A permanent memorial tribute within St George to the late Councillor Ron Stone

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership wishes to mark the significant contribution that the late Councillor Ron Stone made to the St George area by arranging for a permanent memorial tribute to be set up.

The late Councillor Stone served as a city councillor in the St George West ward for 30 years, and a task group has now been established to help to progress this idea and project.

The task group will consult fully with the late Councillor Stone’s wife and family.

Do you have any suggestions for how we could mark Ron’s contributions to the St George area?  You can send your suggestions to:- memorial@stgeorgenp.org.uk

Please also use this email address if you would like to join the task group. You do not have to be a resident of St George in order to join the task group.

The task group looks forward to hearing from you.

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