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You Said – We Did – August 2015

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  An action tracker is kept of the issues raised at the each meeting and a record kept of what has been done about them.  A copy of the most recent action will be added to this report soon.

Different speakers are invited to the meeting to talk about issues that are of interest to the neighbourhood.

For this meeting on Tuesday 12th August, 2015, we had the following speakers who briefly introduced themselves and their subject and then were available during the breakout session for people to approach individually and find out more.

i) Crime and Local Policing Update – PC Pete Crawford, Avon and Somerset Police of the Local Neighbourhood Beat Team

Since our last meeting police have followed up on reports of stone throwing at a house near Dundridge Park, parking issues at Air Balloon Hill School, inconsiderate parking linked to garages on Bryants Hill and Nags Head Hill and cars hanging round Crews Hole Rd.

There has been a slight rise in burglaries, this often happens in summer  when people are more likely to leave doors and windows open.  Have a look at the summer “Do one thing” campaign for helpful advice.

There have been some unusual theft from motor vehicles incidents where cars have been broken into but nothing stolen.  “Capture cars” are being used to target these crimes.

At this meeting Pete had been advised of speeding issues on Troopers Hill Rd and Crews Hole Rd.  Susan Acton-Campbell of the volunteer local residents’ Community SpeedWatch team was able to report that at the times where speeds have been monitored since April there has been a small steady decrease in speeding vehicles on Troopers Hill Rd.  On Crews Hole Rd the percentage of speeding vehicle has held steady and Sgt Darren Warr is looking into arranging for the police camera safety van paying a visit to Crews Hole Rd.

(ii) Updates from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership from the Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell

Rob started with saying how well Redfest went this year and this was supported with further comments from the audience.

Neighbourhood Partnership plan leaflets have been printed.  Please let us know of good locations to put these leaflets.  Online information is here.

Caravans were moved on shortly after the last meeting where Sgt Darren Warr told us of issues where caravans had been reported in St George Park car park.

Developers contact the St George Neighbourhood Partnership about large developments before they make planning applications.  This is the time the community can have most influence over changes.  A planning sub-group needs to be formed to look at these pre-application plans.  If anyone is interested in joining a Planning sub-group for the St George Neighbourhood Partnership please contact us.

Displays of a development on the corner of Kingsway Avenue and Two Mile Hill Rd were on display at the meeting.

The next closing date to make applications for grant funding from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing fund in Monday 19th October.

Finally Rob asked for topics that people wanted discussed at the next Neighbourhood Forum on Tuesday 10th November at 7pm at Summerhill Methodist Church.  If you have ideas for topics please contact Abdul Razakahir who contact details are given at the end of this report.

iii) Brunel Fitness Centre – Ellie and Claire, Duty Manager and Manager

Bristol City Council’s Brunel Fitness Centre is open all year, while the premises are attached to the Brunel Academy it is open to all.  There are free day passes to try out the Brunel Fitness Centre.

There is junior gym for children from the age of 8.  The Centre has an exercise referral schem so if your doctor is saying that you have high blood pressure and need to exercise the Centre can help yoo.

A 3 month membership is £55.  Opening times and more information can be found here.

iv) Bristol Green Capital 2015 – Green map team – David Bain and Chris

This project, Discover East Bristol – your outdoor guide, has a team of 8 to create an attractive interesting map of East Bristol highlighting quiet routes linking green spaces.  The team are interested in your knowledge of the area and your stories.  You can learn more and complete a survey here.

The map will be available in paper format so ideas on distribution points arre welcomed.  It will also be available online and as a mobile app.  When the project finishes the information will be able to be updated.

There is funding alongside this project for route improvement and route markers.

v) First Bus Bristol –  James Freeman, Managing Director, Jenny MacLeod, General Manager, Bristol, Chris Hanson, PR England and Wales

Details of the information shared plus the questions raised and answers given can be seen here.

