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St George Library


Bristol City Council has announced new opening hours for St George Library.

Effective 4 April 2016 St George Library will be open:
small-spacerMonday: 3.00pm to 7.00pm
small-spacerTuesday: 10.00am to 2.00pm
small-spacerWednesday: 1.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerThursday: 10.00am to 2.00pm
small-spacerFriday: 1.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerSaturday: 11.00am to 5.00pm
small-spacerSunday: closed

The current opening hours are:
small-spacerMonday: 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 7.00pm
small-spacerTuesday: 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerWednesday: 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerThursday: closed
small-spacerFriday: 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerSaturday: 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 5.00pm
small-spacerSunday: closed

A full list of opening hours for libraries in the city effective 4 April 2016 is available on the Bristol City Council website

Other information:
Information on Bristol City Council website
Story on BBC website



You Said – We Did – November 2015

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  An action tracker is kept of the issues raised at the each meeting and a record kept of what has been done about them.

For this meeting on Tuesday 10th November, 2015, the Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership welcomed Gill Calloway, our new Neighbourhood Officer at Bristol City Council.  Gill manages the arrangement for each forum and follows up actions raised.  Gill works part-time and the best means to contact her is by email at  Gill joined us less than a month ago but has been on walkabouts in the neighbourhood and talking to community groups,  gathering information on local issues.

This is her initial action tracker report.

The Chair then described the purpose of the Neighbourhood Partnership Plan and how it is regularly reviewed so that local people’s priorities for the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area are followed.  He also outlined the work of sub-groups addressing those priorities and invited volunteers to join those groups.

Different speakers are invited to the meeting to talk about issues that are of interest to the neighbourhood.  These were:

i) Crime and Local Policing Update – PC Pete Crawford and PC Matt Clements

Fishponds police station, which currently serves the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area, will close in 2016 and police services will come from  the central hub of Trinity Rd from 4th January, 2016.

Parking issues continue to be addressed at Two Mile Hill School and Air Balloon Hill Primary School.

Drug dealing issues have been followed up in Soaphouse Lane.

Matt Clements gave a summary of crime statistics but these covered a much wider area than the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.  For a more detailed picture visit for “St George South East” which includes Crews Hole, Troopers Hill, and areas to the east and west of the Kingsway up to  Two Mile Hill Rd for “St George West” which includes St George Park and Bell Hill Rd to Speedwell Rd for “St George East” which cover the Two Mile Hill area.

A particular increase in theft from motor vehicles was due to the activities of just two offenders.

The IMPACT process was described where some released offenders are managed and monitored.

Advice was given on how to protect your property with software.  It is very important that you do record the email address and password you used to activate this software.  If you lose this information you have lost the opportunity to track your possessions.  Do record serial numbers

ii) WE Care and Repair – Liz Freeman

WE Care and Repair is a service to help people aged over 60 or of any age with disabilities to be independent.

They have a Handyperson service which help with tasks as small as replacing internal light bulbs.

Surveys can be carried out to assess the safety of your home and suggest solutions tor problems.

The service is available to all whether home owners or tenants.  Costs are subsidised.  Armed forces members may not have to pay.

A trusted contractors list is available.

WE Care and Repair can provide someone to manage larger projects such as roof repairs.

There is an equipment demonstration centre in Old Market which is open 10am-4pm Monday-Friday with an occupational therapist on the premises.  You can make a free appointment to discuss what is best for you.

A housing option service is available to help people who are considering downsizing their home.  This service will help in reviewing options and the actual move.  Some clients have been supported for 2 years during the process.

A home improvement service is available and information can be provided about low cost loans.

For people aged over 50 wishing to help others there is the opportunity to volunteer with the Silverlinks service.

iii) Educate Together Academy Trust  – is a new school needed for the Speedwell area? – Nikky Buglass

Educate Together has 35 years of schools experience in Ireland.  The first school in England is in its 2nd year in Avonvaile Rd, Redfield.  The children spend 30 minutes of every school day studying ethics.

The question being asked is are the people of Speedwell interested in having a new school?  For a school to be built there has to be evidence of need.  On Tuesday 1st December at 7pm there will be an opportunity at Meadow Vale Community Centre for parents to express their interest.

On Saturday 21st and 28th November there will be lantern making workshops at Redfield Educate Together, ready for Church Rd Lantern Parade on Friday 4th December.

iv) Take a (cycle) stand –  Life Cycle UK – Jacks Jarrett  

Jacks Jarrett is a freelance cycle instructor.

