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St George Park Kiosk Update

The tender process for St George Park Kiosk has now closed.

The Council has received 9 applications to run the Kiosk for the next three years.

The applications will now be reviewed by the Council. Representatives from both Friends of St George Park and St George Neighbourhood Partnership will be given an opportunity to give their views.

We will post further information on this website about a likely reopening date and opening times once the contract has been awarded.

River Avon Path Update 2

As reported here a section of the river path in Crews Hole has had to be closed due to a dangerous wall. Please do not try to use the closed section, there is an alternative route on the other side of the river (see below).

Latest Update – December 2014

The section of wall that was in danger of collapsing on to the path has now been supported with scaffolding; it was necessary to build this on the path and so it is now blocked. A large tree at the top of the wall has been removed and various investigation works have been carried out so that permanent repair works can be designed. The design is now complete and works are expected to start in the next few weeks.

The possibility of contructing a temporay footway / cycleway around the scaffolding to allow the path to re-open before works are completed has been investigated but has been found not to be practical.

The Council has provided the following information:

The land owner provided a proposal to install a temporary structure around the base of the scaffold. Following a review of this proposal with our Highways Team, it has been decided not to go ahead with installing it for timing, practical and cost reasons.

The wall repair and bank stabilisation specifications are being approved by our Engineering Consultant and the land owner’s agent is in the process commissioning a contractor to undertake the work. We are in the process of extending the footpath closure until 23rd May when we estimate that the work to the wall will be complete and signed off as safe.

Please do pass on our apologies for inconvenience caused and assure your community that we are doing all we can to make the pathway safe and get it open as soon as possible.

The section of path will remain closed with temporary fences at the footbridge and at Netham until the works are complete. Alternative routes are available for pedestrians or cyclists over the footbridge and along the path on the other side of the river, or via the road (see map below). If you find the barriers have been removed please call the Council on 0117 922 2050.

The path is open from the St Anne’s footbridge towards Conham.


Crews Hole Road Speed Tables

CH TROplanThe formal consultation on the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the proposed speed tables in Crews Hole Road runs from Monday 31st March to Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

Full details of the proposed scheme can now be seen on the Council’s website via the link below:

TRO – Crew’s Hole Road (St George East), Proposed Speed Tables (Road Humps)

The documents on the website are:

• Statement of Reasons
• Notice of Intent
• Plan showing location of proposed speed tables

The ‘Notice of Intent’ sets out how to submit any objections to the scheme.

The plans will also be on display at St George Library from Fri 4th April.

The proposals shown in the plan are the same as those published in January and posted on this website here. The scheme is for junction speed tables and speed cushions, at Crew’s Hole Road in the vicinity of its junction with Butlers Close, where the road passes through a double bend.

The reasons for the scheme set out in the ‘Statement of Reasons’ are that:

“A number of road traffic accidents have been recorded at the location in recent years. These have been attributed to drivers losing control of their vehicles and excessive speed is judged to have been the key contributory factor. The proposed road humps will encourage motorists to reduce their speed as they enter the double bend and maintain a lower speed as they pass through it. The incidence of accidents should fall significantly as a consequence.”

The scheme is being funded from Section 106 money which has been allocated to this scheme by the St George Neighbourhood Committee. Progress of this scheme is now completly separate from the proposals for the Conham Road section, which as reported at the Partnership meeing on 25th March is currently on hold.

Dundridge Park Swings

Concerns were raised at the Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting on 25th March 2014 about the removal of the swings in Dundridge Park and the lack of any information about what had happened to them.

We have now received the following update from the Parks Operations Manager (sorry it was not available at the meeting).

“they were removed because they were unsafe. We had a routine longer-term inspection carried out by an independent inspector (they receive a visual inspection once a week by the play team) and the inspector demonstrated that the base of the swings had very severe rot. They were removed immediately.

I cannot give a date when they will be replaced right now but we will replace them very soon in the new financial year.”

We have asked for notices to be placed in the park explaining the situation.

Money granted to local projects – 25/3/2014

4 applications for funding were made and the following amounts granted, some subject to certain conditions.

