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Avon Promenade

The Avon Promenade will be “an attractive, continuous walking and cycling route that extends from Keynsham to Hotwells which is free from traffic and follows some of the popular waterways of Bristol”.

This route will include the River Avon path through Crews Hole and the increased cycle use that is expected was one of the reasons for the recent proposals to make Conham Road one-way. As reported here the Council are now reviewing the options for this section of road.

The different sections of the route have different sources of funding with Bristol City Council; Bath & North East Somerset Council; South Gloucestershire Council; the Local Enterprise Partnership; Temple Meads Enterprize Zone and Travel West all being involved. Below is a summary and links to information about the progress in providing the route.

Bristol City Centre

Clarence Rd picFunding for much of the route from Temple Meads to Hotwells is from the government’s Cycle City Ambition Grant. Details of Bristol’s successful bid can be seen here.

Work on the section of the route along Clarence Road starts on Monday 10th March and details can be seen in this press release.

Temple Meads to Conham

This section of the route is being funded as part of the improved transport links to the Temple Quarter Enterprize Zone.

Approval to spend £20.85 million for transport infrastructure around the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone is being sought at Bristol City Council’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday 4th March. There is a press release about the proposals here and more details can be seen in the Cabinet Report (pdf).

This report gives the forecast spending as £850,000 for Feeder Road; £200,000 for Conham Road and £280,000 for Conham Towpath out of the total budget of £20,850,000. The aims of the project are stated to be:
• Facilitate the creation of new jobs within the Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone.
• Encourage mode shift from the private car to walking, cycling and public transport.

Update: This funding was approved by Cabinet on 4th March. Note the design for implementing the route along Conham Road is not yet finalised, the Council is currently considering all options. Cllr Steve Pearce submitted a statement to the Cabinet meeting which can be seen here.

Conham to Hanham Mills

The work to this section of the route is being managed by South Gloucestershire Council. Work has started at the Hanham Mills end and planning applications are being progressed for parts of the work. This section is refered to as the Keynsham Greenways Project.


SomerdaleThe final link in the route is a new bridge over the River Avon which will be provided as part of the redevelopment of the Somerdale Chocolate Factory site in Keynsham which was granted planning permission last year. The bridge will be funded as part of the financial contributions to Bath & North East Somerset Council by the developer (known as a S106). The location of the proposed bridge can be seen on this plan which was submitted as part of the planning application. The final legal agreements for this development have now been signed off as reported in ‘The Week In’.

St George in Bloom Website

SGIBSt George in Bloom will be officially launched at the St George Communtity Fair on Saturday 22nd March at St Aidan’s Church.

The group is aiming to showcase community achievements in St George & promote Horticultural excellence.

Ahead of the launch you can now visit their new website.

The site is still being developed and the group would love to receive photos and news stories from residents in St George showing off our part of the city. If you have photos of some of our wonderful green spaces or floral displays in St George or if you want to get involved in the project then please email

Over the next couple of weeks more information will be added to the website, including entry forms for the St George in Bloom competition that will be run over the summer. There will be an opportunity for residents, community groups and businesses in St George to enter in several categories.

The group will also be entering St George in ‘Pennant’ category of the RHS South West in Bloom Competition.

A St George in Bloom facebook page is also being developed.

Community Day, Thursday 20 Feb

Community Day
Thursday 20 February 2014
Meadow Vale Community Centre
3.00pm to 7.00pm

An event for the whole family to enjoy featuring performances, arts, sports, food, activities and youth services.

Tell us what you want in your area and check out our 3D model of the park, build your own objects to put inside it!

For:  The whole family
When:  Thursday 20 February, 3.00pm to 7.00pm
Cost:  Free
Where:  Meadow Vale Community Centre and Park

Ending with a sky lantern launch at 6.30pm

| Further info [.pdf] |

You Said – We Did – February 2014

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  A list of the issues raised at the previous meeting and what has been done about them is circulated at the meeting.

Here is what was done about the issues raised in November.

You Said – We Did – November-February 2014

Apologies for the abbreviations used in this You Said – We Did update.  We will do our best to make sure this does not happen again.  The abbreviations used were:

FPN – Fixed Penalty Notice
NF – Neighbourhood Forum
PIP project – this is the Tree Pips project to plant 36,000 trees across Bristol.  Read more on
PROW – Public Rights of Way

There has also been action from the Neighbourhood Working team on littering, graffiti, cycling and parking on pavements and the injuries to wildlife in the St George Park.  Details can be read in

Neigbourhood Working Update – November to February 2014

Here is the list of issues raised at the forum meeting of Tuesday 11th February.

