– Completion of trial fit of deck across the main span,
– Completion of painting of the steelwork of the lower part of the main span,
– Final fit of new deck across the main span once repainted,

Preparation of the steelwork of the remaining parts of the Crew’s Hole Road ramp, St. Anne’s side ramp and upper steelwork of the main span and repainting. This will be undertaken by a separate contractor who is programmed to start 19th October 2015 and will work concurrently with the Principal Contractor who is currently on site. Progress of painting works is very dependent upon weather conditions.

Bristol City Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by the delay during these complex structural improvements.

We could only assess the extent of the work required once the whole of the deck had been removed. The contractor is being very thorough in the steel preparation in order to ensure that the final repair is long-lasting and we had underestimated the time required in order to achieve this result.


Updated 29 September

The current estimate is that the bridge will need to remain closed until the end of October (weather permitting).


5 August Engineer’s Report

The engineer for the project has given us the following report:

Resumé of works to date
• 2nd June 2015 – Site commencement, bridge closure and set up of site compound,
• 2nd – 19th June – Erection of scaffolding around entire bridge,
• 8th June – 3rd July – Works on Crew’s Hole Road approach ramp including deck removal, preparation and assessment of corroded steel, test fit of new deck, fabrication of new steelwork for deck support, 3-part paint system to steel members.
• 6th July to date – Removal of deck from main bridge span, preparation and assessment of corroded steel (see photographs below), undertake repair works to steel members.

Planned programme for the coming weeks
• Ongoing – 21st August – Continue preparation of corroded steel to clean finish, continue assessment of steel condition, calculations and assessment of repair methods, removal of redundant steel members from bridge structure,
• Ongoing – 28th August Continue repair of corroded steel members,
• September – Test fit of new decking,
• September – Apply 3-part paint system to lower steel members,
• September – Permanent fit of new deck to Crew’s Hole Road approach ramp and main span (overlap sequenced with painting of lower steel members),
• September – Preparation and painting of upper bridge steel members and St. Anne’s approach ramp (overlap with ongoing deck and repair works),
• September Minor ancillary works.

We currently estimate that the works will be complete at the end of September / early October 2015.


While the bridge is closed pedestrians & cyclists can continue along the river path on either side of the river and cross at Netham.

See our original posting with information about the history of the bridge.

Photographs of Steel Corrosion

View showing corrosion of the main lower inner steel beams (deck removed)

View showing corrosion of the main lower inner steel beams (deck removed)

View showing corrosion of the end of the main lower inner steel beams (St. Anne’s end)

View showing corrosion of the end of the main lower inner steel beams (St. Anne’s end)

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel diagonal bracing

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel diagonal bracing

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel diagonal bracing (mid-span), main lower inner steel beams in good condition at this point

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel diagonal bracing (mid-span), main lower inner steel beams in good condition at this point

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel cross bracing

View showing corrosion of the ends of the lower steel cross bracing

Original report of closure >>

You Said – We Did – August 2015

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  An action tracker is kept of the issues raised at the each meeting and a record kept of what has been done about them.  A copy of the most recent action will be added to this report soon.

Different speakers are invited to the meeting to talk about issues that are of interest to the neighbourhood.

For this meeting on Tuesday 12th August, 2015, we had the following speakers who briefly introduced themselves and their subject and then were available during the breakout session for people to approach individually and find out more.

i) Crime and Local Policing Update – PC Pete Crawford, Avon and Somerset Police of the Local Neighbourhood Beat Team

Since our last meeting police have followed up on reports of stone throwing at a house near Dundridge Park, parking issues at Air Balloon Hill School, inconsiderate parking linked to garages on Bryants Hill and Nags Head Hill and cars hanging round Crews Hole Rd.

There has been a slight rise in burglaries, this often happens in summer  when people are more likely to leave doors and windows open.  Have a look at the summer “Do one thing” campaign for helpful advice.

There have been some unusual theft from motor vehicles incidents where cars have been broken into but nothing stolen.  “Capture cars” are being used to target these crimes.

