A green map for East Bristol

logo-bristol2015-2row-@2xThe Bristol Green Capital Neighbourhood Arts Project has funded a small team, to create a physical and online map of the green space in East Bristol, covering the St George and Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership areas.

This is part of a larger Neighbourhood Partnership project to improve access to green space. As well as the spaces themselves the map will feature of-road walking and cycling routes between them. You can read more about the project here:

Read more about the Green Map Project and the team creating it.

As a first stage the team are gathering information about our green spaces and would also like to get residents and visitors views so they can create a map reflecting the special things you associate with green spaces in this area.
Click here to let them have your thoughts about green spaces via a short survey


There will also be a chance to talk to the team at Redfest in St George Park on Saturday 1st August.

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