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Make Sunday Special Grants

Bristol City Council has announced that ‘Make Sunday Special‘ will be repeated in 2016 and that “For the first time events will extend beyond the summer, so we encourage you to plan Christmas fairs, Halloween street parties and other winter activities.”

The Council has also launched “a dedicated fund available for community groups to run their own local events. Up to £3,000 is available for one event in each neighbourhood partnership area.”

Further information, including an application form, application criteria and application guidelines all available on the Bristol City Council website.

Deadline to apply is 20th April.







Lord Mayor’s Medals

Congratulations to Rob Acton-Campbell and Fiona Russell, members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, presented, yesterday, at Bristol’s Mansion House, with Lord Mayor’s Medals by the Lord Mayor, Clare Campion-Smith.


Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership was presented with his medal in recognition of work he has carried out not only as Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership but also as Secretary of the Bristol Parks Forum, a committee member of Friends of Troopers Hill and Friends of Eastwood Farm and as Champion of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Environmental sub-group.  Part of his nomination read

“The signature note of all Rob’s work is partnership.  What makes him so special is how he inspires confidence in people to work together, encouraging them to achieve great things for their community and giving them the tools to do so.”

An example of this was described during yesterday’s presentation detailing how Rob had co-ordinated 3 local parks’ groups, Friends of Dundridge Parks, Friends of St George Park and Friends of Troopers Hill in applying for funding to support a series of events throughout the 2015 in their parks.

Fiona Russell, Chair of Meadow Vale Community Association, received her medal in acknowledgement of the work she has carried out for her local community, particularly in improving the facilities available for young and old in Speedwell’s Meadow Vale Community Centre and the adjacent Meadow Vale Park.

Her nomination included her tireless work addressing social deprivation in the Speedwell area.

3 other members of the Neighbourhood Partnership were honoured in earlier years.

In May 2012, Ann Radnedge, then Chair of Meadow Vale Community Association, received the award for her work with the Speedwell and Meadow Vale Communities creating the Meadow Vale Centre and working hard attracting funding and grants for the centre.

In May 2013, Grenville Johnson, currently Chair of St George in Bloom and Chair of Kensington Rd Residents’ Association and Neighbourhood Watch, was honoured for for his many voluntary works within his community.  In the photo of the award recipients, Grenville is in the back row, second from the right.  The report reads ” Grenville Johnson, a retired head teacher who has been the leading light in the Kensington Road Residents’ Association and neighbourhood watch in St George, as well as chairing the St George Neighbourhood Partnership for the past few years”.

You will have seen many reports on this site of Greville’s continued work for the community, particularly as Chair of St George in Bloom.

In February 2014, Richard Curtis, Chair of Church Rd Action Group, received the award for his work with the Redfield local community and for his work as a Magistrate with the Bristol Bench.  This is how his award was reported in the Bristol Post   ” Richard Curtis carries out a tremendous amount of work for his local community which he has done for many years in and around the Redfield area. Richard is chair of many local community groups, working with residents to improve the environment of the local area and addressing local issues, as well as being a magistrate, sitting on the Bristol Bench in both the Family and Adult Court. Richard gives his time to the local community generously, dedicating himself to making his local community a better place in which to live and to visit. Richard is more than happy to share his knowledge and skills with other people, offering advice and encouragement benefitting the local community and the city as a whole”.

You may remember this project that Richard ran in 2011.

Congratulations to all 5 of these holders of the Lord Mayor’s Medal.  We are really proud of these members’ achievements.

A complete list of all the recipients of the Lord Mayor’s Medal from 1983 to 2015 can be seen here.  Today’s Bristol Post article lists all of this year’s recipients.


Volunteers needed to help patients at Air Balloon Surgery

Do you have time to spare to give a little help and support to patients of Air Balloon Surgery who may be lonely, isolated or housebound?

Could you help giving lifts to patients with transport difficulties to Air Balloon Surgery?

To find out more about the Wellbeing Volunteer scheme being run at Air Balloon Surgery with RSVP West please contact Miffy Saunders on 0117 9099516 or by email at, or visit for more information about all their volunteer schemes or complete this Expression of Interest form and drop it off at the surgery or email it to Miffy.

RSVP poster rebranded-2 - ABS version

What a team!

