Discover East Bristol with Bristol’s Walking Festival

The complete programme is now out for the Bristol Walk Fest.  You can take this opportunity to find out more about the area covered by the beautiful Discover East Bristol map.  Listed below are all the walks that include part of the Discover East Bristol area.  Find out more about the project that delivered a beautiful map in both paper and online, on

portraitimage.jpg__1140x0_q85_crop-scale_subsampling-2_upscaleThe walking festival starts on Thursday 28th April with walks from different points of the compass to meet at a reception at the Bordeaux Quay, BS1 5 UH for refreshments and a chance to meeting this year’s walk providers.

The best compass route choice to see parts of the Discover East Bristol area is the North East (NE) wwalk.  You can choose to do the whole route or just a section and maybe use a bus for the final parts.

Compass Walks

The walk numbers and names are listed below that are partly or completely in the Discover East Bristol area.  For full details use the walk numbers to look  up the walks in the programme here.  Just go to the 3rd page, which shows the list of all the walks in numerical order, click on the walk name and you will be taken straight to the walk details.  Nearly all the walks listed below are free with the exception of the Natural Dye Plant Identification walks.

15 – St George Park Stroll
19 – Natural Dye Plant Identification
24 – Memory Lane
25 – Natural Dye Plant Identification
30 – A Stroll in St George’s Park
33 – Wander the Waterways of St Philips, Brislington and Crew’s Hole
53 – Discover East Bristol – Golden Green Spaces
55 – Good for your Heart, Good for your Head
59 – Discover East Bristol – Nature Reserves and Open Spaces in Fishponds area
60 – St George Park Stroll
74 – Multi-Faith Trail
78 – A Stroll in St George’s Park
82 – Discover East Bristol – Hills, Views and Rivers
83 – Stoke Park History Walk
88 – Frome Valley Day Walk
105 – St George Park Stroll
112 – Discovering East Bristol – Hidden Fishponds
116 – A Stroll in St George’s Park
118 – Medicinal Herb Walk in Eastville Park
127 – Discover East Bristol – Troopers Hill Avon Valley Walk
137 – Eastville Park Bat Walk
140 – St George Park Stroll
152 – Discover East Bristol – These Boots are Made for Walking
156 – A Stroll in St George’s Park
158 – Eastville Park Bat Walk
159 – Wild Frome
167 – Creative Adventure Walk
175 – St George Park Stroll

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