Money granted to local projects – Wednesday 25th March 2015

5 applications for funding were made from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) Wellbeing Fund.  All were granted at the SGNP meeting of  25th March, 2015 by a majority vote of the Neighbourhood Committee, which consists of St George West and East councillors.

The following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions:

a) Friends of Kingsway Youth

£400 for materials and volunteer expenses to run 40×2-hour weekly sessions for young people aged 8-13.  These sessions would provide a range of activities ranging from arts and crafts to cookery, from sport to informal education.

b) Meadow Vale Community Association

£1,356 for a design and costing work to improve the resources in Meadow Vale Open Space (also known as the Nursery Park) for people of all ages.  This report would then be used as basis to obtain funding.

c) Playing Out CIC

£1,200 for training for 3 residents of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area, paying them to for 80 hours of work promoting Playing Out and community events and meetings and some publicity.

d) Friends of St George Park

£500 for materials to help publicise the group and their activities, to attract greater participation including volunteering.  Materials include a gazebo, folding table, display boards, 6 chairs, banners and stationery.

e) Redfest

£2,940 to pay for the main stage at St George Park on Saturday 1st August which will form part of the free entertainment for the final day of Redfest, a community music and arts festival.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit

The closing date for the next round of applications is: Monday 27th April

At the same meeting the Neighbourhood Partnership decided on the allocation of the remainder of Green Capital Funding.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing sub-group are a group of volunteers who review the grant applications and make recommendations about them.  To find out more about what they do please visit .  New volunteers would be very welcome.

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