Great news for Plummers Hill Playing Fields and Troopers Hill Field

At the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting tonight Councillors approved the allocation of Section 106 funds to pay for  Plummers Hill Playing Fields to have:

  • 1 x set of mini goal posts
  • 3 x seats
  • 2 x dual use litters and dog wast bins
  • 1 x parks noticeboard

Location of Plummers Hill Playing Fields




Troopers Hill Field will have funding to build a tarmac path along the edge of Troopers Hill Field to link Malvern Rd to Summerhill Terrace.

It will run between the new cherry trees and the hedge. The path will be 1.5m wide with timber edges. There will also be a new bench part way along.

This route is extremely well used and becomes very muddy.  It becomes so muddy that it deters people from walking to the bus stops on Summerhill Rd and local schools.  In combination with the existing hard-surfaced track leading from the top of Troopers Hill along the side of Troopers Hill Field to Malvern Rd it opens up a lot more opportunities for pedestrians.

This map shows the Summerhill Terrace and Malvern Rd entrances and the curve of the hedge that the path will follow.





The start of the route of the path from Summerhill Terrace.









The new bench will be close to this old apple tree.  See how muddy the ground is along this well used route.




Looking toward the end of the path route towards the entrance from Malvern Rd.




Section 106 funding is the money paid by developers to the Council when large developments (over 10 dwelling or more than 1,000 squares metres) are built.  This money is to mitigate the impact of the large developments and some is allocated for children’s play, green spaces and a number of other categories









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