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Bristol Budget Proposals and St George

How could the council budget proposals affect St George?

Just picking two pieces of information from the proposals, the public toilet outside St George Park would be closed but essential work such as litter picking and grass cutting would  take place in all parks and green spaces.

Is there a better way to save £90 million?  Give your feedback via the online consultation.

Read more about the proposals on Book your place to listen to and put your budget questions to the mayor, George Ferguson.  He will be at the Brunel Academy on Speedwell Rd on Friday 29th November.

Links to the online consultation and booking forms are all on

Beaufort Road area

One Way roadsignThe focus of the next Traffic and Transport subgroup meeting is to discuss the Beaufort Road / Crews Hole Road proposal.  In particular the Beaufort Road side, as we consulted the Crews Hole Road side on Wednesday 6th November.

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th November 2013 at 7.00pm and will be held at The Beehive Centre, 19a Stretford Rd, St George, Bristol, BS5 7AW.

| Agenda | Poster | Venue Information |

Crews Hole / Beaufort Rd One-way?

ConhamRdCycleAs described in earlier posts on this website, Bristol City Council have proposed a one-way scheme for Crews Hole and Beaufort Road to address various traffic issues in the area, many residents (particularly in Crews Hole) are strongly against this proposal, others support it. Some residents in Crews Hole have set up a ‘Save Crews Hole Access Road’ (SCHAR) group. The group have produced an alternative proposal for Crews Hole and are intending to produce a proposal for Beaufort Rd.

Bristol City Council are keen to get feedback on the proposal and to receive any alternative suggestions.

Below we have collected together information about the proposed scheme and how you can have your say.

What is Proposed?

The scheme currently proposed:
Crews Hole Rd Beaufort Rd Experimental Scheme – Full details
Text SummarySimplified Scheme Plan

The scheme is also on display at St George Library until the end of November.

Any scheme would be introduced as an Experimental Traffic Order.

Background Information:

Background and reasons for the proposals – presented at the meeting on 6th November by Neighbourhood Partnership Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell.

Prior to proposing the scheme the Council Highway Engineers had considered several different options, for the Conham Rd part of the scheme some of the options with their advantages and disadvantages are discussed in the document below.
Information about Conham Road section and suggested options – notes by Neighbourhood Partnership Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell.

Feedback received:

Notes of meeting held on 6th November in Crews Hole

Summary of the feedback on the Council’s proposals received to date.

Feedback from Sustrans in full – Sustrans will not comment officially on any alternatives (such as the SCHAR proposal) until proposed by the Council, they fully back the one-way scheme.

The SCHAR alternative scheme for the Crews Hole Road area:

SCHAR Proposal – Map      SCHAR Proposal – Text Description

SCHAR facebook group

How do I make my Views Known?

Comments on the scheme can be emailed to or left in the suggestions box at St George Library (where the plans can be seen until the end of November). All comments will be passed to Highways officers for consideration.

Are there any more Public Meetings?

There is a further Neighbourhood Partnership meeting to discuss the scheme on Tuesday 26th November at 7pm at the Beehive Centre, further meetings may be organised in the future.

See for details of all Neighbourhood Partnership meetings.

You Said – We Did – November 2013

Every quarter there is a Neighbourhood Forum meeting open to all residents of St George to bring local issues to council officers and police.  A list of the issues raised at the previous meeting and what has been done about them is circulated at the meeting.

Here is what was done about the issues raised in August.

You Said – We Did – August-November 2013

There has also been Street Scene Enforcement activity over the same period, that is action to deal with flytipping, flyposting, littering and similar issues.   Details are in

Street Scene Enforcement Activity – August to November 2013

Here is the list of issues raised at the forum meeting of Tuesday 12th November.

YOU Said – 12th November 2013

Details of the grants awarded at the last St George Neighbourhood Partnership meeting were circulated.  These can be seen on

Tony Crofts of Abolish Empty Office Buildings (AEOB) made a brief presentation.  Ellie Freeman followed with information about about “Playing Out“.

If anyone does want to start a “Playing Out” scheme in St George and needs funds, do think of applying to the St George Neighbourhood Partnership Wellbeing Fund.

Grenville Johnson talked about St George in Bloom.  Do not forget that the St George Neighbourhood Wellbeing Fund could be a source of money if you are thinking of a project to improve an area in St George.  Next closing date is  Monday 13th January with decisions being made on Tuesday, 25th March.

The police were pleased to report falling crime figures.   More detail is in their newsletter.    They announced a Crime Prevention Day on Saturday 16th November at Aldi on Church Road.   They are also interesting in talking to residents who would like to volunteer for speed monitoring training.  More details about Speedwatch to be published on this website soon.

John Atkinson, Neighbourhood Working Co-ordinator, described an initiative to track down graffiti taggers.  Success has been swift.  One young man, responsible for a large number of tags is now doing a lot of work removing tags.  This poster tells you more.

Graffiti poster

You are invited to the next Forum meeting at the Beehive Centre, Stretford Rd, next to St Ambrose Chruch at  7pm on Tuesday 11th February, 2014.

Details of all St George Neighbourhood Partnership meetings are on


St George on Twitter

A growing number of community organisations in St George (including St George NP) are sending out information and updates via Twitter.

The latest organisation to join is the Neighbourhood Police Team who can be followed using the twitter name @ASPStGeorge

You do not have to have a twitter account to be able to see other peoples tweets, to see the St George Police messages go to the St George NP messages are at

If you want to see messages from all organisations with twitter accounts in the St George area you can see them on a Twitter List set up by our Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell, this can be seen at If you are part of a community organisation in St George but are not on our list, then please tweet us to let us know and Rob will add you.

