St George is Buzzing

We first told you about Get Bristol Buzzing (#getbristolbuzzing for Twitter fans) in our article “Get St George Buzzing”.  On Monday, 9th February, members of St George community groups took part in the Greater Bristol Pollinators Summit.  This was attended by representatives of national and Bristol-based organisations.

The day started with scene-setting.  Pollinators (bees and other insects that pollinate plants) provide a high proportion of the food we eat.  The value of what they do runs into millions.  Government has recognised that pollinators need protection and support.  Bristol has its own draft Greater Bristol Pollinator Strategy.

YOU can comment on this strategy until 5pm on Monday 16th February as an individual or as a representative of an organisation.  You will be asked whether you would be interested in joining the Bristol Pollinator Forum.

The delegates at yesterday’s meeting mapped the actions they were already carrying out and had planned and then some took a break for a photo opportunity in front of the recently created bee painting in front of At Bristol.

The afternoon then went on to presentations about initiatives, meeting other organisations and deciding to take the Bristol Pollinator Forum forward.

The representatives present from St George were:

Grenville Johnson of St George in Bloom
Fernley Jane of Bristol East Allotments Association
Denise James of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, representing, as Secretary, RHS South West in Bloom
Susan Acton-Campbell of Friends of Troopers Hill

With a combination of initiatives to create new food sources and habitats for pollinators and protecting existing great sites, St George will be buzzing into the future.

Couldn’t tell an Andrena from a Nomada?  Have a look at this list of 71 bees recorded on Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve, most with links to photos.






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