YOU Said – February 2014

Details of the grants awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting were circulated.  These can be seen on

Included in the papers given to everyone who came to the Forum was a paper about new council homes in Bristol. You can read it here.

The police were represented by Sergeant Jonathan Ames and PC Pete Crawford, St George’s Neighbourhood Beat Manager. Some information was shared about crime figures, more detail is in their newsletter.    They were particularly promoting online security and securing your property using Immobilise.   Many members of the audience were scribbling down *#06# – if you don’t know what this is and want to protect your mobile phone, tablet or other portable devices read more here.  Advice was also given about protecting your bicycle.

Pete Crawford is interested in talking to residents who would like to volunteer for speed monitoring training.  More details about Speedwatch to be published on this website soon.

Celia Davis, Community Active Travel Officer spoke about the availability of Active Travel Grants.  She also mentioned the availability of free training for adults to ride bicycles and Wheels to Work West which can give help with transport to training, interviews or a new job if you are over 16.

Morgan of Healthwatch Bristol was handing out leaflets at the Forum.  More about Healthwatch Bristol on

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at the Summerhill Methodist Church, 5, Air Balloon Rd at  7pm on Tuesday 13th May, 2014.

Details of all St George Neighbourhood Partnership meetings are on

Mayor’s Question Time – 25 March

qtime-250314-fbThe next Mayor’s Question Time will be held on Tuesday 25 March at City Hall, College Green
7.30pm – 8.30pm (Doors 7pm)

A chance for residents to ask questions of Bristol’s elected mayor George Ferguson.

Free event, but booking is required.

Further information, and tickets available via the Council’s website at:

Download poster (image as below)

St George Park Kiosk Tender

kioskTenderAs reported here the Kiosk in St George Park closed temporarily at the end of January.

The Council is now seeking a new operator to run the kiosk in accordance with local needs and community activity. They are inviting tenders from providers in all sectors, including the voluntary and community sectors.

The new tenant will be required to open minimum core hours and to be flexible in extending the hours of service to meet community needs where appropriate i.e. during community events, school holidays, or on summer evenings when the park is busy. They will be expected to work closely with the community and to involve them in the development of the service. This will entail attending the Friends of St George Park meetings and the support of small-scale community initiatives such as the selling of duck food.

The formal advert for the kiosk with details of where to apply are now available on the Council’s website at

The closing date for submissions will be Friday, 21 March 2014.

River Avon Path Update

As reported here a section of the river path in Crews Hole has had to be closed due to a dangerous wall.

The path is likely to remain closed until at least the end of March. This is for your own safety as the wall is in danger of collapse. If you find the barriers have been removed please call the Council on 0117 922 2050.

Latest Update – December 2014

The path was closed just before Christmas and since then the landowners have been working to design the necessary work to make the wall safe. The wall is below Bowland Stone and there is danger of a large land slip if the wall collapses. The land needs to be supported while the wall is rebuilt. The landowner has accepted responsibility for repairing the wall and will be organising the repair work.

Some preparatory work has been carried out this week with the drilling of a borehole to confirm the ground conditions behind the wall. A large tree at the top of the wall has also been removed.

The path here is a public right of way and the Council has issued a temporary closure notice for the section of path concerned. The current notice is valid for three weeks until the 2nd March but it is very likely that this will need to be extended (temporary closures have to be renewed every three weeks).

The section of path will remain closed with temporary fences at the footbridge and at Netham until the works are complete. Alternative routes are available for pedestrians or cyclists over the footbridge and along the path on the other side of the river, or via the road (see map below).

The path is open from the St Anne’s footbridge towards Conham, though this might be flooded from time to time especially at high tides. You can see the river level at Netham Weir here.


Fishing Permits for St George Park

Eastville Park Lake and St George Park Lake Fishing Permit Scheme

Information on proposals for St George Park Lake and relocation of the fish can be found here.

As the fish are now being removed no further permits will be issued for St George Park. Permits will still be required for fishing at Eastville Park.

UPDATE:  Permits are no longer issued for St George Park

In an effort to preserve the environment at the two park lakes in East Bristol, Bristol City Council and its partner agencies are implementing a permit scheme for fishing. A permit scheme should help to protect wildlife and make fishing more pleasurable and sustainable at both Eastville Park and St George Park. This is for an initial trial period of one year.

The fishing permit scheme started on 1st March 2014.

There will be a small administration cost of £3.00 (£1.00 under 16yrs old) for the permit application to be processed and issued. Any angler applying for a permit will need to supply a passport sized photograph and proof of address and current Environmental Agency rod licence.

