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Continuing ‘Grey to Green’ in 2017

St George in BloomSt George in Bloom is bidding to bag a massive cash boost from Tesco Bags of Help.

Three groups in every Tesco region have been shortlisted to receive the cash award with shoppers being invited to vote for who they think should take away the top grant. The more votes St George in Bloom receive, the more funding they will receive up to a maximum of £5,000 – so please give them your support if you visit Tescos in January.

Voting is open from 2nd to 28th January 2017. You will be able to vote for St George in Bloom at Tescos in Church Road, Redfield and on Bell Hill as well as stores in Kingswod and Staple Hill.

Customers will cast their vote using a token given to them at the check-out in store each time they shop (there is no need to buy a carrier bag).

15123383_1133413180075493_1383758861014726235_oThrough this project St George in Bloom hopes to improve St George with planting schemes in Church Road St George, and enhance the floral displays in St George Park that are maintained by volunteers, and also have hanging baskets in Church Road St George outside the shops during 2017.

They also wish to organise ‘street clean up days’ within the St George area in order to improve this area of the cityand to support the Mayor of Bristol’s cleaner streets campaign.

Grenville Johnson Chair of St George in Bloom said
‘I am delighted that we have been selected for the Tesco’s bags of help voting scheme. We are a small team of volunteers and local residents who want to make St George an even better and more colourful place in which to live and work during 2017. We hope that the public will vote for our projects, and support the work that our volunteers do within our area.’

15578788_1352520084814193_6827985661451277310_nTesco’s Bags of Help project has already delivered over £24 million to more than 2,400 projects up and down the UK. Previous recipients include Friends of Dundridge Park who received funding for the path to their extended play area.

The play area was officially opened on the 17th December. Here you can see Kerry McCarthy MP, Cllr Asher Craig and Cllr Fabian Breckels testing the equipment.

Bridge Repair Works at Netham

20170106_121325Bristol City Council Highway Bridges and Structures team have carried out repairs on the bridge deck of New Brislington Bridge.

Update 1st February

Latest from Bristol City Council: The bridge will be reopened to vehicular traffic for 07.00 on Thursday 2nd February. The waterproofing and associated works to the carriageway of Brislington New Bridge are currently being completed.

There has been a delay of 3 days to the programme which was due to the cold wet weather postponing repairs to the reinforced concrete and the subsequent spraying of the waterproof membrane.

Update 23rd January

Bristol City Council emailed an update about Brislington New Bridge:

“The works were delayed by one week due to the wet cold weather over the last fortnight holding up the spraying of the waterproofing membrane. This is now complete, kerbs are being reinstalled and the resurfacing is due to take place on Monday (weather permitting), following which the expansion joints will be able to be cut and fitted.

We are therefore running one week behind schedule and are hoping to be open for the 3rd Feb, weather permitting.”

With regard to the bridge over Netham Lock the email read:

“The works to Netham Lock East bridge were postponed for budget reasons.”

Update: 23rd December
Information now available from First on diversion for service 36 – info

Update: 20th December

We have received the following from BCC Bridges & Highways Structures team:

4weeksThe maintenance works to Netham Lock East Bridge and Brislington New Bridge which were postponed from the 5th December are now due to commence on Tuesday the 3rd January.

Netham Lock East Bridge is due to be resurfaced and the carriageways and abutments of Brislington New Bridge are due to be waterproofed and resurfaced, with new expansion joints fitted at both ends.

The nature of the works is such that certain activities are very weather-dependent. The exact condition of the deck of Brislington New Bridge underneath the road surfacing is unknown, but it is likely to need repair, the extent of which will only be discovered when the surfacing is removed. Any delays thus incurred are likely to extend the overall programme. If the works proceed in advance of the programme then the closures will be lifted early.

The intended programme is as follows:

3rd January – Netham Lock East Bridge and Brislington New Bridge will be completely closed to vehicular traffic. Netham Lock East Bridge will also be closed to pedestrians. The junction of Netham Road and Feeder Road will operate under 2-way signals.

11th / 12th January – Netham Lock East Bridge will be reopened and used for Netham Road southbound traffic only. Netham Lock West Bridge will be used for Netham Road northbound traffic only so the junction will operate without signals while Brislington New Bridge remains closed.

Brislington New Bridge will be closed for approximately 4 weeks in total, after which the operation of the junction of Netham Road and Feeder Road will revert back to the existing permanent signal control.

The footways of Brislington New Bridge will remain open for the duration of the works, and the diversion route for general traffic will be via Whitby Road / Albert Road / Albert Crescent / Short Street / Feeder Road. The diversion routes for HGVs will avoid this route due to the low bridges and are shown on the attached plan.

36 Bus Route (updated 7th Dec)

First Bus have said (via twitter) that details of the diversion route for the 36 bus will be posted on their website once their Network Team have finalised them, they will be available at:

The New Brislington Bridge is the concrete bridge linking Netham to St Anne’s at the end of Feeder Road so its closure is likely to cause some major disruption to traffic.

Motor vehicles will have to go round via St Philips and Whitby Road (blue line on the image below). There will be a much longer diversion for high vehicles because of the railway bridges. The weight restrictions on some roads in St Anne’s will be lifted while the bridge is closed to allow heavy vehicles to use them.


The bridge over Netham Lock is the one used by traffic coming from St George and turning left towards St Anne’s, so this bridge would not normally be in use while the New Brislington Bridge is closed. When this bridge is closed all traffic will have to use the other bridge.

The offical notice about the closure can be seen here and was published in the Bristol Post. This notice allows the work to be carried out at any time in the eighteen months after 5th December. Signs will be put up giving advance notice of the closure.