At this meeting Pete had been advised of speeding issues on Troopers Hill Rd and Crews Hole Rd.  Susan Acton-Campbell of the volunteer local residents’ Community SpeedWatch team was able to report that at the times where speeds have been monitored since April there has been a small steady decrease in speeding vehicles on Troopers Hill Rd.  On Crews Hole Rd the percentage of speeding vehicle has held steady and Sgt Darren Warr is looking into arranging for the police camera safety van paying a visit to Crews Hole Rd.

(ii) Updates from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership from the Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell

Rob started with saying how well Redfest went this year and this was supported with further comments from the audience.

Neighbourhood Partnership plan leaflets have been printed.  Please let us know of good locations to put these leaflets.  Online information is here.

Caravans were moved on shortly after the last meeting where Sgt Darren Warr told us of issues where caravans had been reported in St George Park car park.

Developers contact the St George Neighbourhood Partnership about large developments before they make planning applications.  This is the time the community can have most influence over changes.  A planning sub-group needs to be formed to look at these pre-application plans.  If anyone is interested in joining a Planning sub-group for the St George Neighbourhood Partnership please contact us.

Displays of a development on the corner of Kingsway Avenue and Two Mile Hill Rd were on display at the meeting.

The next closing date to make applications for grant funding from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing fund in Monday 19th October.

Finally Rob asked for topics that people wanted discussed at the next Neighbourhood Forum on Tuesday 10th November at 7pm at Summerhill Methodist Church.  If you have ideas for topics please contact Abdul Razakahir who contact details are given at the end of this report.

iii) Brunel Fitness Centre – Ellie and Claire, Duty Manager and Manager

Bristol City Council’s Brunel Fitness Centre is open all year, while the premises are attached to the Brunel Academy it is open to all.  There are free day passes to try out the Brunel Fitness Centre.

There is junior gym for children from the age of 8.  The Centre has an exercise referral schem so if your doctor is saying that you have high blood pressure and need to exercise the Centre can help yoo.

A 3 month membership is £55.  Opening times and more information can be found here.

iv) Bristol Green Capital 2015 – Green map team – David Bain and Chris

This project, Discover East Bristol – your outdoor guide, has a team of 8 to create an attractive interesting map of East Bristol highlighting quiet routes linking green spaces.  The team are interested in your knowledge of the area and your stories.  You can learn more and complete a survey here.

The map will be available in paper format so ideas on distribution points arre welcomed.  It will also be available online and as a mobile app.  When the project finishes the information will be able to be updated.

There is funding alongside this project for route improvement and route markers.

v) First Bus Bristol –  James Freeman, Managing Director, Jenny MacLeod, General Manager, Bristol, Chris Hanson, PR England and Wales

Details of the information shared plus the questions raised and answers given can be seen here.

Here is a copy of the leaflet distributed at the meeting showing the route changes for the 42, 43, 44 and 45 buses.

bus service route map

You Said 

Issues raised at this meeting included:

– a blocked drain in Plummers Hill
– lighting and drug dealing
– anti-social behaviour

We Did

Georgie Bryant, Neighbourhood Officer was pleased to report that the alligator teeth at the entrance to the Aldi car park in Church Road were a planning requirement and it is likely these will be replaced soon.

The action tracker reporting the status of issues raised at the last meeting will be added here soon plus Streetscene enforcement actions.


Georgie also shared information about the “Feed Me and Win” recycling scheme, where randomly selected food waste bins put out for recycling will win their owners £50.


Volunteering opportunities with the St George Neighbourhood Partnership

There are several ways you can help your local community:

For people with a keen interest in how money can best be spent, there are currently 4 vacancies in the Wellbeing sub-group.  More about the sub-group, who they are and what they do on www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/subgroups/wellbeing.

Could you take a turn at summarising what happens at Forum meetings?  This report that you are reading is currently written by volunteer Susan Acton-Campbell and she also writes a single side of A4 as a summary to put up in local noticeboards.

