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Neighbourhood Forum – 9 February

The next St George Neighbourhood Forum will be on Tuesday 9th February, 7.00pm to 9.00pm at Summerhill Methodist Church, Air Balloon Road.

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Landfill funds play for green spaces in St George

Friends of Troopers Hill and Friends of Dundridge Park are celebrating their success in each being awarded £50,000 of grant funding from SITA Trust to support their play projects.

This total of £100,000 will pay for a small, under 5s, fenced play area with an access path in Troopers Hill Field and an upgrade in Dundridge Park to the small, ageing play area that is currently only suitable for very young children.

Both Friends groups expressed their gratitude to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership who pledged £15,000 for play in each of the green spaces.  Part of this money was then able to be used to make the contribution necessary to release these grants.  Friends of Dundridge Parks Chair, Geoff Reeson also said of the Neighbourhood Partnership, “They also funded a professional fundraiser to help us.”

Letters of support were used in the grant applications from local MP Kerry McCarthy, Avon and Somerset Police and Bristol City Council.

SITA Trust funding comes from the Landfill Communities Fund which is an innovative tax credit scheme enabling Landfill Operators, of which SITA is one,  to contribute money to organisations for a wide range of community and environmental projects in the vicinity of landfill sites.

Chair of Troopers Hill, Susan Acton-Campbell, has sent us this photo of the only current piece of manufactured play equipment in Troopers Hill Field with the message, “Thank you so much to almost 500 people who showed their support for a new play area, it really impressed SITA Trust.  You also made clear your concerns – don’t worry, this much loved slide will stay and continue to be cared for.  The new, small play area will be quite a distance away from the slide.  The goal posts are also staying”.



More Troopers Hill Field details here.

St George Park Lake Update

New homes found for St George Park Lake Fish.

Update Friday 19th February

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20160209_124724Update Tuesday 9th February

Further investigations are being carried out this week in the area where the path around the lake has subsided. We will post a further update once these are complete.

Update Friday 29th January

Work to relocate the fish from the lake has been completed.

Further structural surveys of the lake walls will be undertaken next week before the lake is refilled.

It will not be necessary to drain the lake any further.

Update Tuesday 26th January

  • Bristol City Council started work to remove the fish from St George Park Lake today.
  • All healthy fish will be relocated to a range of sites around Bristol.
  • The Environment Agency and fishery experts will decide which fish go to which site.
  • At the same time the lake will be drained so that the walls can be inspected and all rubbish removed.
  • Some selective tree felling will also be undertaken on the island to reduce the risk of trees falling into the lake and damaging the edge of the island.
  • The lake will be allowed to start to refill once the inspections and rubbish removal are complete. There will be fencing in place around the lake until water levels return to close to normal.
  • The swans have been taken to a swan sanctuary to be looked after while the work is in progress and will be returned once the fencing has been removed.
  • Bristol City Council has committed to work with the St George Neighbourhood Partnership and the Friends of St George Park to carry out repairs to the walls and rejuvenate the lake as part of a long-term plan to improve its condition for all wildlife.
  • Once any structural work and environmental improvements have been completed it is intended to reintroduce some fish to the lake.

swansUpdate 19th January:

Over recent weeks Bristol Parks have been continuing discussions with the Environment Agency and their expert consultants on options for the fish in St George Park Lake.

A Bristol City Council spokesman has today (Jan 19th) issued the following statement:

“Following the decision late last year to remove all the fish from St George Park lake we have received offers to relocate fish and these have been explored with our advisors.”

“The outcome is that we now have waters in and around Bristol that we can move fish to. However this can only happen if they are deemed to be healthy enough that they will not pose a risk to existing fish stocks when moved.”

“We know from the health check we commissioned that many of the fish are not healthy enough to be relocated. However, if a fish is healthy enough to be moved we will try and do so.”

“We are working with the Environment Agency now to ensure that all site permits and registrations are in place to carry out the work. The removal will take place before the end of February which is the start of bird nesting and the fish spawning season.”

“The council fully supports the longer term ambition of both the Neighbourhood Partnership and the Friends of St George Park to gradually improve the lake for the benefit of park users and wildlife.”

Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of the Neighbourhood Partnership adds:

“Members of the Neighbourhood Partnership made it clear at the meeting in December that the preference would be for fish to be relocated, but agreed to accept the recommendations in the report as presented. I am pleased that further work by Bristol Parks and the Environment Agency has identified sites which will be able to receive healthy fish from the lake and that they will now be relocated. I would like to thank those who have helped by suggesting sites.”

“I am also pleased with the Council’s committment to support the aims of the Friends of St George Park and the Partnership to improve the lake for wildlife. Following the removal of the fish and an inspection of the walls of the lake to establish the extent of repair work needed we will arrange a meeting to put together a plan to rejuvenate the lake, taking the report from the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust at Slimbridge as a starting point.”

“Following a constructive meeting I had last week with the Angling Trust and Bristol Parks I am pleased that the Angling Trust will be part of the discussions about the lake’s future and that they accept that the actions now proposed to relocate healthy fish are justified.”

A statement issued by the Angling Trust can be seen here.

Note – as the fish will soon be removed, no further fishing permits will be issued for St George Park. Fishing permits are still required for Eastville Park.

Read our earlier report on the issue here.


Money granted to local projects – Wednesday 16th December, 2015

3 applications for funding were made from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) Wellbeing Fund.  All were granted at the SGNP meeting of  16th December, 2015, one for a lesser amount than originally applied for, by a unanimous vote of the Neighbourhood Committee, which was represented at the meeting by 1 St George West and 2 St George East councillors.

The following amounts were granted, some subject to certain conditions:

a) St Aidans Church

£275 for printing and stationery to support and publicise the St George Community Fair to be held in March 2016, showcasing many local community groups.

b) St George Park Community Garden under the umbrella of Friends of St George Park

£951.49 to provide timber and fixings for raising the sides of the existing beds on the bandstand in St George Park to enable more members of the community to participate in gardening and picking produce.  It is also hoped it will reduce trampling from dogs.

c) Speedwell Friends

£2,900 to use an allotment for a project to support socially isolated people to develop a sense of belonging and pride in their neighbourhood.  As well as planting the project includes outdoor cooking sessions, harvesting seeds and designing seed packets with growing instructions in different languages.  Using a professional facilitator to start the project it is hoped volunteers will be trained to continue the project after its first 20 sessions.  Costs include the time of the professional, a greenhouse, field kitchen materials, gardening tools and seeds.

The Speedwell Friends are another group  who had never previously applied for Wellbeing funding.  This brings the total of different organisations support by the Wellbeing fund since 2009 to 46.

The closing date for the next round of applications is: Monday 8th February, 2016.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing sub-group are a group of volunteers who review the grant applications and make recommendations about them.  New volunteers would be very welcome.  Found out more here.

To make your own application for a grant visit