Here is a copy of the leaflet distributed at the meeting showing the route changes for the 42, 43, 44 and 45 buses.

bus service route map

You Said 

Issues raised at this meeting included:

– a blocked drain in Plummers Hill
– lighting and drug dealing
– anti-social behaviour

We Did

Georgie Bryant, Neighbourhood Officer was pleased to report that the alligator teeth at the entrance to the Aldi car park in Church Road were a planning requirement and it is likely these will be replaced soon.

The action tracker reporting the status of issues raised at the last meeting will be added here soon plus Streetscene enforcement actions.


Georgie also shared information about the “Feed Me and Win” recycling scheme, where randomly selected food waste bins put out for recycling will win their owners £50.


Volunteering opportunities with the St George Neighbourhood Partnership

There are several ways you can help your local community:

For people with a keen interest in how money can best be spent, there are currently 4 vacancies in the Wellbeing sub-group.  More about the sub-group, who they are and what they do on

Could you take a turn at summarising what happens at Forum meetings?  This report that you are reading is currently written by volunteer Susan Acton-Campbell and she also writes a single side of A4 as a summary to put up in local noticeboards.

Could you help promote the St George Neighbourhood Partnership?  One task is putting up notices to advertise activities such as the Forums, another is to help keep this website, Facebook and Twitter updated and relevant – training is given if you volunteer to do this.

Email the if you can help.


Please do not wait for a forum to report simple issues that can be reported online or by phone.  Please do make use of “Report It!”, the tab at the top right of this page.  The best way we can use Neighbourhood Forum time is raising more difficult issues.

Details of the grants awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting were not circulated on this occasion but these can be seen here.

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 10th November, 2015 at Summerhill Methodist Church.

If you have an idea for a subject to be spoken about that is of local interest contact our Neighbourhood Partnership Co-ordinator, 
Abdulrazak Dahir,, telephone 0117 903 6409.

Walking for Health in St George

Walking is a great way to improve both physical and mental health. Did you know that St George can now offer you 3 levels of Walking for Health?

LinkAge provides guided, weekly 30 minute walks starting from the Beehive Centre. next to St Ambrose Church in Stretford Rd and visiting St George Park.  The walks start at 10.30am on Tuesdays and are classed as  “Level 1″ walks suitable for those recovering from illness or injury and anyone who wishes to improve their fitness.

Crofts Ends Community Walking for Health Group meet every Thursday at 5.15pm at Crofts End church on Crofts End Rd for a 1 hour, “Level 2″ walk.

Stepping Out - Crofts End

The St George Strollers meet twice a month, on varying days of the week to walk up to 3 miles  in 90 minutes to 2 hours.  These are “Level 3″ walks and will start either in St George or involve a short bus or train journey.  This group celebrated their 100th walk in July 2015.

You can find out more about the Strollers, download their current leaflet of walks and see photos of past walks at

All the groups are  friendly and welcoming.

The Strollers and Crofts End groups are supported by Walk for Health Bristol.  All the groups are part of the national Walking for Health scheme.


Money granted to local projects – Wednesday 24th June, 2015

7 applications for funding were made from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) Wellbeing Fund.  All were granted at the SGNP meeting of  25th March, 2015, one for a lesser amount than applied for, by a majority vote of the Neighbourhood Committee, which consists of St George West and East councillors.

The following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions:

a) 74th Bristol (St Aidans Church) Rainbows

£500 for initial resources to start a Rainbows group.

b) Angel Patch

£915 for resources for events, part payment for an outing and room hire for a newly started group:

c) Crofts End Church

£387 for the community aspects of a street party/celebration of the 120th anniversary of Crofts End Church.  The original figure requested had been £900 but mindful of the fact that Wellbeing grant cannot be used for the advancement of political or religious causes, it was generally agreed that the Wellbeing fund should only fund those aspects of this event that could be regarded as supporting a community event.

d) Friends of Troopers Hill

£350 for a family oriented dog show and materials for a dog fouling audit

e) Meadow Vale Community Association

£760 to stage a dog show, summer fair, halloween party and Christmas fair

f) Nicholas Wanderers JFC

£716 to fund football sessions for children in reception and year 1

g) St George in Bloom

£228 to print 10,000 leaflets promoting St George in Bloom Open Day.

