St George Park Lake Walls

20160209_124724We are pleased to say that St George Park Lake is now being refilled.

As reported earlier, one of the reasons for draining St George Park lake was to carry out structural investigations into the areas where the lake wall has failed and the path is subsiding. The initial inspections showed that a more detailed structural report was needed.

Following completion of a further inspection today (19th Feb) the lake is now being refilled. On the advice of the engineers, a small part of the footpath surrounding the lake will be fenced off to prevent access to the failed area. Once this is in place the temporary fencing round the lake will be removed.

Once the full report into today’s investigations has been received the Council will consider options for the work and seek funding. The lake will need to be drained again to carry out repairs to the failed section as well as other sections of the wall that need work to ensure their long term stability. It will not be possible to do this before the autumn at the earliest and it is possible that it might need to be delayed until the following year due to the timescales necessary to put together a schedule of work, obtain funding and then let a contract.

The pair of swans that have lived on the lake for the past few years were removed by Swan Rescue before the lake was drained to a temporary home. With the inevitable re-draining again next year or the year after, to do the repairs, a decision has been made that the swans would be better off in a safe new wild location where they can settle permanently. A site has been found in Oxfordshire and they will be relocated here in the next few days.

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