The Church Rd Town Team has been working hard at the big billposter site near 301-307 Church Rd close to St George Community Centre and the Sikh Gurdwara.

town team The story so far:

  • Gaive Golding, leading this project for the Church Rd Town Team (CRTT), Fin McNab (from Sustrans) and some others broke up all of the tarmac on the site.
  • CRTT, aided by Fin and a group of people from Good Gym Bristol, cleared the site.  CRTT provided a skip to cart the tarmac etc away.
  • Fin obtained and sowed a mix of wildflower seeds.
  • Time passed…. the seeds didn’t take….
  • CRTT members cleared the weeds again…
  • On Sunday 6th March, 2016, CRTT laid the membrane purchased using Green Capital money from Bristol City Council as pictured above.  From right to left are Maxine and Nigel Williams, Gaive Golding, June Barclay,  Ian Townsend and Simon Webb.

Next steps:

  • Plant the area and lay bark chipping between the plants.
  • CRTT are working with St George in Bloom to do the planting:
    • CRTT have allocated a little under £500 from the remaining CRTT funds for planting.
    • Grenville Johnson, Chair of St George in Bloom, has submitted an application for funding from RHS.  Grenville also hopes to be able to obtain the plants at trade prices using his RHS contacts.
    • St George in Bloom, CRTT and any willing volunteers who can be recruited, will do the planting, to save labour costs.  Gaive, who used to be a landscape gardener, will be a source of expert guidance.
    • The plan is use aromatic herbs, such as Thyme, Rosemary and Lavender, that will require little watering and will be able to cope with the poor soil quality on the site.  Depending on funding and their ability to obtain the plants, the team hope to get the planting done in the next couple of months.
    • Gaive has found a source of bark chippings which will be laid as soon as it can be delivered.

Aspirations – maybe, one day… some flagstones/a short path and a bench…

If you would like to keep up to date with the Church Rd Town Team’s activities sign up to their mailing list.

Parking changes at Air Balloon Surgery

Air Balloon Surgery have suffered for some years from parking behaviour that has caused problems for patients and emergency vehicle.  As a result they are employing a company called Parking Eye, who will be issuing fines when the surgery car park is misused.

Here is an extract from a letter the surgery has written to neighbours:

In the next week or so we are changing arrangements for the practice car park. At times, unfortunately, we have significant abuse of use of the car park which causes problems for our patients and for any emergency vehicles which need to visit us. We have tried to tackle this problem over many years, using a light touch approach which sadly hasn’t worked.

Many of our patients are elderly and vulnerable and need to park close to us, and we have concerns that at some point an ambulance won’t be able to get into the car park and patient safety may be compromised. We have taken a decision to employ a company called Parking Eye to manage the car park. When the scheme is in place, users of the car park will now need to enter their car registration details into terminals located in the surgery and the pharmacy to receive a set period of parking on site. Any one not entering their details in the terminals or over staying the authorised parking period will receive a fine issued by Parking Eye.

I would emphasise that this measure has only been taken after considerable thought and research and has not been take lightly as we do anticipate that there may be a knock on effect, to you our neighbours. We have spoken to other GP practices successfully using Parking Eye. The practice does not receive any financial benefit from this scheme-the fines pay for the installation costs and the costs of running the scheme. Our only interest in bringing in these measures is to try to improve our services for our patients and to better manage the car park.

We do hope that this will have a minimal effect on you and that you are able to support this difficult measure we have felt forced to introduce.

The surgery has also supplied these answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Why are you introducing car parking measures?

A: Because our patients tell us it is often difficult to park and the car park is inappropriately used at times

Q: Is the practice getting money from this?

A: None at all. This is purely aimed at helping our patients and emergency vehicles access

Q: What happens when I visit the practice and forget to log in my car registration details?

A: You need to come and talk to us and we will give you contact details for you to talk to Parking Eye who run this scheme, to appeal any charges.

Q: Why are you using this company and this approach?

A: This is a national and very reputable company with experience of operating other successful schemes in other GP surgeries

Q: After entering car registration details how much parking time do you get?

A: 90 minutes or 1 ½ hours.

Q: What if I need to be at the surgery longer than 90 minutes?

A: If you know you will be longer than 90 minutes when you arrive at the surgery, talk to reception when you arrive.  If your visit unexpectedly takes longer than 90 minutes, talk to reception as you leave.

We hope you are able to support us to improve parking for all of our patients

The St George “Spring Bling” Issue 1

Do you want to make St George tidier, cleaner and more attractive for people or wildlife? There are 9 ways to Take Part or Get Help or Report It.

Read all about it in this

<<FIRST ISSUE of the St George “SPRING BLING>>


Let us know about your successes.