Other Grants

Going to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership local forums is a good way to meet with other local groups, many of whom have experience in applying for funding and are very willing to share their knowledge.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership only has one grant scheme, described on www.stgeorgenp.org.uk/grants but there are thousands of other schemes available nationally and a few more locally.

For 2016 there are ‘Make Sunday Special’ grants available – details here

There are currently grants available for community group led projects in some parts of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area.  The map below shows where.   Here are the details of the grant.

qualifying areas for the peoples health trust


As a community group you may be able to join Voscur.  If your turnover is low you may well qualify for free membership.  Voscur membership gives you access to their newsletter and training.  Sometimes training is given on making grant applications and enquiries can be made about whether the fee for training can be waived or covered by a bursary.

2 examples of grant schemes local to Bristol are:

Bristol City Council’s Transformers scheme – If you are part of a youth group needing £1,000 or less then this grant might be for you www.bristol.gov.uk/transformers

Bristol City Council’s Community Festival and Events Fund plus arts and culture funding can be found on

The Commissioner’s Community Action Fund offers grants of up to £5,000 to support priorities priorities set out in the Police and Crime Plan.

Crossing Boundaries

Community groups often provide services and activities that do not fit within the boundaries of one neighbourhood partnership area.  In this case you may find it useful to make grant applications to all the areas you serve.  If you do only apply to one area they may well ask what contribution is being provided by the other areas you serve.

St George Neighbourhood Partnership has boundaries with:

South Gloucestershire – details of grants are on www.southglos.gov.uk/community-and-living/grants/

Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership

Greater Brislington Neighbourhood Partnership

Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership

The same application form and guidance notes can be used for all three Neighbourhood Partnerships listed above.  There is a space on the form to enter the name of the partnership to which the application is being made.  The different closing dates for applications to each neighbourhood partnership are listed in the guidance notes.

The Southwest

An example of a scheme covering a larger area is the Quartet Community Foundation.  They have a range of grants described on www.quartetcf.org.uk


A number of local groups have benefited from grants from Awards for All www.awardsforall.org.uk

Details of a recently announced grant (July 2016) aimed at community celebrations are in this press release.  If you find this grant is no longer open for applications please let webteam@stgeorgenp.org.uk know so we can update this page.

How to find out about grants

There are thousands more grants, many linked to nationwide business including banks and shopping chains. There are online search engines for grants.  Many ask for a fee but others are free.  Sometimes if an organisation has a low turnover free access is given as in the case of www.fundingcentral.org.uk/ for organisations with a turnover of less that £100,000.

A directory of grant making bodies, The Directory of Grant Making Trusts, is published every year.  Bristol’s Central Library has a copy in the reference section.

When new grants become available that may be of interest to groups in the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area, details will often be published on www.facebook.com/stgeorgenp.  This Facebook page has been set up to be “public” so you can view it whether you can log on to Facebook or not.