Major Boost for Speedwell Community

St George Neighbourhood Partnership has agreed over £90,000 of funding to boost community facilities in the Meadow Vale area of Speedwell.

Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of St George Neighbourhood Partnership, explained:  “Improving community facilities in the Meadow Vale area is one of the priorities for the Neighbourhood Partnership.  This latest financial boost provides further assistance for this community, and takes the plans for a new community centre and improvements to the adjoining open space, a further step forward.”

Some of the latest batch of funding granted by St George Neighbourhood Partnership will be used to engage a professional fundraiser who will be tasked with sourcing and securing further funds to help take the plans for a new community centre to reality.

Meadow Vale Community Association (MVCA) will be a key player in taking this project forward.  Fiona Russell, Chair of Meadow Vale Community Association, explained:  After 25 years without any funding the development of Neighbourhood Partnerships has meant that we are now able to make our voice heard, and better still get funding to enable us to survive and start making our dreams happen. At long last it looks like there is a real prospect of a new community centre.  There is still a lot of money to be found, but at long last there has been real progress.”

The decision to grant £90,000+ of funding to the project was agreed at a meeting of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership held on Wednesday 24 June.  Before taking the decision, the meeting heard from young people from the area who stressed the importance of improving facilities for young people in the area.


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