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20mph Implementation

The 20mph zone for the East area will come into effect on Friday 27th March 2015.

This zone covers those parts of St George that are not already covered by earlier schemes as well as parts of Easton and Lawrence Hill, Eastville, Hillfields & Frome Vale. More details on the roll out of 20mph zones across Bristol can be seen at

The map below shows the area covered in this zone which is the sixth to be implemented. Adjacent areas within the city already have new limits in place. The speed limits will be legally enforceable in the new zone from 27th March when the Speed Limit Order (SLO) becomes operative.


Download map as pdf file. This map shows new speed limits for the area, but is for illustrative purposes only.

The orange lines on the map are the roads that will remain 30 mph and the red lines are those that will remain 40 mph and are excluded from the project. All the roads that are blue will be 20 mph. The green lines on the map are those roads that will be 20 mph, but may require some form of white lining or signing treatment such as the removal of the central line or marked 20 mph roundels in the carriageway.

In preparation for the implementation date the small ‘repeater’ signs are now being fixed in place on roads across St George. Nearer to the implementation date the larger speed limit signs will be installed where the speed limit changes and roundels will be marked on some roads.

The implementation follows the formal consultation on the Speed Limit Order that was held from 2 October to 24 October 2014 and informal consultation in 2013. As a result of the comments made during the formal consultation the proposal was changed slightly to include the junction of Crews Hole Road and Fireclay Road with Blackswarth Road within the 20mph restriction (this is shown on the above map).

Crash barrier repairs

Local residents in the Pile Marsh area will be very familiar with this sight on Fireclay Rd.

collapsed crash barrier 3

This collapsed crash barrier was reported to Bristol City Council 5 months ago.  Problems with crash barriers have also been found on Whitchurch Lane in Hartcliffe, Callington Rd in Brislington and St Phillips Causeway.  Reports have been produced for some sites and others are being prepared.

In the case of Fireclay Rd road conditions have changed since the installation of this crash barrier.  A length of the crash barrier can be removed and a shorter, renovated section left in place.  When all the reports have been received Bristol City Council Highways team will put the work out for tender and it is hoped that work will be carried out during May to June although no guarantees have been made that this will be the case.

Updated  25th October – tree works were carried out on Friday 23rd October in preparation for the work which is due to start the following week for a duration of 4 weeks.

Updated 13th November – contractors have completed work and Bristol City Council’s Highways officers will be inspecting the works on Monday 16th November.

Although the collapsed section of barrier on Fireclay Rd is unsightly it does not present a risk and a wide section of the pavement is still accessible.  By repairing all the problems crash barrier under one contract the overall cost will be much less than dealing with each problem section of crash barrier on an individual basis.













Green Capital grants for St George

In 2014 £10,000 was allocated to the St George Neighbourhood to allocate to local projects.  This was advertised with the decisions being made at the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting on 17th December, 2014.

It had been agreed by the Neighbourhood Partnership at their September meeting that any unallocated Green Capital funding would be used for a Green Mapping project which would not only promote access to St George’s green spaces but also if, funding permitted, include improvements to their accessibility.

The applications were reviewed by the Wellbeing sub-group prior to the meeting and their recommendations included in the notes of the meeting.  The total of funding requested in applications came to more than double the amount available.

A further £10,000 was allocated to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership after the meeting of the Wellbeing sub-group but before the meeting of the Neighbourhood Partnership.

The following grants were agreed by the St George Neighbourhood Partnership on 17th December, 2014:

a) £2,871 for Friends of St George Park to to commission a management plan (£1,746) to be written for St GeorgePark and funding for associated consultation and work to meet the recommendations of the management plan.

b) £2,023 to fund 13 walks across St George, some with specialist leaders and to fund a craft or similar family activity in Dundridge Park.  Friends of Troopers Hill, Friends of St George Park and Friends of Dundridge Park will be participating in providing the walks and sourcing experts where necessary.

c)  £2,100 for the Soil Association to pay for marquee hire (£1,200) and volunteer support and training as part of the Big Picnic aimed at involving Summerhill Infants, Summerhill Academy, Two Mile Hill Primary and Air Balloon Hill Primary schools in growing projects. There will be workshops and demonstration station to engage pupils in growing and cooking.

d) £900 for the Redfest orgaisation for solar power and production for a stage and tents at next year’s Redfest which will have a theme of “Redfest Goes Green” aimed at increasing knowledge of the environment, people’s impact on it and encouraging recycling

e) £1,535 to the Haven organisation pay for gardening and woodworking equipment, web space and an open day event. The Haven is a 1.3 acre site providing a communal garden and relaxation spaces open to adults with issues surrounding mental health and/or alcohol and substance misuse.

f) £500 for the architect’s fee to include a vertical garden in the design to convert an industrial building into community-owned, affordable housing in Battens Lane.

This left £838.50 to be spent on the Green Mapping project from the first £10,000 of Green Capital Funding.

Two applications were rejected but it was agreed that the applicants be invited to re-apply for the additional Green Capital funding by 12th January 2015 with the decision to be made at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting of 25th March 2015.

The two applications were from:

a) Summerhill Infants School for £5,000 to redesign the school’s allotment area (£4,500) which is currently contaminated with glass and to supply seeds, tools, etc.

b) Protect a Pup for £4,868,88 to provide low cost/free dog
neutering or spaying (£3,500) and set up information stalls and distribute leaflets and dog waste bags to encourage responsible dog ownership.

By 25th March, 2015, Summerhill Infants School made no reply to questions raised at and prior to  the December meeting so this application was not taken forward.

The  Protect a Pup application was discussed in some detail at the Neighbourhood Partnership meeting of 25th March, 2015 and a majority vote of Neighbourhood Partnership members decided that a grant would not be made.

The Partnership agreed that the remaining funds, £10,838.50, would be allocated to the Bristol East Green Map project which aims to improve walking routes and access to green spaces.


Money granted to local projects – 17/12/2014

4 applications for funding were made from the St George Neighbourhood Partnership (SGNP) Wellbeing Fund.  3 of these were granted at the SGNP meeting of  17th December, 2014 by a majority vote of the Neighbourhood Committee, which consists of St George West and East councillors.

The following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions:

a) Mavis Friendship Club

£480 to provide transport costs for older people to attend the Mavis Friendship Club in Wood Rd.

b) St Aidan’s Church

£220 for publicity materials to support a community fair to be held on Saturday 7th March to showcase local organisations and promote their activites and services.

c) Age UK Bristol

£390 to provide a subsidised footcare service for the older people.

An application for funding from the St George Table Tennis Club was rejected because quotations were not include fro the desired table tennis tables nor the youth coaching work, nor was it clear how many coaching sessions would be provided or their location.  A revised application with this information would be welcomed for the next funding round.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit

The closing date for the next round of applications is:

**********Monday 12th January*******

At the same meeting the Neighbourhood Partnership decided on the allocation of £10,000 of Green Capital funding.