Consultation: Supported buses

Bristol’s bus passengers are being invited by Bristol City Council to give their views on services financially supported by the Council.

The survey is part of a review of the 19 bus services across Bristol that the council funds.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol, said: “Bristol needs a more reliable, passenger-friendly and integrated public transport network. Working with partners and taking up the devolution challenge, we may get greater control and investment to bring Bristol’s public transport up-to-date.”

Financially supported services are known as Supported Bus Services and the budget available for these is over £2m (2015-16). The services provided by this money include orbital routes such as the 505/6 (around Southmead Hospital, Easton and other areas), local shopper services like the 511/2/3/4 (Knowle, Bedminster and Brislington), and add-on commercial links, incorporating early morning, late evening and Sunday services. Locally, supported services include routes 6, 7, 36 and 506.

To submit your views, please visit: or download the document here.

Consultation closes 30 September 2016.

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