Council Spending Freeze


Bristol City Council has extended its freeze on non-essential spending as it works to balance its annual budget and prepare for a five-year £92m financial gap from next April.

The spending freeze is expected to remain in place until the council has firm plans for a balanced budget this year and next, along with a more developed five-year plan.

Amongst the elements of the ‘freeze’ the Council has announced that all maintenance of buildings, roads and parks will stop unless there is a risk to people’s health or safety.

The council will continue to operate as normal for most services, particularly where funded by external grants or when generating income. It will also continue to meet all of its statutory obligations.

Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol said: “This temporary spending freeze is about focusing everyone on the challenge we face whilst also making more immediate savings. The current process is painful but necessary. The cost of not balancing our budget would be far higher and I do not just want to store up problems. We must be financially responsible and challenge our spending.”

You can read the council’s existing savings proposals, have a say and submit new ideas at   The public consultation on the draft Corporate Strategy is open until Thursday 5 January 2017. Information and paper copies are available in local libraries and at Citizen Service Points across the city.

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