These are the projects and the amounts granted:

a) Church Rd Action Group – Church Rd Lamppost hanging baskets
£750 for two double basket hanging baskets and 1 single hanging baskets to be supplied, fitted and maintained.  The aim of the Church Rd Action Group is to improve the look and feel of the Church Rd area so people will enjoy shopping there.  Local businesses are participating in the project by funding their own hanging baskets.

b) St George in Bloom 2014 – Wildflower Meadow Enhancement Project
£1,430 for wildflower meadows on Plummers Hill Open Space (300sq metres), Furber Road Open Space (150 sq metres), Dundridge Playing Fields (150 sq metres) and Netham House (50 sq metres).  The aim is to improve the appearance of these areas and promote public involvement in the care of their neighbourhood and the St George in Bloom campaign.

c)  Bristol Playbus – Circus Workshops for 8-13 year olds
£1,200 for circus workshops at Hillfields Youth Centre or Kingswood Foundation.   A further identical amount is being sought from the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership.  This project is aimed at benefiting around 50 children with 8 two-hour sessions planned once a week from  4-6pm over 2 months.  Target benefits include improving children’s confidence, physical wellbeing and making new friends.

d) Gurdwara Nirman Sewak Jatha Heritage – Internal works to the Sikh Temple at 9-11 Summerhill Rd.
£1,000 towards internal work to the parts of the temple intended for community use.  Before current building work community groups were welcome to the building but the facilities were very limited.  Community facilities such as halls and meeting rooms are oversubscribed at peak times in St George.

To find out more about how your group can apply for funding visit

Money remaining from this year’s funding will be used to buy and install community noticeboards, locations to be decided.  For more information look at the St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting notes.

The closing date for the next round of applications is:
**********Monday 28th April********


Crew’s Hole Rd etc Update

At the Neighbourhood Partnership Meeting on 25 March, members of the Partnership were advised that the proposed one-way system for Crew’s Hole (Conham Rd section) is currently ‘on hold’ and the project is no longer being progressed. The Council had been considering various options for this section of road in addition to the one-way scheme, but the Temple Quarter Enterprize Zone Board has now decided to allocate the £200k set aside for this section to other works nearer to the zone.

The proposals for parts of Beaufort Road etc to be made one-way are still being progressed as are those for traffic calming on Crews Hole Road around Butlers Close.

The start dates for the schemes have slipped with Beaufort Road now expected to start in May and Crews Hole Road in June. Details of the schemes to be implemented can be seen here.

Speedwell Fire Station – update

Avon Fire Rescue Service - Investing in the future

Avon Fire and Rescue Service has published further information on their plans to close Speedwell Fire Station, and to provide services from Kingswood Fire Station instead.

Details of the plans are also be available at Hillfields, St George and Kingswood libraries.

Further information is also on their website.

photo: outside of Speedwell Fire Station

Speedwell Fire Station


In January Avon Fire & Rescue Service announced plans to build three new fire stations, a new Headquarters and redevelop an existing fire station under its ‘Investing for the future’ programme.  As part of these proposals, they announced that Speedwell Fire Station will close and that services would be provided from Kingswood Fire Station instead.

On Thursday 20 March there will be a meeting at the Seminar Room at Cossham Hospital, Lodge Road, Bristol BS15 1LF from 3.00pm to 6.45pm, where there will be an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposals.

Details of the plans will also be available from Hillfields, St George and Kingswood libraries from Friday 21 March.

* Further information on this meeting
* Further informarion on ‘Future Programme’ of Avon Fire & Rescue Service

Lodge Road & Ingleside Road

Our neighbours in the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership have identified a scheme of waiting restrictions in the Charlton Road and Ingleside Road area as a local traffic management priority.

The St George Neighbourhood Partnership area borders the Greater Fishponds Neighbourhood Partnership area, with both NP areas extending to the border with South Gloucestershire.  The only area affected in the St George NP area is at the junction of Lodge Road and Ingleside Road (St George East Ward).  Many other roads in the area are also affected (which are in the Greater Fishponds NP area).

The scheme comprises the following elements:
• Prohibition of waiting at any time on distributor roads (such as Charlton Road, Ingleside Road, Lodge Hill and Lodge Road) in the vicinity of junctions and accesses and on lengths of road where parked vehicles can interfere with the passage of traffic (including pedestrians), interrupt sightlines and create potentially unsafe highway conditions.
• Prohibition of waiting at any time on minor residential roads (such as Clarence Road and Elton Road) in the vicinity of junctions and accesses and on lengths of road where parked vehicles can interfere with the passage of traffic (including pedestrians), interrupt sightlines and create potentially unsafe highway conditions.
• Restriction of waiting, between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, to a maximum duration of one hour in the vicinity of the commercial premises on the east side of Charlton Road, near its junction with Lodge Hill. This measure is intended to encourage a turnover of parking spaces for the benefit of the businesses and their customers.

Before the scheme of waiting restrictions can be introduced the Council must make a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO).  A formal consultation is being undertaken as part of the TRO process.  The closing date for comments is Friday 21 March.

Further information available on the Bristol City Council website:
•  This proposal (including map)
•  General information on Traffic Regulation Orders