Could you help promote the St George Neighbourhood Partnership?  One task is putting up notices to advertise activities such as the Forums, another is to help keep this website, Facebook and Twitter updated and relevant – training is given if you volunteer to do this.

Email the webteam@stgeorgenp.org.uk if you can help.


Please do not wait for a forum to report simple issues that can be reported online or by phone.  Please do make use of “Report It!”, the tab at the top right of this page.  The best way we can use Neighbourhood Forum time is raising more difficult issues.

Details of the grants awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting were not circulated on this occasion but these can be seen here.

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 10th November, 2015 at Summerhill Methodist Church.

If you have an idea for a subject to be spoken about that is of local interest contact our Neighbourhood Partnership Co-ordinator, 
Abdulrazak Dahir, coordinator@stgeorgenp.org.uk, telephone 0117 903 6409.

Crews Hole Speed Tables – Work Begins

20150413_125043After a number of delays, work is finally starting on the installation of speed tables at the junction of Crews Hole Rd & Butlers Close and outside Mama Bears nursery.

These works were suggested as part of the consultation on the one-way scheme that has now been dropped and there was a formal consultation on the details last year.

The works will involve part time traffic lights from this week and some daytime (09.30 to 15.30) road closures for two weeks from 27th April.

CH TROplan

Drawing showing details of proposed works – Crews Hole Rd Construction GA


Traffic Schemes Update October 2014

Here are the latest updates from Bristol City Council on the various traffic schemes planned for St George.

Update 27th November:
We understand that the work to the speed tables on Crews Hole Road is now not likely to take place until Spring 2015.

Crews Hole Road Speed Tables 
When reported previously the work to install speed tables (wide speed humps) was due to be completed by the end of the summer.  

CH TROplanOur latest information is that a work invitation has been sent to the most competitive contractor, ETM.   Members of Bristol City Council’s Highways team will be visiting the site with the construction manager of ETM within the next two weeks to discuss construction methods and other matters.  Subject to the acceptance of the work invitation, it is hoped that the works will commence towards the end of November 2014 but this will be subject to their available resources.

The last update said Crews Hole Road will need to be closed for three or four days while the humps are constructed, we (the web team) will post an update when more information is available.

Drawing showing current proposals

Beaufort Road Experimental One-Way Scheme
This is now planned to be implemented in Spring 2015 after the completion of the speed tables in Crews Hole Rd. There is insufficient “before traffic data” available so Highways are arranging for the installation of radars at various locations in the area hopefully before the end of 2014.  This is to ensure that there are adequate records of traffic flows before the scheme is implemented so that the impacts of the scheme can be properly measured.

Notices about the scheme will be put in place four weeks before work starts.

Drawing showing the current proposals

Troopers Hill Road Traffic Calming
This scheme is being funded by a grant form the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. As for Beaufort Rd traffic data has to be collected before progress can be made.

20mph Zone
The formal consultation for St George continues until Friday 24th October.  More information on www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/20mph-formal-consultation.

Plummers Hill Traffic Calming
Money was allocated to this scheme at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting in March. Speed checks and traffic counts will now be carried out and accident data reviewed prior to design work.


Crews Hole Rd Closure

Crews Hole Road will be closed from tomorrow (Sat 16th August) for approximately 5 days.

Update Tues 19th August 4.15pm: Crews Hole Road has now reopened.

The closure is for Wessex Water to replace a large manhole cover in the middle of the road. This is emergency works so there has been less notice than usual. Yellow warning signs were placed at the location of the closure a couple of days ago and it was listed in the latest roadworks report on the Council’s website.

The road will be closed to through traffic from the bottom of Troopers Hill Rd to the Fireclay Road/Blackswarth Rd junction.

Having seen the signs the St George NP webteam managed to get more information from Wessex Water via our twitter feed.

Wessex Water say:

  • Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
  • These are essential works that should be finished by Wednesday the 20th.
  • Unfortunately it will be closed 24 hrs a day. Many thanks in advance for your patience.
  • The road closure will start from 150 Crews Hold Rd and will go on for approximately 15 metres.
  • Access to properties will be maintained as there will be ways for you to divert around the works.
  • Apologies for the lack of notice. Unfortunately these are emergency repair works to replace a manhole cover.
  • There was no time to let locals know in any way other than the signs provided. Thank you for your cooperation.