The Partnership was particularly please that 3 organisations who had never previously applied for Wellbeing funding had done so.  This brings the total of different organisations support by the Wellbeing fund since 2009 to 45.

The closing date for the next round of applications is: Monday 27th July, 2015.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing sub-group are a group of volunteers who review the grant applications and make recommendations about them.  To find out more about what they do please visit .  New volunteers would be very welcome.

To make your own application for a grant visit

The WI in St George

In this year of the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Institute we are lucky enough to have two WI groups in St George and two more not far away in Hanham and Kingsway.  By clicking on the map you will be able to find the meeting times and locations of all four groups.

The St George WI who meet in Summerhill Methodist Church have invested in a large, effective banner to advertise their presence.

wi st george

WI Red (Women’s Institute Redfield)  have an active presence on Facebook and say:

“WI.RED brings together a large group of local women who like to craft, chat and have fun learning and discussing new things.

Held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at the St George Community Centre. Doors open at 7.45pm (for mingling) with the official start of the meeting at 8.15pm.

A 12 month programme of events has been drawn up, and each month information will be posted on this group page, and on our website for all members to see.

A yearly membership fee of £34.70 will be required for joining WI.RED, with the option of ‘Guest’ attendances at £3.50 available, for you to see if the group is for you. :))

Open to women of all ages, everyone is welcome!! “We are WI.RED Women!”

All WI groups are being celebrated in St George by this colourful planting in St George Park to celebrate their 100th birthday.

wi 100

You Said – We Did – May 2015

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  A list of the issues raised at the previous meeting and what has been done about them is circulated at the meeting.

Different speakers are invited to the meeting to talk about issues that are of interest to the neighbourhood.

For this meeting on Tuesday 12th May, 2015,  speakers introduced themselves and their subject and then were available during the breakout session for people to approach individually and find out more.

Matt Jones from Bristol City Council was introduced; Matt is filling in now that John Atkinson has moved on elsewhere in the Council.

Rob Acton Campbell congratulated Cllr Sue Milestone and Cllr Fabian Breckels on being re-elected in St George at the recent local election.

Darren Warr, Local Neighbourhood Beat Team – Crime and Local Policing Update

Darren explained that they have now combined teams with Trinity Road and the City Centre teams. Darren introduced PC Matt Clements who will be the Beat Manager for the St George area from now on.  A number of our local PCSOs were also present at the meeting and were available for questions in the breakout session.

Darren reported that there have been 10 more crimes in the St George ward than this time last year although the total number of recorded incidences has reduced slightly.  Dwelling burglaries have gone down whilst theft from sheds has increased; items such as mountain bikes are particularly at risk.  Darren explained that the Crime Prevention Team will be providing shed security advice.  Shop-lifting has slightly increased.

PC Matt Clements (badge number 755) provided an overview of some of the present crime issues in the ward. He explained that St George is not a particularly problematic area compared to some.  Recent issues include anti-social behaviour issues with a couple of local residents, including one who likes to go to the toilet in public, and moped riders in off-road areas.

Cllr Ron Stone asked a question about the issue of the caravans presently encamped in St George Park car park.  He explained his difficulties in getting hold of someone to deal with the matter when he rang 101.  He expressed concern about the removal of the car park barrier going into the car park and about the toilets in St George’s Park being heavily used and becoming very unpleasant.   A member of Friends of St George Park explained that the barrier has been removed at the request of the Parks Department so that they can get their vehicles in and out. Darren explained he has been focussing on this issue in the past two days. He confirmed that Travel Liaison Officer from BCC has offered the group an alternative site and that a letter has been served on them but it could take up to two weeks for them to be removed.

Friends of St George Park

asked Darren about how they should ensure that incidents in relation to the lake in St George Park are officially recorded.  Darren explained it was important to get a log number from the police and said it was also useful to keep a diary of any anti-social behaviour that has been observed.