The latest tweets from list members can also be seen below:

Using Empty Office Blocks for Housing

As well as the presentation about Playing Out at the November Forum we heard from Tony Crofts of Abolish Empty Office Buildings (AEOB).

AEOB has been set up in Bristol to counter the trend for office buildings to be kept vacant while ordinary working people cannot afford to buy or rent homes. They are forming a not for profit company of which the public will be able to become members by purchasing community shares. Members will benefit from earning interest on their investment and have a say in how the project is run on a ‘one vote per member’ basis.

AEOB intend to buy an unused office building which could be converted into flats of various sizes to house 10-30 people. They hope the site will include outdoor space to provide leisure space and permaculture gardens to grow vegetables. The ideal building would have a ground floor space with a shop front in which we could set up a community cafe.

The AEOB team is working to find a suitable property for sale and would welcome any suggestions. The site in Whitehall Road, St George that they were considering has been found not to be suitable because of the presence of Japenese Knotweed.

Find out more at

If there are any subjects that you would like to hear about at future Neighbourhood Forums, please contact our Neighbourhood Development Officer, Denis Wise or Tel 0117 903 6443

Dates and venues for Neighbourhood Forums are on our meetings page.

Start playing out in your street!

At the Neighbourhood Forum on 12th November we had a pesentation from Ellie Freeman about ‘Playing Out’.

Playing Out is a not-for-profit organisation set up by parents to activate street play across the UK. They give practical advice and support to anybody wanting to enable children to play out safely on their doorstep.

The Bristol project co-ordinator, Ellie Freeman, helps residents across the city to apply to the council for a temporary play street order, closing the street to through traffic allowing children to use the space for play and for neighbours to meet in their street. Volunteer stewards from the street ensure children stay in the closure area and escort drivers in and out of the street.

PlayingOutThere are three streets in Fishponds playing out, but Ellie is keen to have some in St George. She can come to your street for a chat about what might work for you and your neighbours, help with the application process and provide free kit to ensure your street plays out safely. It generally takes about three months for a street to start playing out, so now is a good time to start thinking about it for the spring, despite the dark evenings!

If you do not think your street is suitable then Ellie can also give advice about playing out in nearby parks or other spaces.

To find out more, email, visit the facebook page or the website

You can also phone 0117 9537167 or visit 148 North St, Bristol BS3 1HA

Meadow Vale Community Assoc Newsletter

The Meadow Vale Community Association has published their latest Newsletter.
You can read a copy here.

St George in Bloom

Kensington Rd-Garden

Building on the success of local groups in this year’s ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Awards a group of local residents, led by Grenville Johnson of Kensington Road Residents Association, are suggesting running a ‘St George in Bloom’ competition next year and entering St George in the South West in Bloom Awards.

The idea has the support of Denise James, Area Environmental Officer, and Steve Clampin, Allotments Manager at Bristol City Council. The group are also receiving help and advice from Mark Logan who played a major part in winning Gold Pennant for Greater Fishponds at the South West in Bloom Awards in Truro this year. Greater Fishponds also won the Best Community in the South West award from the Royal Horticultural Society. You can see more about their scheme here.

The aims of the scheme are two fold, one is to improve the appearance of the streets and public spaces in St George, the second is to allow as many members of the community as possible to be involved. The ‘In Bloom’ awards are not all about flowers, they are about involving the community in taking care of their environment.

The initial idea is to run a ‘St George in Bloom’ competition, which would be free to enter. There would be awards for Community gardens, Schools gardens, environmental projects and businesses (shops, pubs and cafes etc.) as well for individuals and streets in various categories. The only reqirement for entry would be that the garden or display is visible from the street or a public space.

The group will be approaching local businesses for sponsorship and also be applying for grant funding.

If you are interested in helping to make St George in Bloom happen, then please come along to the launch meeting to be held on Tuesday 19th November 2013 from 6.30pm to 8pm at St. George Health Centre, Bellevue Road, St George, BS5 7PH (in the meeting room on the first floor).

For more information contact Grenville Johnson

Crews Hole Meeting 6 Nov 2013

Many thanks to those who turned up to the meeting in Crews Hole about the proposed road scheme. Our apologies to those who couldn’t get in due to the limits on numbers for fire regulations. We had agreed at our September meeting (and with SCHAR) that it was important to have a meeting in Crews Hole but there is a very limited number of options for an indoor venue. Our thanks to Jon at Woodwise for hosting the evening.

The vote at the end of the meeting clearly showed support of the vast majority of those present for the alternative SCHAR proposal for Crews Hole. The Highways officers stated that this was similar to options they had considered earlier but that they would look at them again. They also stated that they would consider any other options put forward and acknowledged that the issue of access during icy or snowy conditions was a problem with the one-way scheme that they would need to review.

There was some discussion about the proposals for Beaufort Rd and although some people were clearly against the one-way proposal there were also people prepared to say they supported it. This split is also reflected in the feedback we have received, see below.

All comments made at the meeting will be taken on board by the Highways team in considering the way forward.

Notes of meeting can be seen here

Documents to download:

Background and reasons for the proposals – presented at the meeting by Neighbourhood Partnership Chair, Rob Acton-Campbell.

Summary of the feedback on the Council’s proposals received to date – there were limited copies of this available at the meeting.

Feedback from Sustrans in full – Sustrans will not comment officially on any alternatives (such as the SCHAR proposal) until proposed by the Council, they fully back the one-way scheme.

See our latest posting here for more information about the scheme and how to make your views known