The offer is a free cycle stand for community groups, small businesses and landlords.  The cost of installation is not included and the stand can only be placed on land with the landowners permission.

Life Cycle UK offer free cycling lessons.  3x 1 hour  lessons are provided with an instructor.  A bicycle can be hired at £5 per lesson.

There are monthly sales of bicycles at £100-£120.  These are bicycles  refurbished by prisoners.  Donations of bicycles for refurbishment are always welcome.  Lower cost bicycles can be arranged for people on low incomes.

Many more service provided by Life Cycle UK can be see on their website.

v) Healthwatch Bristol – Claire Littlejohn

Healthwatch Bristol is funded by the Department of Health.  Every council has to have Healthwatch.  They offer signposting to  services via the Wellaware database.   They are interested in your views on medical services.  They do not deal with complaints.  They have four staff to cover Bristol and are supplemented by volunteers.

Volunteers are in 3 categories:

Champions to attend public meetings such as the Neighbourhood Partnership forums to gather issues

Representatives to attend committee meetings

Enter and view volunteers.

More about these roles can be seen on

Issues raised in the break out sessions

The police were given no issues to follow up so will concenrate on burglary and theft of motor vehicles and their contents.

Issues were raised about the Troopers Hill Rd traffic calming proposals which were recorded.

Conflicts for space between pedestrians and cyclists on the River Avon Trail were raised.


Please do not wait for a forum to report simple issues that can be reported online or by phone.  Please do make use of “Report It!”, the tab at the top right of this page.  The best way we can use Neighbourhood Forum time is raising more difficult issues.

No grants were awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting.  The next closing date to apply for a Wellbeing grant can be  seen is Monday 8th February 2016.

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 9th February, 2016 at Summerhill Methodist Church.

If you have an idea for a subject to be spoken about that is of local interest contact our Neighbourhood Partnership Co-ordinator, 
Abdulrazak Dahir,, telephone 0117 903 6409.

Mayor’s Visit to St George

photo selection

George Ferguson CBE, Mayor of Bristol, visited various places within St George on Friday 30 October at the invitation of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership.

His visit to St George NP area started at the junction of Lyppiatt Road and Church Road, where he discussed with local residents the concerns they have about heavy goods vehicles using Lyppiatt Road, inconsiderate parking and speeding cars.


His next stop was in Gladstone Street where he learnt of plans to improve this small park area.


From there he moved on to Meadow Vale Community Centre in Speedwell where he learnt of plans for a new community building for the area.


He also saw a mural painted by young people the day before on a concrete wall at the edge of the adjacent park. The painting project was organised by Young Bristol using Green Capital 2015 funding to brighten up the park.

At Dundridge Park the Mayor saw at first hand the deteriorating condition of ‘The Pavilion’ which is used as changing facilities for football matches.


A representative of a local Community Speed Watch scheme met the Mayor on Crews Hole Road where traffic speed and volume was discussed.  The Mayor was also shown the plans that have been produced to improve cycling provision and road safety on this route.


The centre piece for the St George area is a large Victorian park; St George Park.  Here the Mayor met with members of the Friends of St George Park, where they discussed the ongoing issues being caused by fishing in the park and the impact this was having on birds using the park lake.


The final stop on the Mayor’s tour of St George was to the library in St George Park where the Mayor discussed the services provided at the library and the potential to make the library more of a community hub.  At the library, there was also the opportunity to meet with members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership where a variety of issues affecting the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area was discussed.


Rob Acton-Campbell, Chair of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership, commented “It was useful to be able to show George some of the issues of concern to residents in the St George NP area.  Many of these issues have been ongoing for some time, and we hope that by the Mayor seeing the issues himself it will help to bring them to a resolution.”

George Ferguson, Mayor of Bristol, explained: “It is always useful to me to be able witness on the ground some of the local concerns and aspirations. Members of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership and others were able to voice their concerns about an extensive range of issues in the St George area, including transport, parks, playgrounds and libraries. I have taken full note and shall do all I can to enable the Council to address the issues where practically possible in stringent times.”

Following the vist, Mayor George Fergusson sent a letter of thanks to the Neighbourhood Partnership Chair which was read out at the NP meeting on 16th December.
Letter from Mayor George Fergusson
Schedule of action points

The Mayor’s visit to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership area was part of a series of visits to each of the 14 Neighbourhood Partnership areas in the city.


View Photo Gallery – Photos by Frances Gard