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Better Play in St George parks

One of the priorities in The St George Neighbourhood Plan is that St George should have good quality children’s play areas close to all residents.

The Partnership can work with Bristol Parks and other parts of the Council to help local residents who want to see their local play areas improved.

As a first stage advice and assistance (such as printing and the provision of freepost envelopes) can be given to carry out consultations to find out what type of play equipment is most wanted. The Partnership can then provide further support in applying for grants and getting detailed designs drawn up, and has some small sums of money in its control that it can allocate to be used as seed money or match funding.

There are four areas of St George where groups of residents are actively involved in trying to improve their local play area.

Initial1sqAt Troopers Hill Field there is currently a solitary 1970s slide and some climbing logs that were installed in 2009. With the support of the Partnership and Bristol Parks, Friends of Troopers Hill are runnng a consultation that is open until Monday 1st June to establish whether local people would support a new play area in the Field. Find out more and respond to the consultation here. If there is sufficient support then the group will work towards getting a finalised design and applying for grants. The Neighbourhood Partnership has allocated £15,000 of Section 106 money to this project which the group aims to use as ‘match funding’.

2014_1213_130806Meanwhile Friends of Dundridge Park will soon be holding a similar consutation about expanding their play area and another £15,000 of Section 106 money has also been allocated here. Local residents at Dundridge first contacted the Partnership when the swings in the park had to be removed for safety reasons last year. The swings have now been replaced but there is a demand for more play equipment to be installed, particularly for older children.

At Meadow Vale there is a long term project being progressed by Meadow Vale Community Association to expand the Community Centre and to improve facilities in the adjacent park at the same time, including adding play equipment for children of a range of ages. We hope to be able to post more details of this exciting project soon.

11026016_945223228843650_2852842197934880830_nIn St George Park the play area was rebuilt in 2009 with the design representing a dragon based on ideas from local children. The two plastic slides that form the dragon’s nostrils are currently out of use due to vandalism and need to be replaced. Bristol Parks are trying to source suitable replacements that will be more robust. As a result of the prolonged closure of the slides a facebook group was set up to campaign for improvements to the play area. Initial discussions have now been held between members of that group, Friends of St George Park, Bristol Park’s play officer and representatives of the Partnership about how we can work together to bring about enhancements to the play area as part of the Friends of St George Park overall vision for improving the park.

St George Neighbourhood Partnership would also like to hear from any residents near Colebrook Road who might be interested in getting involved with improving the play area there.

New Council Wards for St George from 2016

The Local Government Boundary Commission has now published its final conclusions on the revised ward boundaries for Bristol.

For St George in place of the current St George East and St George West wards with two Councillors each, there will be three wards – St George Central with two Councillors and St George West and St George Troopers Hill with 1 Councillor each. There is no change to the boundary of St George as a whole. There is only one minor boundary change from the proposals issued by the Commission for consultation in February.

The new ward boundaries will apply for the ‘all out’ Council Elections on Thursday 5th May 2016.

You can see the details of the new wards on the Commission’s website at (look under ‘Final recommendations’). The new and current wards for St George are also shown below.


Current Wards

Election Results May 2015

Election Results for 7 May 2015

Council Seat for St George East

Fabian Breckels has been elected as a Councillor for the St George East Ward (one year term of office).

Electorate: 9,768
Turnout: 63.81%
Spoilt papers: 24

Fabian Guy Breckels (Labour and Co-operative Party): 2,052 elected
Nicholas John Coombes (Liberal Democrat): 333
Jonathan Ralph Douglas Lewis (UK Independence Party (UKIP)): 1,566
Rick Lovering (Green Party): 581
Mike Luff (Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition): 63
Kevin Robert Rainey (The Conservative Party Candidate): 1,614

More information available here.

Council Seat for St George West

Sue Milestone has been elected as a Councillor for the St George West Ward (one year term of office).

Electorate: 9,355
Turnout: 61.58%
Spoilt papers: 34

Wayne Coombes (Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition): 86
Claire Francesca Frost (UK Independence Party (UKIP)): 901
David Thomas Harrison Lewis (The Conservative Party Candidate): 934
Sue Milestone (Labour and Co-operative Party): 2102 elected
Tony Potter (Liberal Democrat Focus Team): 557
Matthew Whitney (Green Party): 1148

More information available here.

Parliamentary seat of Bristol East

Kerry McCarthy has been elected as the Member of Parliament for Bristol East

Electorate: 71,191
Seats: 1
Turnout: 65%
Spoilt papers: 162

CLARKE Theo (The Conservative Party Candidate): 14,168
FRANCIS Lorraine (Green Party): 3,827
GORDON Matt (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition): 229
MALIK Abdul Raoof (Liberal Democrat): 2,689
MCCARTHY Kerry Gillian (Labour Party): 18,148 elected
MCMURRAY James Robert (UK Independence Party (UKIP)): 7,152

You can view a video of the announcement here.

Ballot papers for election for Councillor for St George East and St George West are being counted on the afternoon of Friday 8 May.