St Anne’s Footbridge to be Closed

The footbridge from Crews Hole to St Anne’s over the River Avon is to be closed for 12 weeks for deck replacement works.

2015_0523_180311Update 26th May

The closure of the bridge will start on Tuesday 2nd June.
The river path to Netham on the Crews Hole side of the river has now been reopened following repairs the collapsing wall which closed the path for 17 months.

20150416_125047The extent of the work required was confirmed following investigations of the deck construction – the holes made as part of the investigation are currently covered by the yellow plates shown in this photo.

20150416_125127As described by the plaque on the bridge (click photo to enlarge) it was constructed in 1957 to replace St Anne’s ferry. The steel work was manufactured by Lysaght’s who had a large works nearby between Feeder Road and Netham Weir, shown here on the Barton Hill History Group website.

Bridge construction 1957 (George Elliott collection)

Bridge construction 1957 (George Elliott collection)

The bridge was floated up the river from the works and supported on barges as it was installed. As well as pedestrians the bridge originally carried pipes taking oil from storage tanks located where Riversway Nursing Home now stands.

While the bridge is closed anyone wishing to cross the river will be able to walk along the riverside path to Netham Lock to cross the lock and the river before returning on the opposite bank. Alternatively you can follow the roads round.

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