Click here for plan of diversion route for New Brislington Bridge Closure (large pdf)

Click here for plan for Netham Lock bridge closure

Previous Updates:

Update 15th December:
Signs on the bridge say the closure will be in place for 4 weeks.
We have asked BCC to confirm this.

Update 2nd December:
The proposed maintenance works to Brislington New Bridge which were expected to start on the 5th December have been postponed until after Christmas.
The works have been re-programmed to commence on Tuesday the 3rd January and will be run in conjunction with maintenance works to Netham Lock East Bridge (Netham Road).
Both bridges will therefore be closed on Tuesday the 3rd January. The precise programme for the works is yet to be finalised and we will be in touch again once this is agreed.
The footways of Brislington New Bridge will remain open for the duration of the works, and the diversion route for general traffic will be via Whitby Road / Albert Road / Albert Crescent / Short Street / Feeder Road, see link at the bottom of this post.

UPDATE 28 November:
The works to Brislington New Bridge have been postponed until the New Year. The closure of the bridge will therefore not be implemented on the 5th December.

20161124_135150Update 23rd November 2016

Signs are now in place saying the New Brislington Bridge will be closed from 5th December, we have asked for confirmation of this from Bristol City Council.

Original Post 22nd November

The road bridge linking St George to St Anne’s is to be closed for 1-2 weeks for repairs but the start date has not been fixed yet. Work will be carried out on one bridge and then the other. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use the foot bridge further east between Crews Hole and St Anne’s shops.

New Community Centre for Meadow Vale

meadowvaleplanMeadow Vale Community Association have applied for planning permission for a major renovation and extension of Meadow Vale Community Centre, providing an all purpose hall and ancillary accommodation including toilets, changing rooms and stores.

Update 18th January 2017:
This planning application has now been approved by Bristol City Council

See the detailed plans >>

The work is to be carried out in two phases. Phase I is refurbishment of existing building with a simple extension. This will roughly double the area of the building. Phase II is a further extension to form a hall with attached store and two showers. In this stage toilets and changing rooms will be formed in the space adjacent to the main hall.

This application represents a major milestone for a project that local residents have been demanding for many years. St George NP has supported this project as well as the recent construction of a new play area and other improvements in the adjacent park. If the planning permission is granted the Community Association will be able to apply for funding from external sources such as the lottery.

meadowvaleplan3The site was developed in late 1940’s to serve as maintenance and housing office for the council estate. In the 1986 the building was surplus to need, and a group of local residents formed a new organisation, Meadow Vale Community Association, to transform its use to serve to the local community.

The building is currently used for a range of community activities, such as bingo, cards, community meetings and a range of sporting and children’s activities. The number of activities is limited by the size of the existing building, and the building has suffered declining usage. Meadow Vale Community Association committee aims to revive the site by expanding internal space and allowing larger groups of people to use available space more efficiently.

See the detailed plans >>

Follow Meadow Vale Community Association on Facebook >>.


Redfield Post Office

As you may be aware, the Post Office on Church Road in Redfield closed in September. Local residents, businesses, Church Road Action Group, Councillors and our MPs have all been in touch with the Post Office to try and get the branch re-opened, either on the same site or somewhere close by.

Update 20th December 2016

Sign the petition to restore local Post Office services in Redfield >>

redfieldTwo Bristol MPs have launched a campaign to restore local Post Office services in Redfield.

Kerry McCarthy (Bristol East) and Thangam Debbonaire (Bristol West) – joined by local business owners, residents, and the Councillors for Easton and St George West – are calling on the Post Office to reopen on Church Road as soon as possible. Kerry and Thangam’s petition, as well as a huge postcard, asks that the process move as quickly as possible and say there is overwhelming support in the community for doing so.

Redfield’s shops, cafes, and restaurants have also been taking part, keeping copies of the petition to sign in-store, since many local businesses have been affected by the closure of the branch.

Commenting, Thangam said: ‘When the Lloyds Bank closed back in April, we were assured that people would still be able to use banking services through the local Post Office. Now, for months, elderly and disabled residents have been struggling to get to other branches.’

Kerry added: ‘Today might be one of the last days to post items for them to arrive in time for Christmas but in Redfield and St George, for many of my constituents, the last chance they had to post something at a local post office was three months ago.’

‘After pressure from our ongoing community campaign – which is just getting started – Post Office are moving quickly and are currently assessing a potential new operator. We collected more than 100 signatures in one lunchtime and, with the help of brilliant Church Road businesses, will show that the standard six-week consultation is really not necessary. Local people need a Post Office – now.’

Original Post 7th December:

On Friday a a petition will be launched to call on the Post Office to re-open a branch in Redfield.

Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol East & Thangam Debbonaire, Labour MP for Bristol West have asked us to pass on the following message:

Many local people have been in touch with us about the closure of the Church Road Post Office. Disabled and elderly members of our community are struggling to go to the next nearest branches on Lawrence Hill or Whitehall Road. It is unacceptable that so many people in Redfield, Easton, and St George have been impacted.

We have been working hard with local residents and Councillors Craig, Pickersgill, and Shah to put pressure on the Post Office to quickly move forward with finding a new premises as soon as possible.

We will be visiting Church Road this Friday lunchtime to launch our petition calling on the Post Office to reopen as soon as possible, and would be delighted if you could join us outside of the closed Post Office at 128 Church Road at 11:30am to show your support.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you wish to help with this campaign or if we are able to assist with any other issues you might have.

Kerry McCarthy MP
Thangam Debbonaire MP