Rob Acton-Campbell – Neighbourhood Partnership Updates

Rob explained that the Partnership had been awarded some Green Capital funding towards a Green Map.  As part of this, auditing of local walking routes will be undertaken with an emphasis on providing access to green spaces. He explained the Section 106 money and Green Capital money is being used to improve routes through the St George and Greater Fishponds area.  The intention is to create a network of walking routes, improving access for people off-road.  Groups are presently being asked to prepare bids to do the map and there is a Briefing Paper available for artists (details on the table at the back).

Rob outlined the plans that have been put forward for a cycle through Crews Hole which would run through the bottom of the woods adjacent to Conham Road.  This is the section of road where a one-way system was previously put forward.  The provision of the cycle route through the woods would enable a continuous off-road cycle route for cyclists between the Bristol Enterprise Zone all the way to Keynsham. If it receives planning permission, the next step will be for Bristol City Council (BCC) to identify potential funding for the route.  Phillip Bird said that the application has gone back to the applicant with a number of questions from BCC. Rob explained that John Richfield from BCC will be at the next Traffic and Transport Sub-Group meeting to discuss the cycle route further.

Laura Gosling – Community Speedwatch

Laura explained that a Community Speedwatch Team is now in operation on Crews Hole Road, Troopers Hill Road and on Nags Head Hill.  Four volunteers have received training from the police on using speed detection equipment and are regularly monitoring speeds on these routes.  If drivers are observed exceeding the speed limit by the team, their registration details are passed onto the police and they will then receive a letter from the police with the aim of educating drivers to reduce their speeds.  Repeat offenders may receive a visit from the police and a warning.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and/or setting up a team in your part of St George, find more details on the St George NP website or speak to the local policing team.

Grenville Johnson – St George in Bloom

Grenville outlined how George in Bloom was set up in 2013 and how it aims to create a sense of civic pride in our local area by making it more welcoming for residents and visitors. He said research has shown that a cared for street deters crime and anti-social behaviour as well as improving health and well-being.

He explained how residents on Kensington Road created a Community Garden and won an ‘outstanding’ award from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)  South West in Bloom in successive years which led to the formation of St George in Bloom who won the Gold Pennant from RHS South West in Bloom in 2014.

The Kensington Road Residents Association recently applied to the RHS Community Street project for an area needing refurbishment and their application was successful.  As a result, a Show Garden of Kensington Road will now be replicated at the Hampton Court Flower Show (30th June to 5th July).

This summer, St George in Bloom will invite residents, streets, shops and other groups to participate in St George in Bloom.  Entry is free and more details can be found at Friday 10th July is the deadline for entries.

Grenville outlined how St George in Bloom is working on an Urban Pollinators project with Bristol University; it aims to encourage people to think about bees and pollinators in their displays.

From Monday 18th May for one week, Grenville’s garden will feature as part of the Chelsea Fringe Festival.  See for more details.  Advance booking is required and there is a small fee for entry.

Rob Acton Campbell – The Neighbourhood Plan

Rob explained that the plan sets out the priorities for St George over the next three years; it is on the Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) website to view.  He encouraged the audience to get involved with sub-group meetings which cover matters relating to traffic and transport, the environment and health and well-being. Meeting dates are on the NP website.


A communications sub-group is being set up and will meet immediately after the end of the meeting.

The Annual General Meeting of the NP will take place in June, if you would like to get involved please speak to Rob or Matt Jones at the end of the session.

Any other business before break-out sessions

 Cllr Ron Stone – concerns about speeding on Whiteway Road and Plummers Hill.

Member of the public also expressed concerns about ‘near misses’ outside of Air Balloon Primary School.

Darren encouraged both to set up a local Community Speedwatch (CSW) group as he said this was the longer term solution to speeding problems in local communities.  Darren explained that the police will do speed enforcement based on CSW data.  The Mobile Speed Camera van will be deployed at locations where speed has been identified as an issue through CSW data.

Here is the action tracker that shows the issues recorded at the Forum showing some of the actions taken to date.


