River Avon Path

2014-01-05PathBarrierA section of the River Avon path in Crews Hole from the footbridge to Netham Lock (behind Bowland Stone) has been closed due to the risk of falling masonry from a wall above the path.

Latest Update – December 2014

Bristol City council were alerted to the condition of the wall on Christmas Eve and immediately put barriers in place to close the path. More substantial fencing and improved signs will be installed on Tuesday 11th January.

A meeting has been arranged between the Council, the land owners and a structural engineer to examine the wall and agree a plan of action to make the wall safe and reopen the path. Following that meeting we will have a better idea as to how long the closure will need to be in place and will update this website.

In the meantime please do not try to use this section of path. Alternative routes are available either via the road around the front of Bowland Stone or via the path on the St Anne’s side of the river by crossing the footbridge (see map below).

If you are driving through Crews Hole please be aware that there are likely to be extra cyclists using the road past Bowland Stone while the closure is in place.

The remainder of the path from the footbridge towards Conham is unaffected and remains open, though over the Christmas period parts of this have been impassable from time to time due to flooding from the river. Please do not use this path if it is flooded.

The Harbour Office have asked us to pass on their apologies for any inconvenience caused by the closure and have assured us that they are working to get the path open as soon as possible.

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