River Avon Path Update 4

2014_0601_111409It is now almost 12 months since the River Avon Path through Crews Hole was closed to pedestrians and cyclists.

Unfortunately we still have no date for its reopening.

Update 25 March 2015:

Following the initial clearance work last month, we have now been told that the contractor will start work rebuilding the wall before the end of April. If the works go to plan the path should be open by the end of June at the latest.

Work started 13th April

The latest we have heard from the Council is that:

‘The land owner has agreed to carry out repair work to the wall but has yet to provide timescales. His latest correspondence indicated that the potential contractor has yet to be appointed’.

The wall is owned by the owner of the industrial estate not Bowland Stone or the Council.

This issue was raised in the second part of a statement by Councillor Fabian Breckels to today’s Council meeting (16th December).

The section of path will remain closed with temporary fences at the footbridge and at Netham until the works are complete. Alternative routes are available for pedestrians or cyclists over the footbridge and along the path on the other side of the river, or via the road (see map below). If you find the barriers have been removed please call the Council on 0117 922 2050.

The path is open from the St Anne’s footbridge towards Conham.


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