20mph Implementation

The 20mph zone for the East area will come into effect on Friday 27th March 2015.

This zone covers those parts of St George that are not already covered by earlier schemes as well as parts of Easton and Lawrence Hill, Eastville, Hillfields & Frome Vale. More details on the roll out of 20mph zones across Bristol can be seen at bristol20mph.co.uk.

The map below shows the area covered in this zone which is the sixth to be implemented. Adjacent areas within the city already have new limits in place. The speed limits will be legally enforceable in the new zone from 27th March when the Speed Limit Order (SLO) becomes operative.


Download map as pdf file. This map shows new speed limits for the area, but is for illustrative purposes only.

The orange lines on the map are the roads that will remain 30 mph and the red lines are those that will remain 40 mph and are excluded from the project. All the roads that are blue will be 20 mph. The green lines on the map are those roads that will be 20 mph, but may require some form of white lining or signing treatment such as the removal of the central line or marked 20 mph roundels in the carriageway.

In preparation for the implementation date the small ‘repeater’ signs are now being fixed in place on roads across St George. Nearer to the implementation date the larger speed limit signs will be installed where the speed limit changes and roundels will be marked on some roads.

The implementation follows the formal consultation on the Speed Limit Order that was held from 2 October to 24 October 2014 and informal consultation in 2013. As a result of the comments made during the formal consultation the proposal was changed slightly to include the junction of Crews Hole Road and Fireclay Road with Blackswarth Road within the 20mph restriction (this is shown on the above map).

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