Youth Activities in St George and nearby

Here’s the programme of FREE youth sports in Hillfields and Speedwell from April to July.

Sports poster 2015

Where they are:

Hillfields Youth Hub :  Hillfields Youth Centre, Thickett Avenue, Bristol BS16 4EH.  More details of what’s on offer at the Hub.

Meadowvale Playing Fields: Behind Meadow Vale Community Centre, Meadow Vale, Speedwell, Bristol , BS5 7RF

Studio 5 – 20 Old School House, Britannia Rd, Bristol, BS15 8DB

Barts Rugby: Duncombe Lane, Speedwell, Avon, Bristol, BS15 1NS.

Other youth activities:

St George Table Tennis Club_flyer

Fancy a game of tennis?

St George Park Lakeview Tennis Club rents out courts at £5 an hour.  Just ring 07526 009211 before 3pm on a Friday to make your booking.  There is coaching every day from 2pm Monday-Friday and matches for the better players on Saturday and Sunday.  The club says “We are a friendly club and open to everyone.  We also have a small clubhouse if you would like a tea or coffee; we run everything ourselves.”   They have both adult and youth coaches.

Other things to do

A whole range of other activities for young people can be seen here.

Please let us know of any we’ve missed.

Chelsea Fringe comes to St George

grenville gardenA small gem of a local garden will feature in the Chelsea Fringe festival.  We have received this message from its owner, Grenville Johnson.

“The award winning Victorian House Garden in St George, Bristol, will open its doors for the Chelsea Fringe Festival during May 2015.

My garden at 28 Kensington Road, St George, Bristol, BS5 7NB, will be open for viewing for the Chelsea Fringe Festival from Monday 18th May 2015 until Monday 25th May .

Viewings are from 10am to 3pm each day during this week. The entry fee is £4 for adults, Children free.

Proceeds from the open days will be donated to Kensington Road Residents Association to support their street environmental enhancement projects, and on going community work.

All visits and viewings must be pre-booked due to the small size of the garden. To book please phone 01179496788 or email:

Please note there are steps within the garden, and the garden is located on two levels with limited space, and there will be no toilet facilities available.

Kindly discuss any particular access needs with us when you book.

The garden has been featured on B.B.C ‘Gardeners World’, ‘The Great British Garden Revival’ , and was selected by Alan Titchmarsh as one of his 30 ‘Best British Back Gardens’ in his programme that was shown on ITV in January 2015. It is also featured in ‘100 Dream Gardens of England’ as published in the book by Merrell in 2010 .

For a preview and the story of how the garden has evolved you can visit the garden website:

More about Grenville’s garden on the Chelsea Fringe website.  For details of other Bristol and Bath participants in the festival visit

Money granted to local projects – Wednesday 25th March 2015

5 applications for funding were made from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) Wellbeing Fund.  All were granted at the SGNP meeting of  25th March, 2015 by a majority vote of the Neighbourhood Committee, which consists of St George West and East councillors.

The following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions:

a) Friends of Kingsway Youth

£400 for materials and volunteer expenses to run 40×2-hour weekly sessions for young people aged 8-13.  These sessions would provide a range of activities ranging from arts and crafts to cookery, from sport to informal education.

b) Meadow Vale Community Association

£1,356 for a design and costing work to improve the resources in Meadow Vale Open Space (also known as the Nursery Park) for people of all ages.  This report would then be used as basis to obtain funding.

c) Playing Out CIC

£1,200 for training for 3 residents of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area, paying them to for 80 hours of work promoting Playing Out and community events and meetings and some publicity.

d) Friends of St George Park

£500 for materials to help publicise the group and their activities, to attract greater participation including volunteering.  Materials include a gazebo, folding table, display boards, 6 chairs, banners and stationery.

e) Redfest

£2,940 to pay for the main stage at St George Park on Saturday 1st August which will form part of the free entertainment for the final day of Redfest, a community music and arts festival.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit

The closing date for the next round of applications is: Monday 27th April

At the same meeting the Neighbourhood Partnership decided on the allocation of the remainder of Green Capital Funding.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing sub-group are a group of volunteers who review the grant applications and make recommendations about them.  To find out more about what they do please visit .  New volunteers would be very welcome.

