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St George is Buzzing

We first told you about Get Bristol Buzzing (#getbristolbuzzing for Twitter fans) in our article “Get St George Buzzing”.  On Monday, 9th February, members of St George community groups took part in the Greater Bristol Pollinators Summit.  This was attended by representatives of national and Bristol-based organisations.

The day started with scene-setting.  Pollinators (bees and other insects that pollinate plants) provide a high proportion of the food we eat.  The value of what they do runs into millions.  Government has recognised that pollinators need protection and support.  Bristol has its own draft Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy.

YOU can comment on this strategy until 5pm on Monday 16th February as an individual or as a representative of an organisation.  You will be asked whether you would be interested in joining the Bristol Pollinator Forum.

The delegates at yesterday’s meeting mapped the actions they were already carrying out and had planned and then some took a break for a photo opportunity in front of the recently created bee painting in front of At Bristol.

The afternoon then went on to presentations about initiatives, meeting other organisations and deciding to take the Bristol Pollinator Forum forward.

The representatives present from St George were:

Grenville Johnson of St George in Bloom
Fernley Jane of Bristol East Allotments Association
Denise James of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, representing, as Secretary, RHS South West in Bloom
Susan Acton-Campbell of Friends of Troopers Hill

With a combination of initiatives to create new food sources and habitats for pollinators and protecting existing great sites, St George will be buzzing into the future.

Couldn’t tell an Andrena from a Nomada?  Have a look at this list of 71 bees recorded on Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve, most with links to photos.






Allotments Available & Potato Weekend

Earlier this year Bristol East Allotments Association (BEAA) celebrated 100 years of allotments in St George. The BEAA also played is part in St George in Bloom’s success in winning a Gold Pennant this year.

mxcp559656_10152913986050152_949958827876123996_nBEAA plot holders and members of the committee recently held a working weekend to clear vacant and overgrown plots at the Farm/Troopers Hill Allotments. Although the weather was a bit damp to start, several people attended and made good inroads into the task and managed to clear some plots of brambles and overgrowth, ready for keen gardeners to take on to grow vegetables and flowers.

Besides the site at The Farm, BEAA have 6 other sites around the St George area with some vacant plots. They can offer plots of sizes to suit most peoples needs from a small starter plot to a full size one large enough to grow vegetables for the whole family. If you’re interested in taking on a plot, please contact sec.beaa@gmail.com or phone Rick on 07794 603 470.

Potato Weekend – 3rd & 4th January

If you already have an allotment or space for growing potatoes in your garden then there is a chance to get an early start for next year. Bristol East allotments are holding a Potato Weekend on 3rd & 4th January 9am to 2pm at their St Aidan’s site ‘Trading Post’ in Nicholas Lane.

They will have over 30 varieties of potato for sale with prices held at the same as last year. All potatoes are sold loose so you can pick as many or few as you like all at the low price of £1.60 per kilo, an ideal way to try some new varieties. The Trading Post shop will be open as usual. They stock most items that you may require for your allotment including new season seeds, fertilizers by the kilo as well as onion, shallots, pea and bean seeds loose. The shop is open to all from 9:00am –12:30 Saturdays and Sundays, you do not need to be a plot holder.

You can find out more about the Bristol East Allotments Association on their facebook site at www.facebook.com/bristoleastallotments.


100 Years of Allotments in St George

BEAA100Bristol East Allotment Association (BEAA) was established exactly 100 years ago in 1914, just one week before WW1 was declared, partly in response to the need to produce food during the war.

Since then they have gone on to develop 7 sites throughout St George and run a well stocked shop on the St Aidan’s site providing everything you need to grow your own produce at very competative prices.

BEAA have an annual allotment show which is mainly for the plot holders to show their produce. However, as 2014 is the Centenary for the organisation, in addition to marking the contribution their forefathers made in the war, both home and abroad, they are celebrating by inviting all plotholders, friends, neighbours and the local community to the site at St Aidan’s, Nicholas Lane, St George, BS5 8TY.

There will be live music, good food and a range of stalls to cater for all ages and interests. There will be a mini fair for the children or gardeners can get all their horticultural problems solved in a one to one session with gardening expert Mary Payne from 12.30-3.30pm. Local company Faith and Betty will also be there with lovely cosmetics made from pure natural ingredients.

Gates open to the public at 11.30am. and the celebrations will go on until the early evening.

To find out more about what they have to offer visit BEAA website – www.Bristoleastallotments.co.uk or Facebook site www.facebook.com/bristoleastallotments

The BEAA currently have plots available to rent so if you would like to have your own allotment please get in touch.


Stibbs Hill Community Allotment Project

A community gardening project has started at the allotments behind the houses on Stibbs Hill, Air Balloon Rd & Hillside Rd. The aim of the project is to create a community space for anyone from the local area and beyond to come and learn about growing organic food.

Four allotment plots on the site have been let to members of the project – the project is subject to the same rules as any allotment garden. The project is at an early stage with work having been done to clear some of the bramble from the previously overgrown plots.

This is the area that was suggested for possible development for housing in the Council’s ‘Site Allocations’ document in 2010, but it was decided that it was needed to support demand for allotments and locally grown food so it is now designated as ‘Important Open Space’ which means it is protected from development. You can see a map of the area here.

More details about the project and contact details are in a letter sent to local residents that can be seen here: Stibbs Hill Consultation letter.

You can also visit the project’s blog at stibbshillallotments.blogspot.co.uk

Members of the project are keen to hear from anyone who would like to get involved or has any questions about the project (please note they are volunteers and holidays etc may mean delays in replying to emails).