Environment Subgroup

KingswayThe Environment Subgroup was set up by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) to work with Bristol City Council to preserve and enhance the appearance of our area, its green spaces, trees and streetscene.

The group takes the lead on the following issues in the partnership area:
Street cleansing;
Recycling bring banks;
Parks and grounds maintenance;
Clean and Green projects.

The sub-group elects a ‘champion’ each year who also becomes a member of the Neighbourhood Partnership, the name of the current champion can be seen on the NP membership list.

The Subgroup makes recommendations, with decisions being taken at the regular partnership meetings.

Recommendations for the allocation of money are now based on the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Plan as adopted 17th December 2014. This document sets the Partnership’s priorities for the next three years.

A list of projects that have been funded by Section 106 money, following recommendations by the subgroup can be seen here.

One of the documents that was considered in putting together the plan was the St George Green Space Investment Plan as adopted by the Partnership at its meeting on 6th December 2011. This document gives more detail and background to the proposals now in the plan, and also sets out other aspirations for green space in St George which it is hoped to add to the plan in future years.

More information on how the Green Space Investment Plan evolved can be seen here.

Terms of reference for the Environment Subgroup
For dates of our meetings see www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/meetings

Notes of previous meetings

Notes of meeting 9th February 2017

Notes of meeting 17th November 2016
Notes of meeting 1st September 2016
Notes of meeting 26th May 2016
Notes of meeting 3rd March 2016

Notes of meeting 19 November 2015
• Notes of meeting 3 September 2015
• Notes of meeting 28 May 2015
• Notes of meeting 26 February 2015

For notes of meetings prior to 2015, please see the reports to the past NP meetings.

Useful Links (City Wide)

• Bristol Parks: www.bristol.gov.uk/parks
• Bristol Parks Forum: www.bristolparksforum.org.uk
• Bristol Tree Forum: www.bristoltreeforum.org.uk
• Bristol Green Capital Partnership: www.bristolgreencapital.org
• Bristol Green Capital 2015: www.bristol2015.co.uk

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