A New Start

StGNP-logoAs reported here Neighbourhood Partnerships across Bristol are having to change as the Council reduces the funding available.

Members of St George NP have been meeting to discuss how we should respond, whether the Partnership should continue and if so in what form.

We believe that St George needs a group with the following priorities:

• To speak up for the whole of St George to ensure we get our share of any future funding;

• Give the area an identity and promote it as a wonderful place to live and work;

• Promote networking and exchange of information between community groups, Councillors, the Police & others;

• Continue to manage this website, our Facebook and Twitter feeds and to support community notice boards.

• Act as a community of community groups;

The current proposal is to form a new community led organisation that we hope will be able to achieve the above and build on the work of the existing partnership.

We envisage a group whose membership will be open to anyone who lives or works in St George or who has an interest in the area. There would be an elected committee and sub-groups to look at issues in more detail or to run specific projects.

The group would be independent of the Council but work collaboratively with Councillors and Council officers to bring about improvements in St George.

There would be open meetings for all members, committee meetings and sub-group/task group meetings. Public meetings could be arranged as necessary to discuss particular issues and/or promote proposed projects.

It was agreed at the St George NP meeting on 29th March that the new organisation could be called the St George Community Network but it would be up to the new group to decide on its name.

Members of the NP who have agreed to join an interim committee or transition group will meet again over the next few weeks and there will be a public meeting to discuss our proposals on the date originally booked for a Neighbourhood Forum on 17th May, 7.30pm at St George Library.

There are more details of our proposals in minutes of the NP meeting held on 29th March and the notes of the workshops held on 8th & 16th February which can be seen via the links below.

St George Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting – 29th March 2017

Notes of workshop on 16th February 2017

Notes of workshop on 8th February 2017

If you have any comments on our proposals or would like to get involved with the new St George Community Partnership, please contact us.

This is an update of the post first published on 21st February 2017

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