Our Achievements

The Neighbourhood Partnership Achievements Report June 2016 can be downloaded from here

This report is a summary of some of the achievements of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership. The achievements are examples of how the partnership can deliver improvements to the area through Neighbourhood Plan. This report highlights the work of a variety of different partnership members who have worked together, including local residents, community groups, Councillors and other partners.

Action Plan Priority: Improving the environment and its appearance: Parks, green spaces and the neighbourhood including shopping areas

Project 1: St George Fountain Monument

The aim of this project is to enhance locally cherished landmark in St George. For many years this grade 2 listed monument was neglected and was in an eyesore state.
It was first identified at the St George Neighbourhood Forum. Church Rd Action Group, local community group who feels passionate about the neighbourhood and local businesses was funded to project manage the restoration of the fountain.
NP Action Plan Aim: Improving and enhancing local environment.
Resources used: £3,000 from Wellbeing Budget & community volunteer’s time to project manage the project and liaise with BCC conservation team.
Additional benefits includes: Generating local interest, good publicity cover in the Bristol Observer on Thursday 17th November 2011.
Equalities aims addressed: N/A
Other similar projects include:
– £1,000 of Wellbeing Budget was used to support a healing garden project at Kensington House and a new community vegetable/herb garden in Kensington Rd.
Further £700 from devolved Clean and Green budget was awarded to support the group’s bid to Bristol in Bloom competition. As a result the group received an outstanding commendation from The Royal Horticultural Society’s ‘Its Your Neighbourhood’ Awards in 2011/12, winners 1st prize with silver gilt award in ‘Its your street’ category for Bristol in Bloom and best house frontage 1st & Gold award for 28 Kensington Road.
£1,400 of Wellbeing Budget was awarded to Butler House Tenants Association to support communal garden improvements and further £40 for hanging baskets.
£1,500 of devolved Clean & Green budget was used to install new community notice board and hanging baskets in Kingsway shopping precinct.

Action Plan Priority: Promoting community cohesion and engagement.

Project 2: St George Park Lake

The St George Park is very popular and well used by local residents. It has a lake and offers many attractions to all sectors of the community young and old.
Injuries to wildlife caused by fishing litter was raised as a Neighbourhood Forum priority in 2011, concerns of antisocial behaviour was also reported.
The Neighbourhood Partnership played pivotal role in bringing together the community and all the stakeholders in order to negotiate and reach a suitable compromise to ensure that wildlife is protected and all users can enjoy the park.
NP Action Plan Aim: Reduce harm to wildlife, antisocial behaviour and fear of crime.
Resources used: Environment subgroup secured £3,000 from citywide Clean and Green budget. This money was used to plant shrubs in order to create safe haven for wild life, a temporary self-enforcement ban during the breeding season was also introduced.
Additional benefits included:
Number of volunteers and membership interested in Friends of St George Park has increased.  There is anecdotal report suggesting number of signets surviving this year’s breeding season has increased.
Equalities aims addressed: Provide an opportunity for all sectors of the community to access and enjoy the park and to encourage all sectors of the community young and old to appreciate wildlife.

Action Plan Priority: Providing or improving community facilities, activities and services.

Project 3: Summerhill Club ICT

The aim of this project was to enable older community members have access to computer technology.  Computers were made available in a friendly community based environment with flexible learning opportunity.
Elderly community members use these computers on daily basis and there is ongoing support and training available at the club.
NP Action Plan Aim: Access to ICT in local community facilities
Resources used: £1,724.25 of Wellbeing Budget and £956.75 of Older People’s Wellbeing Budget. Free space for putting ICT equipment and free training and support available at Summerhill Club.
Equalities aims addressed: Elderly community members are often vulnerable hard to reach. This project is particularly targeting older people who otherwise would not have access to computer technology.

Action Plan Priority: Providing or improving community facilities, activities and services.

Project 4: Community Fun Days: 

In 2011 the St George Park hosted Redfest and Illuminate, which are most popular community events held in Bristol. The St George Neighbourhood Partnership supported both events. The good news is St George West ward has been awarded £33,000 of Community First Match Funding from central government via Community Development Foundation.  An independent panel has been set-up to assess applications along with a website to promote the funding initiative and supported projects. We hope to build this success and support more community initiatives and activities in the coming year.
NP Action Plan Aim: Providing and promoting community provision and activities.
Resources used: In total £4,240 of Wellbeing Budget was used to support community events and community volunteers time to organise them.
Additional benefits included:
• Enhance community cohesion, which is another NP priority by bringing together people from different backgrounds and encourage their children to play together.
• Enhance communication about community activities available in the area and information about service providers and local businesses.
• Enhance community sprit, local residents feeling valued and belonging in their community

Equalities aims addressed: Stalls aimed at raising awareness about local community activities and services for all sectors of the community.