Much of the work of the Partnership is undertaken within Subgroups. The Subgroups each assist with specific areas of work within the Partnership. By concentrating on specific issues and areas the Subgroups are able to spend more time considering issues than would be possible within the main meetings of the Partnership.

Membership of the Subgroups is from a wider network of people than attend the main Neighbourhood Partnership meetings. As well as this enabling a wider range of people to be involved in the work of the Partnership, it also enables those with a specific area of interest or concern to use their knowledge and skills to help the Subgroup address relevant issues.

Each Subgroup has a constitution (approved by the Neighbourhood Partnership) and is coordinated by a ‘Champion’.

The Subgroups are:

* Environment Subgroup
The Environment Subgroup was set up by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) to work with Bristol City Council to preserve and enhance the appearance of our area, its green spaces, trees and streetscene.
Champion: Rob Acton-Campbell

* Traffic and Transport Subgroup
The Traffic and Transport Subgroup was established to address key transport issues as this is a key area of concern for local residents.
Champion: vacant

* Wellbeing Subgroup
Considers requests from those seeking Wellbeing grants, and makes recommendations to the Neighbourhood Committee.
Champion: Susan Acton-Campbell

* Operations Subgroup
The aim of the Operations Subgroup is to ensure that all stakeholders within the Neighbourhood Partnership are working together to develop the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, and to support sub-groups and maintain the smooth running of the Neighbourhood Partnership.
The Chair of the Neighbourhood Partnership chairs the Operations Subgroup meetings and all members of the Parnership are encouraged to attend.

* Communications Subgroup
The aim of the Communications Sub Group is improve and encourage public knowledge, support and engagement with the Neighbourhood Partnership and its meetings and work

* Planning Subgroup (not currently meeting)
We are hoping to create a Planning Subgroup, the purpose of which will be to consider major planning appications affecting the St George NP area.
If you are interested in helping to restart this Subgroup please contact the Partnership.


Other groups / committees:

* Neighbourhood Committee
The Neighbourhood Committee is made up of the four Councillors for St George; its meetings form part of the Neighbourhood Partnership meetings and it is an “area committee” of the City Council.  It is through the Neighbourhood Committee that the Partnership is able to have a say on the spending of Council funds in St George.

* Webteam
This website (together with our facebook and twitter pages) is maintained by volunteers who form the St George NP Webteam. Members of the team are listed on our Contacts Page. The website is maintained in accordance with an adopted Internet Protocol.

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