Easter Events and Activities in St George

cross on hillMany local churches will join together on Good Friday, 3rd April, for an open air service at the top of Troopers Hill Local Nature Reserve.  This is a local tradition that is over 40 years old.  There will be tea, coffee and hot cross buns at Summerhill Methodist Church from 10.30 am. The procession to Troopers Hill will leave at 11.30 am. The service starts at noon. In the event of bad weather the service will be held at Summerhill Methodist Church, 5 Air Balloon Rd.  Here’s a 2004 video of the event.

Start the day, 6.30am, Saturday 4th April, 2015, with a guided Dawn Chorus Walk in St George Park
dawn chorus FOSGP


Then fortify yourself at with a breakfast at one of the many local cafes and


Stay on in the park4thapril poster by the bandstand.  From 10-12 there will be lots of activities for children.  Egg hunts, lucky dips, seed sowing, cake and lots more! Come on down to the bandstand 10-12 and enjoy our fabulous St George Park.






Take a short walk up Church Rd, then Summerhill Rd to turn right on Summerhill Terrace.  At the end of Summerhill Terrace go through the kissing gate into Troopers Hill Field and go to the red slide on the far side of the field to meet, at 10am, Friends of Troopers Hill, for their monthly work party.

work party april alone


eggs image

Bambini Hub will be at  St George Community Centre at the rear of 321 Church Rd at 10am on Sunday, 5th April, 2015.  They say “Easter is here and we are going all out and even incorporating some science!!

** Eggsperiments **
** Mini Easter Petting Zoo **
** Easter Egg Hunt**
** Felt basket making **
** Easter biscuit decorating **

There is something for EVERYONE
ALL ages and family relations welcome

£3 per child includes all resources and healthy snack time. Sibling discount available.

Let us know your coming so we make enough biscuits and buy enough eggs!!”

Session finishes 11.45am.

Bambini Hub can be contacted via their Facebook page or the contact details on their web page.

Don’t forget that every week Playrangers from Playbus hold activities for children in St George Park and the Meadow Vale Nursery Park in Speedwell, BS5 7RF.


Activities for 8-13 year olds in St George

Every Tuesdaystudio 5 youth night flyer

Studio 5 Youth Night tonight at the Kingswood Estate! 6pm-8pm in Studio 5 & Westcott. Lots to do and get involved with, plus it’s free entry! Want to find out more? Check out the flyer or contact CYN on 0117 947 7948. Creative Youth Network.



Every WednesdNEW PLAYRANGERS 2014ay

3.30pm-5.30pm meet by St George Park  Lake.  Outdoor activities for 8-13’s provided by the Bristol Youth Links Playranger team and their Playranger van.

Every Thursday

3.30pm-5.30pm at the Nursery Park, Meadow Vale, Speedwell, BS5 7RF.

Outdoor activities for 8-13’s provided by the Bristol Youth Links Playranger team and their Playranger van.


  • Cooking on an open fire
  • Tree climbing
  • Swings and hammocks
  • Arts and crafts
  • Sports

Under 8’s welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult or older sibling (over 13)

Activities can be messy so it is recommended that children come wearing suitable clothing.

All activities are FREE and open to all.

Cubs ( 8-10 years) and Scouts (10-14 years)

Cubs meet on Wednesdays in Whitehall, Scouts on Thursdays.  Find out more on and

The 17th Bristol Scouts meet at St Michael’s Church on Two Mile Hill.  More on about their cub and scout groups.

The 159th Bristol Scouts meet at St Aidan’s Church Hall on Fir Tree Lane.  Please let us have contact details to add to this page.

Brownies (7-10 years)

Find out more about the 74th (St Aidan’s) Brownies on

Brownies also meet at the Wesley Memorial Church on Bryants Hill.  Please let us have contact details to add to this page.