Neighbourhood Committee

The Neighbourhood Committee sits within the Neighbourhood Partnership and is expected to take its decisions as part of a public meeting. When taking decisions, the Neighbourhood Committee should take into account any relevant views expressed by other members of the Neighbourhood Partnership.

All Councillors for Wards within a Neighbourhood Partnership area are members of the Neighbourhood Committee for that Neighbourhood. It is expected that all NP councillors will attend each meeting of their respective Neighbourhood Partnership.

The current Councillors for the St George NP area who form the St George Neighbourhood Committee are listed on our Membership page.

A Neighbourhood Committee Chair will be elected by the Neighbourhood Committee at the first NP meeting of the Municipal Year.

The quorum for the Neighbourhood Committee to take a delegated council decision is 50% of councillors in the Neighbourhood Committee. Only elected councillors are entitled to vote on delegated council decisions taken by the Neighbourhood Committee. In the event of an equality of votes the Neighbourhood Committee Chair will have a second, or casting vote.

Neighbourhood Committees must make decisions:
• in accordance with the council’s budget and policy framework;
• in accordance with the approved budget for its area for the relevant function;
• in accordance with all relevant procedure rules within the constitution including – financial regulations, contract procedure regulations, procurement regulations;
• in accordance with any other council policy, plan or criteria approved by cabinet and with any relevant contractual arrangements; and
• in a meeting following consideration of a report from a strategic director or his/her nominee.

The Neighbourhood Committee may only exercise a function in so far as the function impacts on its own Neighbourhood Partnership area.

The Neighbourhood Committee is established persuant to regulation 6 of the The Local Authorities (Arrangements for the Discharge of Functions) (England) Regulations and are “area committees” as defined by s.18 Local Government Act 2000. Councillors will be expected to work closely together with other members of their Neighbourhood Partnership to promote their area and help in the improvement of services in the area. Non-councillor NP members will have the opportunity to put their comments/recommendations/views in relation to decisions to be made to the Councillors. Whilst Councillors will be expected to take into account these, this should not compromise their independence as Councillors and not constrain them from making decisions that they deem to be in the interests of the wider community.

The full Terms of Reference for the St George Neighbourhood Committee are available here with additional information also published on the Bristol City Council website here.