Get St George Buzzing

Exciting news from St George in Bloom

GBB-logo-opt[3]Let’s get St George Buzzing in 2015 during Green Capital year !

George in Bloom is delighted to announce that we are officially the first group in Bristol to have been given permission to use the new logo as part of ‘Get Bristol Buzzing’ project.

We wish to thank Dr Katherine Baldock and the Urban Pollinators Project team at Bristol University for allowing St George in Bloom to use the logo, and for inviting us to be part of this innovative and exciting pilot project within the City of Bristol, and during Green Capital Year in 2015.

More details about our ‘Get St George Buzzing’ competition for 2015 can now be found on our St George in Bloom website at:
and on our St George in Bloom Facebook page:

This year’s competition has a number of exciting new categories including ‘Best Wildlife Friendly Garden’. The full list of categories and entry forms are on the website. The closing date for entries is Friday 10th July 2015.

St George in Bloom will have a display to showcase our work at the St George community fair to be held on Saturday 7th March 2015 at St Aidan’s Church Hall, St George, between 11am – 2pm.

Please help to pass on all this information to your friends and colleagues, and if they live or work in St George please invite them to participate in our competition this year, so that we can build on the tremendous success that St George in Bloom has achieved so far in the first year since we were established.

We are also hoping that our new ‘Get St George Buzzing’ project will help to leave a lasting legacy for the St George area, and for the City of Bristol in 2015 and beyond.

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