St Anne’s Footbridge Update

St Anne’s Footbridge linking Crews Hole to the shopping area in St Anne’s has been closed since the beginning of June for major repairs, it will remain closed until the end of August.

The engineer for the project has given us the following update:


The works are progressing very well. The Crew’s Hole Road ramp has been an opportunity to trial various methods in order to agree an effective and safe method of works which will be used for the more critical main span. The main steel members of the ramp are now being prepared for painting which, weather permitting, should take place this week, following which the new deck will be permanently fitted to the ramp.

The next phase of the works will entail the complete removal of the concrete deck from the main span. This will allow us to inspect the condition of the steelwork and decide how to proceed in terms of repair. We should be able to draft a more accurate programme once we have inspected the main steel.

While the bridge is closed pedestrians & cyclists can continue along the river path on either side of the river and cross at Netham.

See our original posting with information about the history of the bridge.

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