Joining the Partnership

During the current transition to a new organisation it is not possible to join the Partnership. We will publish details of how to join the successor organisation – The St George Community Network – soon.

Anyone living, volunteering or working in the Neighbourhood Partnership (NP) area can become a member.

Every year at the annual general meeting the NP appoints its membership for the following year. If there are vacancies after the AGM then you can join at subsequent meetings.

You can apply to join as a resident; as a representative of a community group; as a resident young person (under 25) or as a representative of a business.

Councillors and Subgroup Champions (elected at the Subgroup meeting before the AGM) automatically become members and do not need to apply.

Current members and vacancies >>

If you would like to become a member then please complete the most appropriate form below and email it to the address on the form. If you are applying as a young person then please complete the ‘resident’ form and state that you are applying as a young person in the reasons box.

Resident members are limited to six from St George Central Ward and three from each of the St George West and St George Troopers Hill Wards. There can be up to six Young Persons representatives. In the event of more residents applying at an AGM than there are vacancies then lots will be drawn.

There is no limit to representatives of community groups or businesses. The group (community group, voluntary organisation, charity, faith group, youth group etc.) or business must operate in the St George NP area but the person nominated does not need to live in the area.

If you would like to become or nominate someone for the chair or vice-chair of the NP, please complete the form below: