What we’ve funded

Details of the most recently awarded grants can be seen here.

A list of all projects funded since 2009 is here.

N.B. early entries were copy typed from notes of meetings which can be found on www.bristol.gov.uk/meetings.  If you find any errors please contact webteam@stgeorgenp.org.uk so these may be promptly corrected.

Here are some examples of older projects the Wellbeing grant has funded or contributed towards:

Restoring the St George Fountain

The story is reported on http://www.thisisbristol.co.uk/Landmark-Bristol-fountain-restored-glory/story-13818332-detail/story.html. Click the 2010 photo (rusted basins, pollution grimed) above to enlarge it and compare it with how it looks today.  Well done Church Rd Action Group.

Redfest – a community arts festival that includes events and activities in St George Park

More about Redfest.

Funding community transport for residents of Hillside Court to do weekly shopping trips.

A great project, thank you to Alan Elms for this photo

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