1. All Anglers aged 12 years or over must be in possession of both a Bristol City Council permit and an Environment Agency National Rod Licence, purchasable from any main Post Office.
2. Anglers may only fish from angling stations where they are provided or from areas otherwise designated.
3. Fishing at night (between the hours of dusk and dawn) on all park lakes is prohibited.
4. No fishing during closed season 15th March to 15th June.
5. Anglers are restricted to the use of 2 x Rods or Poles per person.
6. All litter and fishing line to be placed in the rubbish bins in the park or taken home and NOT in the lake.
7. Except by prior consent, tents and bivouacs are prohibited within the park and lake area.
8. Floating bait is prohibited as birds can be attracted to it and get caught up in hooks and line.

Any person found fishing at either lake without a permit will be asked to leave the park immediately and may be subject to having their right to enter the park rescinded by Bristol City Council as the landowner. Further breaches of the permit scheme, either by failing to get a permit or by failing to follow the code of conduct may then be subject to restraining injunctive action under a court order.
Bristol City Council reserves the right to withdraw permission to fish at all or part of the lakes due to Health & Safety issues or for operational and maintenance reasons at any time and for any period. If this is necessary, signs will be displayed explaining the reasons and fishermen must abide by these.

Bristol City Council Permits are available from:
Bristol City Council Parks, Brunel House, St George Road, Bristol BS1 5UY – 0117 922 2000

Parks hotline number 0117 922 3719

| Download further information |

St George Community Fair, Sat 22 March 2014


St George Community Fair
Saturday 22 March
11.00am to 2.00pm
St Aidan with St George Church and Church Hall,
Fir Tree Lane / Nags Head Hill

Free Entry – Your local event

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Dog Fouling Action

The level of dog fouling in St George is one of the issues most commonly raised at our Neighbourhood Forums. It is also one of the Partnership’s Priorities. Dog fouling is not only unpleasant it is a threat to public health.

The vast majority of dog walkers do pick up after their dogs and they often also pick up after other people’s dogs and collect litter from our green spaces as they walk round – to them a big thank you.

14campaign02Persuading the minority who don’t pick up that they should is an ongoing battle. Not clearing up in public areas, including pavements and all Council owned parks and green spaces is against the law and could result in a £1,000 fine if you are caught and taken to court. Unfortunately some people appear to think that the law doesn’t apply to them and that it is acceptable to leave dog mess where other people can tread in it, or worse children can get it on their hand while playing.

There are at least three current initiatives in St George attempting to raise awarness of the issue and persuade people to clean-up and these are described below.

If there is a particular problem in your area then please let us know, either at one of our Forums or by contacting us. You can also report dog fouling that needs to be cleared from footways to the Council, see our ‘Report It!’ page.

Operation Scoop

NOThis is being led by John Atkinson, Neighbourhood Working Coordinator. A number of Council officers along with PCSOs are targeting specific areas to engage with dog walkers and to challenge any that don’t pick up. 12 Neighbourhood Working Officers have now been trained and ‘cross-authorised’ to issue Fixed Penalty Notices for Dog Fouling and Littering. PCSOs have also carried out targeted dog fouling patrols.

The team also organise events such as the joint agency ‘Dog Day’ on 12th November 2013 in St George Park. The Dogs Trust were there to do free microchipping of pets and chipped around 25 dogs over the day and checked the chips and registration of many more dogs alongside giving out general advice. The RSPCA booked in Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs and Staffie crosses for heavily discounted neutering / spaying and Neighbourhood Working attended to push the Bristol City Council message on fouling and responsible dog ownership.

Troopers Hill Clear-up Campaign

Friends of Tropers Hill are again highlighting the issue of dog fouling on the Nature Reserve and the paths through the adjacent woodland by marking dog fouling with coloured paint. This is being done as part of a survey to establish where the worst areas are and at what time most incidents occur. This information will be used to inform future Operation Scoop visits.

Later in the year the group will also be distributing questionaires to get people’s views on the issue and further highlight the need for dog owners to clean-up and also to ensure that their dogs are under control. You can see more at, where there are also links to further useful information.

Air Balloon Hill Primary School

1513707_10201833900788020_127659017_nThe footpath alongside Air Balloon Hill Primary School is a particular hot spot for dog fouling and is a target area for operation scoop. The school have also decided to take their own action, as highlighted in a recent article in the Bristol Post, seen here.

You can see photos of some of the posters on display on our facebook page here and one is shown below.


Thank you again to all those dog owners who do clean up after their dogs and help keep St George as a pleasant place to live for everyone.