Graffiti gone from riverside wall

YOU can make graffiti go away in YOUR neighbourhood.  You can report graffiti online via www.bristol.gov.uk/graffiti or make a phonecall to 0117 922 2100. REMEMBER – do make a note of the call reference from the person you speak to … Continue reading

Traffic Schemes Update June 14

30-20-signAt the Traffic & Transport sub-group meeting last night we were given at update on the various traffic schemes planned for St George.

Crews Hole Road Speed Humps
As reported previously there was no objection to the Traffic Order for this work during the formal consultation in April. This work is due to be completed by the end of the summer. Crews Hole Road will need to be closed for three or four days while the humps are constructed.
Drawing showing current proposals

Beaufort Road Experimental One-Way Scheme
This is now planned to be implemented in the Autumn after the completion of the speed humps in Crews Hole Rd. More traffic counts are to be completed. This is to ensure that there are adequate records of traffic flows before the scheme is implemented so that the impacts of the scheme can be propoerly measured. Notices about the scheme will be put in place four weeks before work starts.
Drawing showing the current proposals

Troopers Hill Road Traffic Calming
This scheme is being funded by a grant form the Local Sustainable Transport Fund. Design work on theis scheme will start shortly.

20mph Zone
A map showing the latest proposals for this scheme can be seen on the Council’s website. There will be a formal consultation on the scheme in August and implementation is now due in October or November.

Plummers Hill Traffic Calming
Money was allocated to this scheme at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting in March. Speed checks and traffic counts will now be carried out and accident data reviewed prior to design work.

River Avon Path Update 3

2014_0601_111409We are sorry to say that there is still no date fixed for the reopening of the River Avon Path behind Bowland Stone in Crews Hole.

As reported here the path was closed at Christmas because of a wall that was in danger of collapse. Please do not try to use the closed section, there is an alternative route on the other side of the river (see below).

Latest Update – December 2014

*** UPDATE 12 August 2014 ***
There is still no contract in place to repair the wall. We understand that the landowner is seeking a second quote for the work before placing a contract. There is now a formal closure notice in place until 3rd September 2014, but we expect the path to be closed beyond this date.

The wall is owned by the owners of the industrial estate (not Bowland Stone or the Council). The owners have accepted that they are responsible for the repairs and after carrying out some investigations (including trial holes in the path and boreholes behind the wall) they have employed an Engineer to produce a design for the wall to be rebuilt.

The design has now been approved by the Council – who have to be satisfied that the end result will be safe. The landowners are now asking for prices for the work from contractors. In the meantime the landowners have had a temporary scaffold frame designed and installed to prevent the wall from falling. It is this frame that is now blocking the path.

Once a contract is in place we will have a clearer idea of an opening date; when the work starts it should only take a few weeks to complete.

The Council are continuing to pressure the landowner to get the work done as soon as possible. Had the landowners not accepted responsibility then the delay to the opening is likely to have been much longer. There are many retaining walls where legal processes to establish responsibility have taken many months.

The section of path will remain closed with temporary fences at the footbridge and at Netham until the works are complete. Alternative routes are available for pedestrians or cyclists over the footbridge and along the path on the other side of the river, or via the road (see map below). If you find the barriers have been removed please call the Council on 0117 922 2050.

The path is open from the St Anne’s footbridge towards Conham.


Crews Hole Road Speed Tables Update

CH TROplanThe formal consultation period for the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the proposed speed humps on Crews Hole Road has now closed.

There were no objections.

The Council Highways team will now progress detailed construction drawings and contract documents and it is hoped the work will be carried out in late July / August 2014.

The plans produced in January also showed give way road markings at the narrow section of road further towards Netham; some other options for this section of road are still being considered and once a favoured design is completed they will be passed to the Traffic & Transport sub-group for comment and we will also share them through this website.