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Church Rd Traffic

The Traffic and Transport Subgroup was established to address key transport issues as this is a key area of concern for local residents.

Traffic issues are a top priority for St George residents. So whether it’s parking enforcement, residents parking (not currently proposed for our area) 20mph zones or better public transport, we want to make sure that everyone affected is involved in the consultation and development. That way we can achieve the right outcomes for St George. All our meetings are open to the public so if a scheme is being considered that affects you, please come along and have your say.

Traffic Issues Tracker for St George

All our meetings are listed here:

The sub-group elects a ‘champion’ each year who also becomes a member of the Neighbourhood Partnership, the name of the current champion can be seen on the NP membership list.

Useful Links (City Wide)

• Bus and rail information:
• Cycling Information:
• Route planner for walking routes:
• Information on Public Rights of Way (PRoW):…/public-rights-way-service

• Traffic Choices (options for traffic schemes in your area):
• Traffic Regulation Order Consultations:
• Bristol 20mph Zones Information:

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