Parking changes at Air Balloon Surgery

Air Balloon Surgery have suffered for some years from parking behaviour that has caused problems for patients and emergency vehicle.  As a result they are employing a company called Parking Eye, who will be issuing fines when the surgery car park is misused.

Here is an extract from a letter the surgery has written to neighbours:

In the next week or so we are changing arrangements for the practice car park. At times, unfortunately, we have significant abuse of use of the car park which causes problems for our patients and for any emergency vehicles which need to visit us. We have tried to tackle this problem over many years, using a light touch approach which sadly hasn’t worked.

Many of our patients are elderly and vulnerable and need to park close to us, and we have concerns that at some point an ambulance won’t be able to get into the car park and patient safety may be compromised. We have taken a decision to employ a company called Parking Eye to manage the car park. When the scheme is in place, users of the car park will now need to enter their car registration details into terminals located in the surgery and the pharmacy to receive a set period of parking on site. Any one not entering their details in the terminals or over staying the authorised parking period will receive a fine issued by Parking Eye.

I would emphasise that this measure has only been taken after considerable thought and research and has not been take lightly as we do anticipate that there may be a knock on effect, to you our neighbours. We have spoken to other GP practices successfully using Parking Eye. The practice does not receive any financial benefit from this scheme-the fines pay for the installation costs and the costs of running the scheme. Our only interest in bringing in these measures is to try to improve our services for our patients and to better manage the car park.

We do hope that this will have a minimal effect on you and that you are able to support this difficult measure we have felt forced to introduce.

The surgery has also supplied these answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are you introducing car parking measures?

A: Because our patients tell us it is often difficult to park and the car park is inappropriately used at times

Q: Is the practice getting money from this?

A: None at all. This is purely aimed at helping our patients and emergency vehicles access

Q: What happens when I visit the practice and forget to log in my car registration details?

A: You need to come and talk to us and we will give you contact details for you to talk to Parking Eye who run this scheme, to appeal any charges.

Q: Why are you using this company and this approach?

A: This is a national and very reputable company with experience of operating other successful schemes in other GP surgeries

Q: After entering car registration details how much parking time do you get?

A: 90 minutes or 1 ½ hours.

Q: What if I need to be at the surgery longer than 90 minutes?

A: If you know you will be longer than 90 minutes when you arrive at the surgery, talk to reception when you arrive.  If your visit unexpectedly takes longer than 90 minutes, talk to reception as you leave.

We hope you are able to support us to improve parking for all of our patients

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